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Update #5 is here!

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Update 5: The Big One!

Major new features:

- All-new mission structure: explore the solar system!

- Different factions control regions of space; destroy them!

- Crushing bosses added; team up and take them down!

- Foundries have opened up; build your own gear!

- Resources are hidden in different regions

- Real-time mission events on the star-chart

- Lucrative opportunities and tough raids

- Artifact cards to be used for missions of extreme danger

- In game voice chat to coordinate your attacks

- Host migration & improved networking fault-tolerance

Major changes:

- New and improved revive system; includes temporary invulnerability!

- Ships can now have multiple objectives unlocked throughout

- Improved enemy placement and encounter pacing

- Enemy difficulty scaling tuned for greater challenges in deep-space

- Automatic profit-sharing with your squad

- Upgrade UI now has stats to help you make the ultimate gear

Cool updates:

- Mag’s pull ability can rip shields away from enemies

- Cold damage now slows affected targets

- Corpus ships now feature turrets, cameras and laser doors

- End of mission bonuses & rewards

- Tenno bonuses for “First win of the Day”

- The in-game music is now generated dynamically

- Painted targets are now context-sensitive

- Weapon effects now change based on installed modules

- In-game challenges can now be completed

Notorious bugs fixed:

- Walls are no longer transparent on older video cards!

- The Lotus’ voice now conforms to volume control

- DirectX11 no longer crashes when running multiple video cards

- Mission-completion checks are now more thorough

- International keyboard stability issues

- The upload datamass cannot be lost in missions

- Ultra-wide displays now supported properly

- Improved video-card compatibility and min-spec detection

Miscellaneous updates:

- Nearly 1000 translation updates from our volunteer army!

- Improved Tenno animations

- Many menus & screens polished

Note: that all accounts have been reset due to these massive changes.

Note 2: Some hotfixes!

- Fixed text corruption in several languages

- Improvements to Exterminate spawning

- Affinity Boosters now give boosts for non-combat actions

- Fixed minor respawn issues

- Higher level enemies are tougher

- Captain Vor is more aggressive! Look out!

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Apparently we don't have the beta agreement on the web (the EULA, TOS etc are but not the CBA). Here's the relevant part from the CBA:

> During the Closed Beta Test, you will have the opportunity to purchase Platinum, the official Warframe in-game currency; Platinum can be used to buy items in the game. In the event that we reset the player base (after Closed Beta or otherwise) we will set your Platinum balance to the total amount previously purchased.

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I saw in the features that we can purchase platinum in the BETA now. I was silly enough to press continue thinking I could go back to reading it after looking at the user agreement. Will the Platinum pass over into the full game?

Whenever there is a reset, you get all the spent plats back :)

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I think this game is great! I love how intracate and drawing the game is. You guys have done a marvolous job with the game and in my opinion the game can only and is only getting better. The only drawback im finding right now is the PRO system, tha could turn many people away simply because it locks out so much of the game. Aside from that I love everything, it is epic. The only thing that could make it more epic is having it be open world, but this setup is awesome. Thanks for all the fun and it being such a great game. Sincerely~Shadow

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The only drawback im finding right now is the PRO system, tha could turn many people away simply because it locks out so much of the game.

This. I don't see myself going beyond spending platinum on the colour changer and maybe different costume skins for Warframes (if they ever exist) but I don't see the point in paying for skills trees that should be there for your selected character from the get go.

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i´ve playing yesterday all day, and i can say that... this update is great, the mission suddenly changes are so surprising, the enemies are more organized to attack, and i can run while i am using the melee weapon, i like that, other thing i liked is the warning for the fugitives in the solar system and the blueprints, so sad that with the platinum i only can pay the pro for 2 warframes :c

i hope to be able to buy some platinum later.

Great Work DE

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Guys I am so happy u boosted the platnum that u start with, i have enough to make my Volt pro! ALso i am noticing that there are barley any people online... i really need help on a mission but noone is here.... and the ones that are, are a planet ahead of me lol

Add me in Skype, tell me your server and i´ll help you when you need :3

Skype: alucard.sama

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