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Svarog - The Machine Master

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Long ago, on an ancient Earth, there were laboratories exploring microscopic robots being utilized for means of debilitating opponents through a swarm of small flying nanomachines cast at their victims. They were primitive, and their purposes limited by their programming. This was right at the dawn of quantum computing and advanced data storage. Sometimes they were used in medicine, other times they were used to suppress uprisings, invading the bodies of the rebels and revolutionaries, cooking them alive from the inside out, horrifically boiling their skin. It was an ugly time in mankind's history.

Several centuries later, the Orokin golden age was on the verge of ending after constant strife with the Technocyte plague and the relentless Sentients. It was a house divided collapsing in on itself, the Orokin technologies lost to the ages. It was at this point in time, during the Orokin collapse, that the development of the Warframe was conceived to combat the opposing forces and the division of power. Warframes based off of ancient designs, and ones utilizing highly advanced technologies.

This was when an old piece of history was dug up and brought back to the forefront of technological development, nanomachines as an offensive tool. These nanomachines were designed to be capable of carrying out complex tasks, reassembling and rearranging themselves to fit the job, being directed by their wielder and his whims. The suit was called Svarog, a golem factory of machines, swarms under its command. Whomever wielded this power was driven mad by its ever-consuming, ever present hunger for all things.

Svarog, the suit, was named after an ancient mythological character who was often called the god of celestial fire and the forge. Svarog was used to great effect against the rebels within the Orokin empire. The then-burgeoning Grineer, but it was deemed too insidious to be used any longer. After horror stories of the nanites being used to slice and dismember the rebels had surfaced; consuming them alive and burning them to nothing, Svarog was placed deep in the recesses of the dark Orokin vaults, locked away and forgotten with time.

Recently, Tenno stumbled upon the ancient suit, in pristine condition adrift in a derelict Grineer vessel passing through the Oort cloud. It was decreed that the suit was needed once more, and the technology to replicate it was found shortly thereafter. Svarog's use would serve a different purpose this time, to thwart the complete domination of the two warring empires, and perhaps, the return of the Sentients.

Here is a short chapter in his awakening.


Amongst dissolving corpses, a strange aura of tiny insect-like machines creates a tense and hot glow that shrouds a figure moving silently along a pathway. This figure exudes a dangerous tone, a mood of anger and grief that has persisted for a long time, without even uttering a sound. The only noise that persists is the faint humming and crackling that surrounds the figure. Small bright swarms of shimmering machines emanate from these two stacks mounted on its shoulders. A faint hiss escapes a ruptured lung from some poor clone that has had his legs removed by the advancing swarm, a wound deep in his chest has disabled his ability to scream. Eyes light up with terror, their whites betraying his last thoughts of his own death. A gurgle escapes his mouth, and a small stream of blood trickles down from his mouth. The whirring machines draw closer, and the silent figure with them.

Pathological fear endemic to the galleon's inhabitants has spread like a plague, ever since they had discovered his presence had been stirred. He was awakened by a signal undetectable by their primitive sensors, that had gone deep within the holds of the clone ship. Even though they were on full alert, with a complement of hundreds of well-armed marines, they couldn't stop him from advancing in his dreamwalk, lethal to those in his presence. It was a Warframe they had unwittingly transported within range of an ancient Orokin transceiver, still emitting its waking call, in spite of being adrift amongst the Oort cloud of dust and planetoids for countless centuries, it had remained untouched. Its signal and presence too minimal for detection, until an unwary Galleon made its way through. Their haplessness had left them unprepared after seizing the cryopod.

This Warframe was an ancient design, a relic left over from the war with the Sentients, or perhaps even older. Ethics were of little to no concern when it was designed, as it was designed only to consume and devour, a task it was performing all too well. The Tenno within the Warframe was still asleep, repeating a dream he had many times over during his sleep. His drones were effective at perforating and immolating, devouring and destroying those in his path. He was only beginning to wake when he had found his hand buried in the chest of one of the many pilots of the galleon. He was confused.

"What are these primitives doing? I shouldn't be awake."


Svarog has an autoforge that produces nanomachines, commonly referred to as nanites for sake of simplicity. These nanomachines have various programs that can be sent through signals to the robots. They can assemble and disassemble, as well as produce more nanites by gathering materials. For the most part, the autoforge produces offensive nanomachines that can be used to debilitate opponents. They will often attack and cluster on the enemy's bodies, burrow into their skin and generate heat, which damages them as well as slows them down due to pain. The nanites are incredibly effective versus armored targets, as they will tear armor asunder fairly quickly.


He is a controlling damage dealer, slowing opponents down and dishing out damage over time on a percentage-based system, making him scale well into late-game/end-game content. He is supposed to be quite durable and able to replenish himself.

I'd like to see your guys' suggestions on the powers. I'm still hoping to rework them, but if this iteration is good enough, I'd be happy. GTG3000 and myself have gone over the powers several times and looked over what could be applied to multi-programmed nanomachines.

Base Shields:75
Base Health: 150
Base Power Max: 150
Running Speed: 0.95
Armor: 300

Level 30 Shields: 225
Level 30 Health: 450
Level 30 Power: 225

Svarog has an auto-forge that generates nanites from collected materials gathered by the suit's own nanites. The nanites are capable of modifying molecular structures as well as deconstructing structures to rearrange them. The suit can run programs at the cost of energy, constructing new nanites.

Below are the old abilities, probably made obsolete after 3 years of Warframe being out. I want to go back and redesign the abilities, but would like some suggestions beforehand.




1st Ability


Scourge - Emits an insidious cloud of nanites that erode enemies around Svarog, as well as crippling their ability to move. Slight DoT effect added. Deals additional damage to armored targets, and replenishes Svarog's health ever so slightly. Meant primarily as a defensive CC.


Energy Use: 35

Upgrade Specifics
-Can affect up to 6 targets at once (without mods). Affects 3/4/5/6 targets.
-Chips away at enemy health for 2/3/4/5% per tick, ticks occur every second, restores 0.5% health per enemy per tick.
-Lasts 5/10/15/20 seconds.
-6 meter radius, upgrades increase radius to 9 meters at most

Mod effects on Scourge
-Power Strength increases number of max targets as well as damage dealt and health recovered. Does not affect movement speed modifier.
-Power Duration increases time active
-Power range affects radius


2nd Ability


Ensnare - Svarog's nanites create hyper-tensile fibers strung from various points in the map that slow enemies down, and harm those that attempt to move quickly through them. Ignores armor. Ensnare branches out from where the trap was cast. Ensnare gathers materials from damaged opponents' bodies and rejuvenates Svarog ever so slightly, in both energy, and in body.

Energy Use: 50

Upgrade Specifics
-Small starting radius of 6 meters. 6/7/8/9 meters
-Shorter duration than scourge, 4/6/8/10 seconds
-10% damage dealt converted to energy (due to the nature of nanomachines)
-No target limit
-Cannot multicast
-30% movement speed reduction to enemies
-Deals 100 slash damage per strand 100/150/200/250

-75% slash proc chance

Mod effects on Ensnare
-Power Strength affects damage
-Duration affects time active, nothing else
-Power Range affects radius


3rd Ability


Construct - Deploys a hovering turret that has rapid fire moderate damage projectiles. Stays for a set duration and auto-attacks all enemies within range. Projectiles deal damage over time and slow enemies down. Upgrades increase shot damage, as well as produce more turrets at once, deploying up to 3 turrets.

How it works: Svarog's autoforge gathers materials from nearby sources to create an automated turret that follows Svarog around. The metals gathered by the autoforge that are compressed into projectile format are superheated by the nanites to deal additional damage over time. With subsequent program upgrades, the constructs can fire larger and more damaging projectiles. Has a fixed duration.

Energy Use: 75

Upgrade Specifics
-Upgrades increase turret count 1/2/3/4
-Upgrades increase turret duration 10/20/30/40
-Upgrades increase turret damage 4/6/8/10 % of enemy health.
-Upgrades increase turret rate of fire 5/6/7/8
-Upgrades increase rounds per burst 3/4/5/6
-Slow percentage will remain a constant 35%

Mod Effects on Construct
-Power Strength affects damage and adds an additional turret when the ability is maxed
-Power duration affects duration and number of rounds per burst
-Power range affects how close enemies have to be for the sentries to attack


4th Ability


Nanite Outbreak - Modifies a single target's molecular structure to become highly volatile and reactive. Upon expiration, the target explodes for the same amount of damage dealt to it. The more health/shields/durability an enemy has, the more powerful the explosion. The nanites begin to erode the target's health rapidly over time. The target will flail and run about as its skin feels like it's boiling at 200C. It is intended for crowd control. Radius increases with upgrades. Enemies caught within the death radius of the original target are also turned into living bombs for a slightly reduced damage radius. 100 energy. It is less effective versus non-organic materials, but is highly effective vs. Grineer and Infested. Time active is dependent on how long the target lives.<br />

How it works: The auto-forge's Nanites invade the target's body and latch onto the vital organs, modifying them into ticking time bombs by changing the sugars and lipids in the body of the host to more volatile substances. The nanites themselves turn volatile and reactive within the host, programmed to explode violently when the host's neurological or mechanical processes stop firing. The remaining material left over from the explosion still contains nanites that will continue to run the program. Should any of these enemies be caught within the blast radius, they will also be afflicted with the ever-vicious nanites.

Energy Use: 100

Upgrade Specifics
-Upgrades increase initial blast radius 8/12/16/20 meters, 5/6/7/8 meters for child bombs
-Upgrades increase health erode rate to target and child bombs

Mod Upgrades
-Power Strength increases health erosion rate
-Power Range increases blast radii of explosions



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