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A few initial suggestions


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Hey guys

Awesome game so far!

Here are a few suggestions that I think should be looked at.

1 - Make enemies stand out a bit more. Perhaps put a red traingle or marker above their heads. I find it quite difficult to see the enemies sometimes.

2 - Training can only occur once a day? Not sure what this is, as apparently I can't rank up for 23 more hours... even though I haven't ranked up before. If this is affecting unlocks/ stats, then I really think that there shouldn't be this time constraint.

3 - Objective markers need to stand out a bit more too. Instead of just an exclamation on the map, maybe add on the HUD what exactly needs doing.

4 - Mark enemies on the map too.

Good fun so far, although I'm starting to see that as a "free player" my skill trees are limited to that of paying players.

I think this is something that needs to be looked at.

Looking forward to providing more detailed reports soon once I start understanding everything a bit more :)

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I agree with you mostly on topics 2 and 3. 2 needs more explaining, I have no idea what that training is even about. And the objectives on the screen would be a great addition. In regards to making enemies stand out and marking them everywhere imaginable, I feel that would not only spoil the ambiance but also the player, giving him too many crutches.

My biggest problem right now with the game is really understanding EVERYTHING, not just gameplay. Actually, the gameplay seems accessible but hard to master, which is perfect.

PS: The subforum description indicates that this sort of post should be elsewhere... :S

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As for me I do sometimes really hard to spot enemies, but the "worst" thing is when they spawn like behind you. You just cleared that one room and suddenly they come out of it again. Would be easier if that really would indicate better on the minimap at least.

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