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Steam: New Tennogen Skins are Available Now!

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New Tennogen Skins are Available Now

Stand out with these new community created skins.

The third round of Tennogen Skins are available now and can be purchased through by logging into Warframe through Steam, and visiting the 'Steam' tab in the in-game Market. Congratulations to the talented creators!

• Aquiros Syandana by led2012
• Nsaru Syandana by Master Noob
• Jattuk Syandana by Master Noob

• Chroma Kaiju Helmet by [k a z]
• Chroma Tarrasque Helmet by artarrwen
• Mag Orbit Helmet by drawingyourdreams
• Mesa Falcon Helmet by prosetisen
• Nekros Lazarus Helmet by [k a z]
• Zephyr Monsoon Helmet by artarrwen

• Excalibur Sentient Slayer Skin by CommanderApocalypse
• Mag Dipole Skin by drawingyourdreams
• Nova Cygni Skin by Arsenal
• Zephyr Hagoromo Skin + Helmet by Hitsu San
• Zephyr Skeiron Skin by novadragon01

• Kronen Arit Skin by Arsenal

Landing Craft
• Liset Maltzur Oculus Skin by Cobalt

Your designs have a chance to be featured on Warframe, so continue creating and voting for your favorite skins. Winners will receive 30% of their design. For more information on what skins are available, be sure to visit Warframe's Steam Workshop page here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/workshop/!


EDIT: @[DE]Danielle is going through the lists to provide all creators (past and present) with a copy of their work. Please send her a PM with your Steam ID if you would like to receive your creation. 



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OMG this is the best stuff I've seen thus far. It makes me want to be fully devoted to my PC Warframe account!!!

Look at that Mesa Hat!!! SHE HAS A FREKIN HAT! finally

she's a true gunslinger of the wild west now!

Edited by Barrett_Linwei8
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A bit too expensive for me, i bough my rhino rubedo skin for 60 cents two days ago on steam, plus it's more expensive for me, 6euro (6.71$) for an helmet instead of 6$ which aint the same price :(

I wonder why there is that price difference :X


That skeiron zephyr skin is woaw, skins looks pretty nice in game

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jattuk syandana doesnt clip really well on most frames its too far from the body,wish we had sliders option where we could chose positions of accesories to avoid those clipping issues.

and i know its jetpack but its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too huge

but you guys wont probly adress those issues anyway.

Edited by Dante123pl
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