(Stats) Health: 300 (1350 at rank 30) {YUH gotta eat dem wheaties bruh} Power: 300 (1350 at rank 30) {MY POWER, you cannot even handle my power} Armor: 1000 {MY BULGING MUSCLES BRAGGHGHG} Shield Capacity: 300 (1350 at rank 30) {Got these shields from walmart, ya know what iam saying dogg?} Sprint Speed: 2.00*the speed of light (WHUT BRUH) [Fast enough to outrun them super saians] Conclave: OVER 9000 Polarities: 2 Madurai (V) and 2 Vazarin (D) Aura Polarity: 1 Naramon (--) Exilus Polarity: 1 Nara