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Tennogen on consoles and non-steam PC warframe Discussion

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I'm pretty excited about all 5 of the Tennogen items arriving to our TSG build on consoles tomorrow. Maybe not Mesa's helmet, since it's not my cup of tea but it's a great alternative to what her other helmets are (and base Mesa helmet still strikes my interests to this day). I would like to see more come into the frey, like most of Nova's, Chroma's, and Nekros' helmets. Mag and Frost's skins are obvious.

I honestly don't dislike the "popularity vote" for what Tennogen items reaches consoles, but I don't like the idea of restricting some discreet but pretty nice looking Tennogen concepts/options from consoles in general. I'd like to see most of them hitting on our side of the starchart, so we'll see.

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Just now, (PS4)Magician_NG said:

I really want the Frost Zastruga helmet.

Here's hoping this round of tennogen sells well enough to warrant another round of options down the road.

That helm.....mmmmm


DeDrew said in the SG update thread that this is pretty much laying the groundwork for more tennogen coming to consoles. **hopefulness intensifies**

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On 9/27/2016 at 4:49 AM, (PS4)VariantX7 said:

Yep, this is the first Tennogen thing I bought on console. Pairs almost seamlessly with with Gersemi Valkyr.

For me i think it goes perfectly with mesa and her falcon helmet it seems like it was made for that combo

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