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Building Warframe: Conclave Improvements

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In Teshin's Conclave Tenno must constantly be aware of their environment.  Testing your skills against other Tenno can open your eyes to new styles of combat, or can help hone your talents against more deadly opponents.  Changes are on the horizon for the Conclave and we're excited to share a look into what's ahead for Teshin's disciples! 

Read all about our upcoming Conclave Improvements in our latest edition of Building Warframe, and let us know what you think!


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33 minutes ago, Kontrollo said:

Some nice screenshots you made there.

I'm sure bracketing will help a lot to get more people into the Conclave. Getting pub-stomped by veteran players was never much fun - from either side.

I hope it won't make finding games too hard.

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Always good to see what's in the pipeline for Conclave; thanks for the update!

Recruit Conditioning seems like a good solution to retaining new players, though I do have a couple of worries:

  • Will the toggle for it only be available from the options menu, as the article indicates? I would hope it could also be switched on and off from the Conclave console, where it'd be pertinent and highly visible, rather than buried in the game's rather extensive options menu where I imagine it could easily be ignored or forgotten.
  • Will there be text or tooltips in the game to make it clear to new and returning players how Recruit Conditioning works, without them having to dig up the details outside of the game? There are currently a fair number of things that new players are unlikely to learn without combing the wiki or asking a friend, and it would be unfortunate to add to the pile, especially when it's a feature specifically aimed at new players.
  • Are you certain that removing rare mod drops is enough to dissuade experienced players from staying in Recruit Conditioning for an easy ride and cheap standing gain, or persuade newer players to take the plunge and turn the option off? I sense further measures may be necessary. There are lots of options, from cutting standing gain (partially or entirely, to discourage people farming rep by fighting newbies) to restricting loadouts (e.g. starter frames only, or no mods) to disabling Recruit Conditioning automatically when certain criteria are met (e.g. reaching the second rank of the conclave syndicate). One could probably make a whole topic about it, but for now I'll settle for saying that I think it'd be worth creating more incentive to play without the option on, for both new(er) and veteran players.
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Conclave is still a jumping game ( Jump-A-Thon ) , Also , most of players are only focused in using channeling melee ( Dragon nikana and destreza in particular ). 

I'm not saying conclave is bad but they should add stamina or a limiter to the jumping thing , and about the melee , Use melee , but stop the abuse ( nikana can kill you within 3 hits)

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As the ps4 champion I have noticed some major flaws in how weapons have been balanced for example mk1 weapons deal so much damage even though they are starter weapons that you can buy for credits another issue is that melee channel attacks 1shot the majority of the time and they need nerfed so it encourages new players to use guns rather than running around pressing O       constantly please take this into      consideration for the next update 

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Ooooh duels? Some specific matchmaking? I know a friend of mine who might be happy to restart the Conclave combats... :)


I might play it more often with these changes.


Also : is it me or these screenshots are made with [DE]Steve 's new lighting system? 'Cause it reminds me of the old Warframe, and it's a very good thing!

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I have a few fears about many bowing ppl will be free kills. If the new chat comes too we should be able to prevent these free kills with quick chat commands for the request. The bow thing is a nice feature, but ppl will stand still while choosing the emote (provided there is a spawnshield like thing while bowing... if not I can tell you that many ppl will abuse the chance).

Anyway I'm looking foreward and I'm excited how this could work. :D


BTW. When will Dojo like matches added to the relays? We need those show off thingy. ;D


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The concept of personal dueling (within an Annihilation match) is just too fanciful.

I don't think it'd be a worthwhile addition, considering:
1. The innumerable bugs and complaints that it would inevitably introduce.
2. The already existing alternatives (private matches).

"Wow, this ability happens to damage everyone, not just my dueling opponent."
"My dueling opponent just left the game. Guess I'm out of the game for the next two minutes."
"Hey, I was trying to initiate a duel. How dare you shoot me."
"No, I wasn't bowing at you, I was bowing at that other player. Why did you accept? Now we have to sit around for two minutes."
In fact, the idea of dueling has actually already introduced more bugs to the pile of existing Conclave bugs: host migrations will sometimes place all players in a "dueling" state such that they cannot collect pickups. (Additional note: This suggests that duelists will not be able to collect ammo.)

Secondly, the mechanic is conceptually redundant. Dueling within an ongoing Annihilation match is highly impractical; disrupting the flow of the public match is not necessary when it's possible to host a private match instead. I understand the wish to support hypothetical grudge matches and one-upmanship between certain players, but I strongly suspect the desire for such functionality has been overestimated.


7 hours ago, Mrniko95 said:

most of players are only focused in using channeling melee ( Dragon nikana and destreza in particular ). 

I'm not saying conclave is bad but they should add stamina or a limiter to the jumping thing , and about the melee , Use melee , but stop the abuse ( nikana can kill you within 3 hits)

I can assure you that your claims about melee are untrue.
Most players do not use only melee... and the (Dragon) Nikana can kill you in one hit, not three.

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4 hours ago, PainisDeWitt said:

Stamina in Conclave should make it more balanced. 

We have a lot of melee spammers, specially Jat Kitag ones and it's annoying.

And I think I like this forum topic, but I'll mostly take a back seat approach because it seems these other conclavers for the most part 'get it' and reflect my opinions.
Add stamina bar for conclave(a reasonable one, so that sidestepping/backflipping doesn't drain a ton), Fix melee damage(maybe). Possibly add 'parry/counter'. Nerf some ultiments. Remove or nerf the glaive stances, they are literally impossible to fight against with another melee and bring a whole new meaning to the term hack n' slash. Give us bigger maps, kill the flight caps, support snipers. Add a 1v1 arena... (reduce/remove standing gained in said arena so that your dev team isn't so scared about players exploiting level gains). Oh and maybe.. a spectator mode?
Yeah all good things, let's do this DE.
Ah yes, I almost forgot, a simple melee only mode, 1v1, Team, and Annihilation for melee ONLY mode.
"well if you're doing melee only why not ranged only" Sure, who cares, just do it, give us some options. Balance this thing, STAMINA BARS.

Oh and since we're on the topic, DE, look up Global Agenda, Double Agent missions. Let's get something like that in game, where players can queue up to become 'Stalker' like opponents (perhaps the missions themselves use conclave 'rules') Word.

I mean you might as while just hire me. I'll check my inbox later. ;)

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All Warframes? I can't wait to see how did you guys manage to fit Mesa as well. She's one of my favourite Warframes, but Peacemaker as it is now goes against anything as close as fair play in PvP. I think I'll try her out.

Also, a question about matchmaking: I did play some Conclave, but I don't have that much experience to be honest. Will I still be put against high rank opponents? I'm MR21, but my MR doesn't reflect very well how much skill and experience I have in Conclave.

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Thanks for the input on what is coming next for conclave. A new player bracket with restricted mods is a good idea, even though it will give smurf accounts an actual meaning.

Using your ressources on implementing a Dueling Mode in Annihilation is in my opinion a wrong choice. Being spammed with Duel requests in Annihilation could be rather annoying and are unnecessary.We already can duel in private games if we want. Here you're not giving more possibilities that we can use to improve the warframe pvp overall. In best case its a bit more comfortability.

Things i want for Conclave PvP:

  1. A proper Spectator mode in private matches.
  2. An option to host on our own dedicated servers instead of our home isp. This affects balance in a real drastic way.
  3. More thought out abilities in pvp (some are strong, some are practically useless). I understand this is taking time and always will stay in progress. 
  4. Leaderboards like in PvE.

Some people mentioned adding Stamina for Conclave. I like the current fast paced mobility. But i could imagine, adding more offensive mobilitycrippling mods could be an option. 

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Will we ever get warframe mobility back to pvp? It's just way too slow as it is.

Air thrusters is a required mod for me and 0.9 mobility with that mod is way too low. Please remove the negative mobility from that mod or give us more mobility mods to use with that mod. We should be able to get at least 1.1 mobility with the mod, without using specific weapons.

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I'm not sure... Cause I've played conclave about 2-3 times, and I think its too much "CS mode"

I mean, the fights end too fast, you can't really explore the warframe or weapon potential. For how the game works, would be really nice if we could have a pvp where the fights last longer, you have to use abilities and maybe even the pve mods could be used, but make they have a different effect for conclave.

Well, I enjoy pvp on mobas and fps, the best I've played was a tps Global Agenda, the fights were awesome. Warframe pvp as it is now, isn't for me, couldn't get used to it. Lets see.


- sry my bad engrish

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Adding a stamina bar would kill all slow warframes like frost because and it would force people to stay and fight even though that's not everyone's play style so I would focus on nerfing melee damage and nerfing mk1 weapon damage so that new players are              encouraged to play the game and get better gear 

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I would really like to see statistics on how many people actually participate in Conclave.

It seems like DE is spending a LOT of time on Conclave while Clans are a lower priority.

No one in my clan, nor alliance plays Conclave.

The only reason that balancing would need to be considered is because some people voice their concerns over some people using one weapon over another.  There are always methods to counter tactics.

There are ways to disarm players, though they're probably not allowed in Conclave..

Sorry, I'm biased, but I'm not the only one that worries that Conclave balancing is going to ruin DS conflicts.  It's not doom, just concern.

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