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Inaros Self Revive Leech Mitigated By Armor

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Inaros has an amazing ability to revive himself by trapping himself in his sarcophagus after death and then being able to simply look at enemies and drain health to revive himself.

The one problem is that the life leech from this is heavily mitigated by armor, which 1. makes no sense if you are stealing life force and 2. makes in nearly impossible to leech off of armored enemies to save yourself. Low damage to the enemy means low amounts of health returning to you in this state.

Ideally, you just don't die anyways, and Inaros does a fantastic job at it; however, his death leech, and maybe is other leech abilities, shouldn't be mitigated by armor so much. 


EDIT: This is not so much of an issue in the star chart. You can leech off of them to revive for sure. But when they even get to 50+ they effectiveness drops off because of the heavy armor scaling.

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you like the only one complaining about this most people are complaining about him being able to revive himself i look at it this way the armor mitigation balances out the fact that he can revive himself 

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