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ok a little constructive critisim here may sound harsh but i just really want a fix for this

best game i have played in a very...very long time

started playing about 2 weeks before the sands of inaros update and absolutely flawless gameplay no lag, no ragdolling, no host migration, nothing!

but then the 18.5 update comes out and i get all of the following:

-lag without a fps drop

-lag with a fps drop

-doors dont open correctly if at all

-it take's 3-5 seconds of standing on a item to pick it up

-lag gets me killed in some cases 4 times a game and I lose everything i worked hard to earn

-the games I do get through about 10% of the time 1-2 of the rss i get dont add to my inventory so now im a orokin cell short

-loading screens take so long that ur squad start and fully load a entirly new mission before u come out of the loading screen so then the loading bar restarts and pops u back into another game

- private messages morph together so u got 3-4 people all talking in a single pm me that as far as i know only u can see

-region chat decides to grow legs and completely disappears from the chat window

-trading chat just stops working while u still see your posts but no one else's (was never kicked from the chat)

- if ur post is too long in a chat it never shows up


things u can add:

-your able to extend the chat window across the screen but ive yet to figure out how to extend the name section that shows all your active pm's so u dont have to keep clicking the tiny arrow to move down the line

-buttons that are small but have their own little box area make it so that u dont need your cursor exactly on the button to click it

- cursor seems a bit sluggish and unless im oblivious again i havn't found the slide bar to change it's sensitivity


and finally i can speak for tons of people, we would all rather wait 2-3 week or a month longer for a update to get the update so that it dosnt have 1,000 issues with it, proof play it for awhile and fix the issues you personally see 

i love DE and these hotfixes coming out late on saturdays and often are amazing but we could have less  hotfixes and more stable updates if we wait longer to proof play 

and pls pls pls fix the lag its killing me im one of those people that can not stand any lag

and as a final note i would love to become a moderator in this game, im basically on 8-9 hours a day as well as being a moderator in other games such as galaxy voyage, havnt seen or heard of forum sections to apply to become a moderator so lets kill two birds with one stone and fit it into this short story XD

thanks for listening!!



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2 hours ago, United573 said:

- private messages morph together so u got 3-4 people all talking in a single pm

Befor i could write with a singel people in a singel chat tab, now all pm´s stand in one chat tab. Pls bring back the old singel tabs, it´s much easier to trade and chat. Fps drops are still there.  

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1 hour ago, Zodokhan said:

Love U DE

Good for you I guess?
(Srsly why people do this?)

Issues I am still experiencing:
- FPS drops, gameplay slowdowns. (Memory leak?)
- Game sometimes gets stuck in loading screen for extended periods of time if other players in squad decide to proceed with the mission and the game data is constantly re-sent until it "catches up" and sometimes loads me in bleeding out (because I spawn in fire or next to a high-level enemy). This problem has been there for a very long time. For example in a Void Capture mission I sometimes spawn in game in a random room somewhere on the map when the rest of the team is standing at the extraction, waiting for me. It is not HDD issue, I have the game installed on an SSD so it definitely has something to do with loading. One way to solve this would be to delay spawning into mission until everyone is loaded.
- Bursas are still stupidly powerful and spawn way too often. These need revision, desperately. See Volkovyis thread about the Bursa/Riot Moas which were his design at:

- Landing craft colours and some textures in general are all screwed up.

Some Feedback on Sabotage 2.0: 
 -Levels are way too large and the caches are so tiny. Their audible chime effect could be a bit louder to make them easier to find or hear. Levels should be shrunk down in size to a reasonable level and the objectives should be a bit more logical. Tight now there is too much backtracking. There is absolutely no logical reason for the coolant systems being located on the other side of the ship or blast door control panel being located in the opposite end of the level.

-Inaros first ability does not always blind enemies properly.

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Ok lol I said thanks too early. Host migration got me few crashes and one time I spawned falling through map after it. Also mobile defense on Saturn is unplayable atm (at least in infested outbreak missions). One of the terminals "eats" the item but won't start countdown. 

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When are you planning to add domesticated and feral Kavats so my sister can satisfy her kitten fetishes?

She's... named all her Kubrows "Kitten-1" to "Kitten-18" and I can't keep giving her plat to buy slots...

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Is the Looter mod untradeable on purpose? I read it used to be due some error a way back, but now it was released along other mods as rewards from Symaris, and the rest is tradeable but this one is not. (yes, lost 75k Symaris points 'cause somebody wanted to buy it... but turned out I wasn't able to trade it :-( )

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5 hours ago, SoanoS said:
6 hours ago, Zodokhan said:

Love U DE

Good for you I guess?
(Srsly why people do this?)

Why do i say "Love U DE" ?
Because I'm happy with what they made in the last patch, i like many of the new features and to not mention them all, i manifest my happyness with a simple "LOVE U DE" because yes i love their job, i love the way they anticipate my needs and i know they are working hard to always do beter and beter.
I could do a list of not-workings things like you do, they need it, but i prefer to push the other way.

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