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Hotfix 18.6.1 +


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Hotfix 18.6.1


·         Fixed various localization issues.

·         Fixed an issue in Mobile Defense Missions causing the Staticor to stop firing.

·         Fixed the Zhuge being listed as Alarming when it should be Silent.

·         Fixed an issue with the positioning of the Chat window not saving.



·         Fixed Archwing Mods having no affect.


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4 minutes ago, Aura said:

Archwing weapon mods are currently broken, all archwing weapons only have base damage and base stats. Jordas Verdict is nearly impossible to complete. Pls DE.

Confirmed. All archwing equipment (melee, gun, archwing) has its base value only, and their conclave value  set to 1; they gain no benefit of any mod only conclave rating.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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