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Mod too weak: Health Conversion

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I just bought mod from simaris Health Conversion. Maxed it, pick up to my Nekros to make him more Tanky viable for Endgame.
This mod is very dissapointing.
Description says: 

  • Health Conversion: Picking up Health Orbs grants up to 450 armor, stacking up to 3 times. Taking damage will consume a stack after 2 seconds.


It sound good, but its not, issues with this mod I found at the first minutes of playing:
-Sometimes when you pick health orb it doesnt give you stack. (It actually give you stack, maybe its only UI problem not tested that mutch, it shows that stack is aplied after several seconds [some times it shows x-3, x-2 ,x-1, 0 just like its a negative and max stack is 0])
-It feels that first stack dissapear immediately after getting hit. (First stack dissapear immediately, after stack dissapear then the 2 seconds rule works, just after stack dissapear the next stack is immuned for 2 seconds)
-stacks dissapear even if you get damage to your shield.

This mod is useless to Nekros which get a lot of health orbs from enemies, then what about other warframes, its realy useless.
This mod should get buff:
-first issues can be a bug, but it should have 100% chance to give you stack
-too quick dissapearing first stack, probably bug too, or 2 seconds are realy too small amount of time.
-stack should be only taken when you get damage to the health, not shield.
-boost consuming stack after 3-4 seconds, 2 is realy too small amount of time.

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This mod is crazy good on frame with ability scaling on armor, namely Nezha, Rhino and Frost.

-You don't loose stack upon getting hit while Iron Skin / Warding Halo is active

-Those ability scales with armor

So basically, cast IS/WH, get your 3 stacks, deactivate and recast to reapply ability with modified armor

On those frame, this mod acts like a Steel Fiber upgrade, and gets you crazy amount of EHP


Nezha's Warding Halo

Max power strength, max Health Conversion
Modified Health = ((900*2.99) + (2.5*2.99) × (175+1350)) × 2.99 = (2691 + 7.475 × 1525) × 2.99 = 42 130 HP

Max power strength, max Steel Fiber
Modified Health = ((900*2.99) + (2.5*2.99) × (175+192) × 2.99 = (2691 + 7.475 × 367) × 2.99 = 16 250 HP

Formula is from the wiki

Still I agree this is too specific, and close to useless on other frames. The shield damage removing stacks is really dumb....

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