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Update 18.7.0


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Update 18.7.0


New Customizations

Embody the power of life with the new Oberon Feyarch Collection. This forest-inspired collection features new Skins for Oberon, Paris and the Ack & Brunt.

•    OBERON FEYARCH SKIN - Emerge from the darkened forest with this gnarled old soul.
•    ACK & BRUNT DANAUS SKIN - The unique sword and shield combo of forest warrior Oberon Feyarch.
•    PARIS DRYAD SKIN - Oberon Feyarch’s signature bow. 

Conclave Changes & Fixes

•    Recruit Conditioning will now give a more specific message indicating it’s being disabled.
•    Reduced the damage of the Dex Sybaris in Conclave.
•    The Ogris can now be used in Conclave.
•    The Deft Tempo Mod can no longer be used with the Opticor or Miter.
•    Fixed Mag’s Pull stagger not properly being affected by stagger immunity Mods in Conclave.
•    Fixed an error in the Sudden Justice Conclave Mod’s localization.


•    The final Sortie Mission now has a chance to be an Assassination Mission against a level 100 boss!
•    You can now move around in Maroo’s Bazaar while in Vendor mode! Please note that a message will prompt that you’ve been kicked out of Vendor mode if you leave the trading area.
•    Added preparatory content for Sortie Season 6 Rewards. Please note that Season 6 will begin tomorrow, March 31st, at the Sortie Rollover Time. 


•    Add some new death animations to the Grineer.
•    Toned down the bright visual FX on Oberon’s Hallowed Ground.
•    Improved the visual FX of the ‘Trade’ button in Maroo’s Bazaar.
•    Reduced the Sapping Ospreys base damage and removed Proc chance.
•    Balanced the Juggernaut to be more manageable in high-level Infested missions, particularly Infested Sorties. The Juggernaut's level will never exceed 80, and there is now a cap on the number of reinforcements that the Juggernaut can spawn during the stomp attack. The Juggernaut is also limited to one spawn per mission.


•    Fixed arrow ammo count depleting by two instead of one for Clients when using a bow.
•    Fixed declined Squad invites sending a ‘Failed to Join’ error message to the sender.
•    Fixed an issue causing tags in Relays to not appear over players.
•    Fixed some positioning issues on the Sevati Sekhara badge.
•    Fixed some confusing wording on Sortie Mission prerequisites as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/622579-sortie-missions-locked/#comment-6979061 
•    Fixed an issue causing cloth shading to not use the proper FX.
•    Fixed some terrain in the Orokin Moon Spy Mission tileset that players could pass through to access a Vault without completing the trial.
•    Fixed the ‘Repeat Last Mission’ button not properly taking players to the Navigation menu.
•    Fixed some objects clipping through terrain on the Orokin Moon Spy Mission tileset.
•    Fixed Chroma’s Effigy not taking the proper helmet customization.
•    Fixed the Sands of Inaros’ Sacred Vessel diorama becoming stuck on screen, preventing progress in the Quest.
•    Fixed Kubrow imprints appearing as brighter in the imprint preview UI compared to when in normal lighting due to adaptive exposure.
•    Fixed Synthesis target scan points not being properly scannable in some instances.
•    Fixed some hitching caused by deploying Kinetic Siphon Traps.
•    Fixed the collision in the Orokin Derelict’s collapsed hallway that would cause players to become trapped under debris.
•    Fixed the minimap not working properly on a dead end tile in the Void.
•    Fixed the laser traps not properly turning on and off for Clients in the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset Spy Vaults.
•    Fixed performance issues for Hosts caused by using Ash’s Bladestorm.
•    Fixed an error causing Infested Runners to appear in all Missions.
•    Fixed an issue where certain lower-end PCs would see T-Poses instead of proper animations. 
•    Fixed a visual issue that would occur when ships appear outside your landing craft.
•    Fixed Relays showing multiple empty instances. Relays will now show only a single unpopulated instance.
•    Fixed the middle ship flying too close to the Landing Craft’s window.
•    Fixed not being able to hear the Lotus at the end of a Hijack mission.
•    Fixed Lech Kril being associated with Phobos instead of Ceres in Sortie missions.
•    Fixed Lisets flying too close to each other when entering a mission.
•    Fixed the Liset’s warp sound not playing when leaving various tilesets.
•    Fixed incorrect ships appearing on fly-in for Derelict missions.
•    Fixed Clients not being able to pass through open doors in the Moon tileset after a console has been activated. 
•    Fixed buff icons not displaying for Systemic Override (Zenurik) and New Moon (Vazarin) abilities.
•    Fixed Mastery Sigils displaying incorrectly on Operators.
•    Fixed doors in the Grineer Galleon tileset appearing white/black.
•    Fixed performance issues caused by projectile weapons with high fire rate as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/620472-any-projectile-weapons-with-high-enough-firerate-will-stick-to-water/ 
•    Fixed Red Veil Marks (Medallions) not glowing red in missions. 
•    Fixed Context action prompts displaying inside consoles.
•    Fixed the Hyekka Master, Crawlers, Eximus’, and Corpus Scrambus’ affecting Limbo while in the Rift.
•    Fixed being unable to consistently move during bleedout state as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/603821-quality-of-life-ideas-bleed-out-knowing-what-mods-on-what-ect/ 
•    Fixed capturing a Corpus target resulting in a crash.
•    Fixed the Azima continuously firing as if the trigger was stuck.
•    Fixed mantling an edge breaking Ivara’s Prowl ability.
•    Fixed the Staticor consuming ammo but not firing projectiles. 
•    Fixed badge placements on Excalibur, Chroma, Mirage, Saryn and Atlas.
•    Fixed duplicate titles in the Market banner.
•    Fixed Clients seeing generators in Sabotage missions as active after being destroyed.
•    Fixed various localization issues.


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Thank you DE, keep up the good work!!! <3

The Ack & Brunt skin looks amazing. The Paris bow looks fine, nothing big, but the quiver is freakin sexy!

I hope Oberon gets some much deserved tweaks/buffs sooner than just soon™.



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Ninja'd my RedText :(
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Oberon still sucks unfortunately. He doesn't deserve this deluxe skin.

I'm still gonna use him anyway because of the skin, but not for long...


Let me rephrase that to sound less exaggerated.

Oberon is still mediocre in every possible way. Can we please follow Rhino & Valkyr who were looked at before releasing a deluxe skin?
I feel like it is the best possible way to get a fresh start on outdated frames.


Also, Kindly fix the Celestia Syandana not glowing on relays. It's like a high maintenance girlfriend that you can't even swagger around your friends.

Edited by Oranji
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