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Developer Workshop: Chat UI Overhaul


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There are a lot of changes are coming for Chat, and we wanted to give everyone a preview on what to expect on 18.5 and beyond.  Visually it’s been totally redesigned to align better with the rest of the UI, as well as added new functionality that will make chatting with players more intuitive. 

Major changes include a collapsible user list, with channel tabs are now appearing as icons.  Private messages will still show full names, and will appear next to the channel icons.

We've added emoji support to the chat, the generic ones you’d expect, plus a few Warframe-themed emojis including everyone's favorite Grineer:

You can also change the theme for emojis to your liking:

Emojis can be selected from a side menu or you can use the new auto complete feature of the chat.

The new auto-complete can be also used to type the names of players who have recently spoken using the prefix @, and doing this will cause the player to see a special notification in chat.   The auto-complete function will have full support on PC and PS4, but the Xbox One keyboard unfortunately does not have the ability to support this feature.

We also added chat history for PC, so by pressing up while focused on the chat textfield you will see previous messages you sent.

POST U18.5 Changes:

Unfortunately, some features we're most excited about are not ready for release with 18.5, but are very close to completion.  The following features are scheduled for release after 18.5, as soon as they are up to our standard of quality:

  • Mission linking in chat: This will allow players to select a Derelict Survival Key (for example) and beside the invite button there will be recruit button which will let you send a message to either Clan, Alliance or Recruitment chat channels. The message will have a clickable link, which will allow players to join your mission.
  • Item linking in chat: This will allow player to show Mods, weapons, and other items in chat via a link.  The link will show details of the items sent, like when you preview an item in the store.
  • Clickable player names:  Currently you can click on the names of players who sent messages, but we want to have the same functionality for when you see a player name sent through the auto-complete feature.
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This chat is lookin sweet! Keep it up DE!

Edit: Actually with the themeing of the emotes does that change the design of the chat box itself or anything else or just the scheme of the icons?

also...first....i guess...cool....i'm just gonna.....yeah....

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I hope you guys are going to make hover over tool tips for those random icon tabs to say what they actually are.

Why is the handle to expand the textbox in the bottom right and not in the top right, giving us the ability to expand 3px more in height down over and over again will make someone scream that just wants to expand to type in a multi line text area.

Please add a separate handle that can make the chat box bigger in height and width in the top right of it's UI.

Please give the ability to temporarily lock chat movement while we are hovering over a users name so we can do actions on it without it moving too much in an active chat.

Please in the future consider a better recruiting system that allows us to post "help" requests and players that accept all go into a pool for us to invite. I do not enjoy closing 10 chat conversations every single time i ask for help in recruiting chat.

The idea of adding a link people directly join for missions is silly, unless for the pure purpose of clan chat or friends.

When the chat area is in focus please allow PC support for pressing the tab key to switch between tabs.

Please add text selection support to chat.

Please add copy/paste support to chat.



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