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Update 18.5: Download size heads up + graphical improvements explained!

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9 minutes ago, undergrace said:

just want to know if I can play Warframe after this update on my computer ... I do not want to lose this game

You most likely will be able to, the optimizations that are shipping with 18.5 are across the board, for varying systems and configurations... I think you will be fine.

If you were able to play before 18.5, you'll most likely be able to play afterwards.

(As with any huge update though, expect to see some bugs and stuff. That's just part of this whole process)

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not sure if this was mentioned

but has there been an effort on DE's part to compress or consolidate files for the sake of space?

i have noticed that the game file is getting larger and larger with no end in sight.  will there be a project to make the total game file itself smaller? i have noticed the performance of the game itself on a non-SSD starts to slow over time after each big update.

do not tell me to get a new hard drive or buy a faster one.  it used to be on my SSD but the space grew too large that i had to switch to a 7200 rpm hard drive.

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On 3/1/2016 at 7:22 AM, PrVonTuckIII said:

4+ Gigs of download with my internet?



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No, I still love you guys. Thanks for the HD version that I'm sure I'll love! And.... yeah....

One of the previous updates was about 6GB so this one shouldn't (Don't hold my word to it) be as big.


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Will the game take more of a toll to your RAM with these new graphics? I love a polished, beautiful game, but I'd focus on performance moreso. Thanks for all the hard work anyway!


YAAAAAAAS! just playing with the new forums which I LOVE!



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8 hours ago, Magicfingers said:

so as always its "make it pretty and worry about the bugs and broken stuff later" ...good game management

I guarantee you there will be a number of bug fixes.

7 hours ago, (PS4)ArnnFrost said:


Zoom Download!

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Wow this is a big fat update, gonna take a day for me aswell to downloal this :(

But glad to see all these changes, it's gonna look good ! Can't wait to try it, had some serious performance issues with PhysX in intense battles so I'd like to see what you guys have been cooking with the libraries update. Maaaan that smoke effects looks amazing !

Will new smoke particules effects work with PhysX set on medium, or do we have to set it on high ? Thx for the hard work.

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