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Ivara loses all combat ability if you cast Artemis Bow while disarmed by a Drahk Master


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I encountered this issue in the middle of a session, but it's very easily reproducible in the simulacrum. Spawn a Drahk Master, and allow him to disarm you. Once you've been disarmed, cast Artemis Bow.

I've experimented a little bit and the effects vary. If you have all three weapons equipped when the Drahk Master disarms you, you'll default to your sidearm, casting Artemis Bow now will result in you being stuck with your sidearm out and melee disabled. Even if you retrieve your primary, you'll be unable to use it until you restart the session. If you unequip primary, secondary, or melee, it will stick you with a different weapon. If you're actively wielding melee at the time you cast Artemis Bow, you're completely dead in the water as you'll be unable to switch to another weapon even after retrieving it, and melee attacks stop working.

Also, all of your powers, including your focus ability, cease to work after entering this state. They just give the error tone and a "Power In Use" message. I also noticed if I have Energy Siphon slotted, my power will continue to generate after casting Artemis Bow, suggesting it isn't actually getting cast at all and just breaking somewhere along the way. (edit: occurs to me that you can't melee while Artemis Bow is active, so maybe it *is* partially casting)

It seems like a really big and somewhat easy-to-find problem and yet I could only find two threads on it in these bug forums, one from February and one from December(!) so it's obviously been around a while.

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