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Bursa wont die after hack

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So, well im doing round 20 defense runs on venus for oxium (ill get PTSD from the farm in about ... 5-600 oxium) BUT the problem is i hacked a burse, like i allways do, kill one, hack it, let it kill the other one, and it refuses to die -.- so now im stuck in round 20, cant finish my mission etc etc etc. F*** it -.- any ideas? (frame is volt btw)

Edit: DE owes me @(*()$ 121 OX -.-

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Same thing happened to me just now! I recorded it, so the staff at DE can watch it if they want. The videos boring as hell though.

Anyway, this thread needs a bump. Bit annoying to be 15 waves in and having to abort mission because the bursa won't die.


(Just reply to this post and I'll give a link to the bad footage. Not sure if it's worth posting.)

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Got me one of those invulnerable Bursas after I hacked it and it kept the defense mission from ending. Waited here for 10 minutes with nothing happening.



After going through all of my weapons and skills, Naramon finally helped. It confused the enemy and let me deal damage and kill it. Other confusion abilities might be able to do the same.

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