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Hotfix 18.5.3

Note: We are continuing to work on fixes related to Sands of Inaros quest issues, expect this to be deployed in a future hotfix. 



  • Slightly tweaked wording on Ping limit warning to be more clear to end users. 
  • Optimized physics memory usage. 



  • Fixed an issue with The Archwing Quest not being completable for players, specifically players being unable to start the Balor Fomorian mission.. 
  • Fixed overzealous checks in cache verify that would mis-diganose corruption in data that was perfectly fine.
  • Fixed regression in sound code causing performance issues.
  • Fixed issues with certain weapons / powers causing ragdoll issues. 
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Just now, Accalius said:

Loving the new Kavats (or Hyekkas), but are they supposed to be able to one hit a max vitality/steel fiber Valkyr?

they are felines, they do what they wish. 

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