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Rain Of Ceres (third design added)


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last version


featuring my favorite Prisma Excalibur skin and one of my favorite planets in the solar system!

this is an updated version of the art. the last one i did not put much effort into. now, this piece features more grineer structures from the planet and a lot more detailed layering.

She bleeds. the mother of harvest, sapped of what she had to offer and deceased. She has nothing left, nothing but her scorched skin, dried to ash and boiled in her own red blood. Insects live on her corpse, taking what is left of her, never allowing her rejuvenation. her soul is all that is present above her remains. a shadow of her formal self, and all it can do is cry.

A knight stands above her, covered in light.

A warrior of battle, ready to end the fight.

The rage of her soul defines blade.

May evil tremble from his holy flame.

Protect her. Save her. Listen to her voice. Hear her cries.

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for those of you that do not know. Ceres is the roman goddess of fertile soil and grain crops. which is kinda ironic considering the moon/planet named after her is depleted of all its natural resources besides oil and stone.


i thought the concept had a very emotional background, and with this piece, you may look at Ceres differently.

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