The FAQ below outlines key features of the Guides of the Lotus program and the Guides who will be assisting new players.

*Note: This is not a recruitment thread. Support tickets and PM requests to Staff and current Guides will not be considered. Many thanks!*

Q: Who is a Guide of the Lotus?
A: A Guide of the Lotus is a Tenno like you! They are passionate, experienced, and helpful Warframe players that span across all supported Platforms (PC, Xbox One, and PS4) and languages. They are members of our active community, who use their knowledge and expertise to assist new, existing, and returning players to Warframe.

Q: What do Guides do?
A: We were all once new players to Warframe and know that it can be a bit overwhelming. The Guides are available to answer questions and assist players with any concerns they may have. They are a one-stop shop for all things Warframe!

Q: What is the difference between Senior and Junior Guides of the Lotus?
A: Juniors are experienced Warframe players who have volunteered their time to support players and assist the Senior Guides. From answering questions to running missions with players, they are great community support.  Senior Guides are the program’s chiefs tasked with supervising/supporting the Junior Guides, managing events, and acting as Warframe knowledge wizards (think of them as in-game wikis)! Senior Guides also sport the Mantle of the Lotus shoulder armor as a badge of their expertise and seniority in the program.  
Q: Can Junior Guides get promoted to Seniors?
A: You bet! Dedication to the program may be rewarded with a Senior position, a decision made by DE staff based on experience. 

Q: How do you determine a Junior Guide is ready to become a Senior?
A: Promotions occur before new Junior Guides are selected from the latest recruitment period. Only Junior Guides that have shown they are dedicated to the program and have assisted Seniors to the best of their ability will be up for promotion.  Senior Guide title and duty is only received after these experienced Junior Guides have shown they are capable of handling the task. A probation period is mandatory and can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month.During this time they are observed and reviewed to determine whether they are qualified to keep the position. Guides that do not fit the Senior position requirements will simply return to being a Junior Guide. 
Q: So who are these Senior and Junior Guides?
A: Glad you asked! We have Guides stretched over many regions and languages. They are unique individuals who are passionate about Warframe and the community. They are selected via recruiting process and are picked from hundreds of applications to join the program.  Keep in mind that all Guides speak English, and that the language they are listed under indicates another language in which they are also fluent in.
Q: Okay cool, so how exactly do I become a Guide?
A: Guides are selected via recruitment process. Announcements on when recruitment is open are posted on the Forums with a link to the application. Players are asked to fill all required fields to the best of their ability. 

If you meet the following Guide requirements and answer the application questions excellently, you may be selected:

- You have at least 800 hours of gameplay logged under your Profile > Stats > Time Played (Steam hours will not be attributed to overall count).
- You display extensive knowledge of the game and keep up to date on the latest content.
- You have an account on the Warframe Forums and have no more than 1 warning points on your profile (Warning points will not count if they have expired). *Note: This a necessary requirement to keep in contact with the program manager and the guides.  If selected, players are required to contact the program manager ([DE]Danielle) to accept the position. If they do not contact her before the cut off date, they will no longer be eligible to join the program. 

Q: WOW 800 hours?
A: Warframe is loaded with tons of awesome content! We’re looking for players who have a thorough understanding of the game and will be confident answering any questions that come their way. Note: When the program first started back in March of 2015 the minimum required hours needed to apply was only 500. As Warframe expands so does the program. Like that old pair of jeans from high school, we have grown out of our old threads. In other words, requirements are adjusted to reflect the overall growth of the game. The more content available, the more hours are needed to gain a new level of expertise. All with the end goal of comfortably assisting others who are only just starting to dip their toes into the pool. 
Q: How often do you recruit new Guides?
A: As the demand for more Guides increases we start looking to grow the program. Players that are interested in joining are encouraged to apply during open recruitment periods in which a link to the application is provided for a limited amount of time. Guides are selected based on if they meet the requirements and if their application stands out to us.  Smaller more tailored recruitment periods may appear periodically to cover quieter regions or languages that are not yet supported by the program. 
Q: Who decides who will become a Guide?
A: DE staff members determine who is qualified to join the Guides of the Lotus team.

Q: Can international players become Guides?
A: Of course! If you meet all the requirements you will be added to the list of active Guides under the language you will be using to assist players.

Q: What should I expect when I'm chosen to join the Guides of the Lotus?
A: After submitting your application if you meet all of the requirements and we deem you a good addition to the team you will be required to send a message to [DE]Danielle confirming your interests in joining the program. After acknowledging your invite, you will receive an "All you need to know" rundown of your duty as a Guide and the program in its entirety!

Q: Where can I find Guides if I need help?
A: In mission, in in-game chat, and at home in the MR 0 Relays:

Larunda Mercury Relay (PC)
Strata Earth Relay (PS4)
Vesper Venus Relay (XB1)

Q: How do I know who is a Guide?
A: You can find your handy dandy Guides by keeping an eye out for the Guides of the Lotus Sigil and the Mantle of the Lotus Shoulder Armor:  Players who are in the program will also have the "Guides of the Lotus" Accolade on their profile that denotes their positions:    Q: Do Guides get paid? Are they gifted Platinum or in-game items?
A: Nope! Guides are volunteers who are rewarded by making memorable first experiences for new players. They are not paid by Digital Extremes.

Q: Isn't the Guides of the Lotus Sigil and Armor technically a gift?
A: The Sigil and Armor is given to Guides to be used as identifiers in game. Think of them as help beacons.

Q: Do they have a special connection to the Dev team?
A:  Similarly to our Community Moderators on the Forums, Guides forward bug reports and any player-related issues to the Community Team. They do not participate in closed discussions with the Developers regarding content, updates, and/or general changes to the game. The only exception are suggestions for improvements for the program which are only discussed between the Guides and the Community Team.

Q: What's the best way to get a Guide's attention?
A: If you spot a Guide in the Relays you can start chatting with them in the Relay Chat Channel. If the channel is moving at light speed the Guides can answer your questions in a private conversation. To start a private chat simply click on the Guide’s name on the right-hand side of the chat box and hit Talk. You can also send them a message on the Forums.
Q: Can Guides use the Ignore and "Do not disturb" chat functions? 
A: Absolutely. Guides are Warframe players first, volunteers second. These tools are available to use for all players, Guides included! Q: Can Guides only help us in the Relays?
A: You can ask a Guide a question at any time! They are also there to help you run missions/quests.

However, it is important to remember that they might be occupied (running a mission for example) and may not be free to respond/assist immediately.

Q: Where are all the Guides at? I can't seem to find them in the Relays.
A: We realize Guides, like all our players, have lives outside of Warframe, so they do not have fixed schedules. They are encouraged to act as Guides whenever they are free to do so.

Q: Can we report Guides?
A: Yes you most absolutely can! Guides, like all players, must respect the Community Guidelines, EULA, and TOS. If you see a Senior or Junior Guide violating any of these rules, please contact [DE]Danielle directly or send a ticket to support in the Guides of the Lotus sub-category with photo evidence of the offense.

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