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Hotfix 18.5.5 +

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Hotfix 18.5.5

Reactor Sabotage Changes & Fixes

•    Sightly increased fire spread time when the ship is overheating.
•    Slightly tweaked lower level missions to reduce difficulty.
•    Reduced delay between destroying Fuel Injectors and the Reactor explosion to 2 seconds.
•    Bursa’s will no longer spawn when the alarms are active during the Blast Door stage on Corpus Ship Sabotage.
•    Increased the number of spawning enemies during the Defense stages when in a full squad.
•    Fixed Magnetic fields spawning too close to hacking consoles, preventing the player from unlocking the Blast Door in order to extract.
•    Fixed having to backtrack from the Reactor Room to reach the Blast Door objective.
•    Tweaked Fuel Cell spawn to improve context action overlapping.
•    Fixed Laser grids not disabling after extracting or destroying the Coolant Cell in Corpus missions.
•    Corpus tileset Coolant Room/tileset changes:
o    Removed two moving laser grids.
o    Replaced one Turret spawn with a Camera. 
o    Hacking Panel will be disabled when the the doors open.
o    Doors no longer lock after retrieving or destroying the Coolant Reactor.
o    Moved the spawn location/timing of the floor-based MOAs.
o    Added blocking volumes to make certain vents easier to traverse.


•    You can now place the Sacred Vessel on your ship as a decoration if you've completed the Sands of Inaros quest! We're currently running a script to give the Sacred Vessel decoration to those who have already completed the quest- we will let you know when it is complete! Script is now live! Check your Liset Interior decorations to place your Sacred Vessel!
•    Added new Rampart overheating sounds.
•    Added Coolant Cell and Fuel Cell drop sounds in Reactor Sabotage missions.


•    Loki will no longer be able to complete the Mastery Rank 10-11 test by Switch Teleporting to the end. (What a trickster!)
•    Tweaked lensflares on certain Warframe abilities to reduce brightness.
•    Improved mission intro sound in outdoor tilesets.


•    Fixed audio-related performance degradation: audio/reverb-related glitches and framerate hitching has been fixed. 
•    Fixed unplayable texture issues for players running DirectX 9 on older AMD.
•    Fixed massive framerate issues that could occur in tilesets with zip-lines.
•    Fixed Hyekka’s performing weird animations when traversing ziplines. Gone, but not forgotten: https://gfycat.com/NegativeSevereChital
•    Fixed the ‘Buy Capacity’ button on Focus trees being clickable after unlocking a skill Way, and displaying the wrong Focus amount needed to buy more capacity.
•    Fixed Xiphos’ Sentry Turret not being removed when the player who casted it leaves the game.
•    Fixed Xiphos’ Sentry Turret disappearing when a Host Migration occurred. 
•    Fixed massive Performance problems that could occur in missions with ziplines.
•    Fixed Saryn Prime turning completely green when casting Miasma. 
•    Fixed certain Warframes showing incorrect FX when Channeling with the Mastery Sigil.
•    Fixed Sensor Bar doors showing near-invisible Magnetic fields.
•    Fixed Limbo being hurt by environmental Lightning while in the Rift.
•    Fixed the Supra appearing completely black.
•    Fixed weird positioning of Staff Melee weapons on Atlas.
•    Possible fix for Sprag and Ven’kra Tel not dropping the Void Key during their boss fight. Please let us know if this issue remains!
•    Fixed not being able to view the Sands of Inaros Quest diorama in your Codex after completing the Quest.
•    Fixed projectiles creating a Hit FX when shot through Volt’s Electric Shield.
•    Fixed Anti-Flak Plating Conclave Mod not being purchasable from Teshin.
•    Fixed the Ballistica's projectile trail not using selected energy color.
•    Reduced the damage of MK-1 Furis in the Conclaves.
•    Reduced the damage of Gorgon series weapons in the Conclaves.
•    Fixed Equinox turning all white when using Metamorphosis to switch from Day to Night form.




•    Optimized sky textures for better performance.

•    Fixed crash caused by giving your Secondary weapon to a Rescue Target and then taking it away.

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Tyvm DE!

EDIT: Very very VERY happy about the vessel specifically. Nice to add some bling to the ol' ship.

EDIT 2: After testing in my control area I can report that I no longer experience hitching under any circumstances I'm able to produce in solo play, my fps is now much steadier, and my average fps has increased by roughly 40%. 

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Thanks guys, really appreciate all these patches over the past few days. 18.5 is shaping up great!


That said, still no fix for (or clarification on):


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