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Chroma Alt Helm Concept (Goat Hat)

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I know nothing of modeling or how the colours are assigned but it would be awesome if the main colour of the helmet could be controlled by channel for the little barely noticeable details (the third one I think) That way you could run around with your normal Chroma colours while wearing a proper bone-coloured skull (IE the helm can be white while the rest is red/blue/green/black/whatever)


Like this. I mean set the main colour of the helm to the same channel/option that controls the colour of the circled bits.

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Nice helmet...looks more like a demon then a goat to me hehe but call whatever you want. If this all comes together good and makes it in game I might buy this...good work.

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On 4/13/2016 at 7:15 AM, alexmach1 said:

Been working on other projects, will post update when I return to this. Won't be able to finish this by the 15th, unfortunately.

Any updates on the goat hat? we seriously need this to be on the next round of tennogen so we can spam the 'YES' vote option. plz make it happen

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