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Lighting on Noggle Heads

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Noggle Heads seem to not be properly affected by the new Lighting inside the Orbiter. While the bodies properly show the effects of the light, the heads seem to be completely unshaded/unlit.

Here's a comparison from the front and back of the Navigation console

From the window (camera quick-key ftw) everything looks fine. No issues to be found - no drastic lighting changes.



From the normal view angle, you instantly notice that something isn't right with how the noggle heads are contrasting strongly to their bodies.




Also, on a different, but somewhat related topic - color customization of the Orbiter's Interior does not affect the lighting - meaning in a very brightly-colored (pure white, etc), your warframe looks too dark and out of place, and in very dark colored schemes, you can see the really dark surroundings being broken up by source-less, invisible point lights.

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