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AutoBan FAQ and You


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There’s been a lot of discussion and questions surrounding our AutoBan system, and we wanted to go over a couple of frequently asked questions/concerns for peace of mind. Ultimately, this system exists to prevent toxic/malicious players from affecting everyone else’s gameplay experience, and systems like this work best when the way they work is protected.  

However, we know that many players will be concerned that this system could affect them in some way.  To help clear up some confusion behind AutoBan we will address some frequently asked questions for those who are worried about, or simply interested in, how it generally works.

To start, one thing should be clear: every valid permanent ban has evidence to back it up and is reviewed by more than one person. We certainly can't share the information behind a decision publicly as it often involves more than one person, nor would we want to give away security details for any player’s account. That sounds like a cop out, but it’s true.

If you’re worried about becoming needlessly AutoBanned forever from a false positive (false positives are restored if they occur), we’ve outlined below the type of actions that trigger this system:


Manipulating the memory spaced ‘owned’ by Warframe in any way

We do not allow the use of programs whose primary function is to fiddle with memory, such as Cheatengine. Continued use of these programs with the Warframe client could result in a ban as you have been explicitly informed of this EULA violation.

That being said, very very rarely do false positives happen, usually as the result of another software program encroaching on our memory space (overly nosy "security" programs for example) or faulty RAM (not so perfect overclocking).


Having negative Platinum

We understand that having a negative Platinum balance isn’t always the player’s fault, but we have no way of immediately knowing if your situation is the result of a mistake, overly cautious banks/payment providers, or fraud. There are extremely rare cases where a recent purchase bounces back because it wasn’t authenticated properly by the merchant, but that is quickly remedied by checking your Steam Wallet or account balance. If the funds didn’t go through simply repurchase the package to get you out of the negatives. If you used a coupon that was consumed in the process, be sure to contact Support for further assistance.

Players have never had Platinum removed or been banned for trading fairly with a regular player that had a chargeback. Yet, if you buy from a goldfarmer, you can get banned or have those trades reversed as your Platinum was not purchased legitimately. The only safe way to acquire in-game items is through authorized sellers like warframe.com/buyplatinum or Steam, to mitigate risk of triggering the AutoBan system but also for your own safety as a consumer.

Again, every ban is reviewed by more than one person with evidence to back it up. Each one is now accompanied by a message outlining the reasons why you were banned. If you feel they are unjust, please make an appeal. This system is not set up to punish unlucky users, but to weed out the toxic players who make Warframe unfair for everyone.


Don't forget: 2 Factor Authentication!

That being said, players are ultimately responsible for their own account -- including who accesses it and its contents. There are a variety of security measures in place to help you safeguard your account:

  • Email notifications when your password has been changed
  • 2 Factor Authentication (similar to Steam’s 2-stage-login) where compromised accounts are unusable without your email credentials. You can set up 2 FA today by visiting www.warframe.com/user while logged in to the site.

AutoBan is in place to help protect you from unsavory players, but we cannot do that unless you all work to protect yourselves.




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