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When are the tennogen skins releasing into the game ?

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5 hours ago, RagnaEternalCurse said:



Theoretically, you are correct, and because it allows over purchase then it will be more profitable for the creators. The problem is, you're not really looking into actual practicality, especially from the sellers side. If this works then sellers needs to become either re-seller or broker. re-sellers needs to purchase the item then sell it for plats or items, but what if nobody bought them? then it's real money loss for the sellers. The skins also have no purpose if you already have one and you can't refund it to steam. So it's a complete financial and game loss for the sellers. Broker basically take order to purchase the skins then trade it with respective trader, it's quite a hassle and other trader can back out for no reasons after you purchase the skins. If that happened they have to become a re-seller. And tennogen skins doesn't have actual in-game purpose and unlimited in stocks, trying to re-sell it for higher plat value is an obvious rip off attempt. 

And remember, sellers have access to purchase something with real money. They don't have to go the long way around to purchase an item that isn't guaranteed to be sold at all and then re-sell it for plats or items. If they want plats or item, they can easily just purchase the plats directly and then use it to trade.  So why would they want to use the skins as pseudo currency, when they have access to real currency?

In short, yes, in theory it will be more profitable for steam, creators and DE. But the sellers will be the one who got the shortest end of the stick for no good reason.

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This entire discussion is all about buying the skins with platinum in the end... As if DE doesn't already have lawyers and accountants working on the subject. Is not that simple as everybody tries to make it sound (as always) otherwise they would have done it already.


Even if... it's a bad idea, how many premium skins are tradeable right now exactly? Why do you think that is?

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