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Update #5 is here!

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Game is boring, scenery, textures levels at each level are the same, because of them the game quickly bored, sorry for my english.

your hella stupid if all you think about when you get on a earlie CBT game is *OH i hope all these tectures are different otherwise if they aint im going to get board hella fast*

*You sir one of a kind*

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Update 5.2 - "Give'em Hek"

This is a small update with fixes, additions and improved localization.


Optimized cases of network congestion and crashing due to host migration.

Fixed exploits while equipping Mods.

Adding contacts is case-insensitive. We have increased retries to help with connectivity issues.


A fearsome new shotgun has been added: HEK. Look for the weapon and blueprint in the Market.

Improvements to daily sign-in rewards.

Transmissions for Cryo/Fire level complications. Shields are reduced by Cryo malfunctions; watch out!

Gauntlet and Dagger attack animations have been improved.

Screenshot support bound to F6 key. Creates a Captures folder.

Gear auto-equips when purchased.


A big thanks to our localization volunteers:

1388 Japanese updates from Gashin!!!

649 Polish updates from Etheryon, Robak220 and nepstoner

611 Russian updates from WolfFenrir, Moloxix, JOOBING and Crond

504 Spanish updates from IBum, Rexgad and Killbe

427 French updates from ap0k41yp5

357 Italian updates from pascalbrax

228 German updates from Sh3pp4rd

77 Ukranian updates from NamatK47

54 Portguese updates from Gnoman

4 Chinese updates from WKYZODIAC

Thanks so much to our Founders for their support! Welcome to all our new players!

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The game has a bug. theres always a problem trying to open the key door, cuz no one has it and i think the key vanishes :( can you fix this problem

This section is not for reporting bugs and this bug is already writted somewhere in general bugs section.

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Game is awesome but mi opinion is it needs more boss fights or mini bosses to get loot or special rewards,not just final boss fights...Field bariers are anoying so please make change there....Sometimes i can get any1 into mission,so i would be nice if i /we can see whos online and then invite people to selected mission,if they want to join...Daily bonus is good thing..no remarks there...My suggestion make time missions for aditional bonus,run from ship,kill 100 adds in 5 min etc....I would like to have option to sell mine character to some other player or buy character or weapon from players...Trade in game would be nice and im sure players would love to if they have that option available.

best regards and again great game fast pace,alien and predator in one game but like assasins:D


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I have to say, this game is freaking awesome! Just recently found out about it thanks to Totalbiscuit. Can't believe it's running this good on my machine either, kudos for the performance and updates!

Keep up the good work and can't wait to keep testing this awesome gem! ^^

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I wish to report the loot table of the boss on Earth: Everest's Councelor Van Dek. He doesn't drop the Trinity chassis. Out of many tries he didn't drop it, instead he drops Rhino chassis. Please look into the problem.

I lost 2 blueprints(trinity system, dark dagger), i cant craft it anymore, luckily i had them crafted, but the blueprints and a lot of my components disappeared.

I had all parts for trinity except the chassis.

This is 4 day Playtime. Pls help me!

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Seems that you guys are strugling with ember model, this one looks a little better but the arms and the head are messing the silhouette (they are too big and with too much details probably, i have to make a few test to tell you exactly) and the back with those bubbles is quite ugly, i'm sure you can do better because the other models are awesome (well, not mag and ash but the others are really awesome)

PS: i'm a junior concept artist

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