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Feedback On Maroo's Bazaar Beginner Experience

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So I don't know how many other posts like this there are/have been, but since I've started frequenting Maroo's Bazaar I've noticed some things that I felt should all be addressed in one post instead of scattered about, especially dealing with players who are new to it


The first thing is that the greeting that loads into the Relay Chat tab is identical to all of the normal relays, including the tip about being able to find a Guide of the Lotus there to ask for help. Whether this is because the game considers the Bazaar essentially the same as other relays, I don't know, but the greeting doesn't fit the area. I've rarely, if ever, heard of a Guide of the Lotus frequenting this spot. Since beginners tend to end up here trying to figure out how trading works, especially since many of them don't have access to a Dojo for trading, having the greeting say that you can find a Guide there to answer questions and subsequently not having one causes confusion.


Secondly, there is no quick description of HOW to begin trading, either as a vendor or as a customer, in the chat description or anywhere else highly visible. Even being in the Bazaar for a short time, the majority of questions I saw asked were from beginners, and all were variations of, "How do I trade?" The prompt when you hover over a player in Vendor Mode is helpful, but to someone new who doesn't know how to open the menu it tells you to use, it isn't a whole lot of use. Even just adding a, "Press 'Q' to open your actions menu and trade with this person." would be helpful.


Furthermore, there are also a lot of newer players who don't know what the differences between the Bazaar and the normal Relays are. The regular Relay Chat description that also runs in the Bazaar's Relay Chat tab says something about finding NPCs there, but Maroo's Bazaar is empty of these. There are no Syndicate Representatives, no Darvo, no Cephalon Simaris, etc..


This is all mostly nitpick stuff, but a little more clarity I think would go a long way. Thanks for reading, and sorry for the essay.

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i also want server choosing for the bazaar


like, i get put into a server or whatever its called with no other people in it



and maybe a system with what you want for the item so you can go afk and people can browse/buy your stuff without you staying there 24/7, as its so much less effective than the trade chat right now.


its basically that auction house that been sough after but rubbish

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