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Saryn Prime default energy colour is wrong


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Saryn Prime's default energy colour is pink (you can see it when copying the colours to something else), but when using it on said frame it is a pale green. Which is sad because I haven't found this colour in any colour palette and I quite like it.

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Her energy color is in the Legacy Colors.


Options > Gameplay > Legacy Colors - Make sure there is a green box with a check in it beside Legacy Colors.


Then go to Classic Saturated and select this color (The one with the Star on it) Be sure to Right-Click it to save it to your color pallets) Then go back into Options and disable Legacy Colors, unless you normally use them of course.



hope this helped :) <3

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That is NOT a bug but a feature that was introduced back in June-July 2015 when Default colors became what they are now. The idea is that using default colors, the frame energy color no longer dictates how the ability looks: Her abilities are supposed to be green, the same way Nekros' abilities are not supposed to be all orange.


So not a bug. HOWEVER, it's true that in some frames it looks better when the energy color and the abilities colors are the same (looking at you, dear Nova Prime and Volt Prime) so for a long time I've been pushing for an option that allows you to copy the colors to the own frame, just like you can do with attachments, and leave the energy color there.


Also, thanks Xylys for sharing that: Some days ago I was toying around myself with the colors to see which one fitted best. I've found some close looking ones for a number of frames, perhaps I should make a post with a list of them and where to find it. I hope DE allows to simply use a feature I described above though, much better, includes all frames and skins and is basically easier.

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