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T'would have been helpful if you could have fixed the bug in which grineer using flamethrowers would be able to damage you and enemies simultaniously. If that confuses you, it happens when grineer isn't the only faction you're fighting against, for example, the derelict. The hyekka masters and scorches will burn enemies with their flamethrowers, and it also damages you. The derelict is also really really stuttery for some reason.

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That oberon skin looks so amazing that I don't even know how to go about complimenting it.

Really wishing that bow skin was usable on dread though DE. Please? Pretty please? With whipped cream and a cherry on top?

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Not sure if this is just me, but is the Nari & Vali dual kamas skin from the Loki deluxe bundle missing? After the U18.7 update hit, I equiped my dual kamas only to see the skin missing and it is also missing from my inventory appearance tab. If this is a bug, I would much appreciate it patched

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As much as I find the new skin hands-down spectacular, the design of small feet doesn't really do it for me. The same occurs for Trinity's skin. 

4 hours ago, Oranji said:

Oberon still sucks unfortunately. He doesn't deserve this deluxe skin.

I'm still gonna use him anyway because of the skin, but not for long...


Let me rephrase that to sound less exaggerated.

Oberon is still mediocre in every possible way. Can we please follow Rhino & Valkyr who were looked at before releasing a deluxe skin?
I feel like it is the best possible way to get a fresh start on outdated frames.


Also, Kindly fix the Celestia Syandana not glowing on relays. It's like a high maintenance girlfriend that you can't even swagger around your friends.


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2 hours ago, Rydian said:

Lots of issue fixes!

But still...

The automatic formatting on the forums is horrible.

Progress-Stopping Bugs
Derelict Vaults aren't giving out the reward properly. [Report 2] [Report 3]
Key-based defense missions have serious logic errors with leaving. [Report 2] [Report 3]
Old anti-leech systems that deny mission rewards are still triggering. [Report 2]
New anti-leech systems can be worked around by AFKers but hurt normal users who died.
Sabotage missions can be rendered uncompletable by AoEs (like syndicate procs). [Report 2] [Report 3] [Report 4] [Report 5]
Entities without a proper respawn point respawn in the start tile of the map, breaks void sabotage. [Report 2]

Other Bugs
Antimatter Drop has inconsistent tooltips and strange damage calculations.
Sentinel weapon modding is inconsistent and drops stats. [Report 2]
Damaged enemies psychically know the player's location.
Artemis Bow instantly reloads your primary weapon.
Damage-over-time status effects cause damage infinitely while paused.
Random colors only choose from one palette.
Hushed Invisibility doesn't work for some weapons.
The Phased Asa Syandana is misplaced on Ivara.
Despair holsters stick out of the frame model.
Kubrows phase through the floor while attempting to open some lockers.
Weapons can stop working under specific situations [Report 2]
Radiation damage causes the mobile defense objective to become hostile.
Bullet Attractor doesn't pull in thrown weapons.
Prompt-based finisher attacks hit shields first.
Enemy charge/combo damage values are backwards.
A Remote Observer timing out during the hacking minigame changes the camera style.
Missions can accidentally be force-accepted, the system will think everybody voted yes when they didn't.
Mutalist Moas retain the Equinox Maim visual effect from the cabinet attached.
Being revived (or exiting sharkwing) changes to your primary weapon regardless of what was selected before.
Infested ignore Decoy in multiple situations.
The UI does not scale properly for resolutions with an x component less than 1280.
Vignette effect too strong when HDR and adaptive exposure are on in outside tiles.
Loki's Switch Teleport often doesn't move the target.
Extractors are gathering unlisted materials.
Basic Gene Masking Kit in the market lies about how many unique colors you get.
Void Mobile Defense terminals have incorrect activation text (using the lockdown string).

Feedback / Changes
You can get more affinity from leeching then anything else.
"Sharkwing" tile on Uranus breaks spawns, consider removal.
Gear slots should be visibly numbered.
Maroo's Bazaar needs to be a lot clearer in function.
Sortie reward changes cause more problems than they solve.
High Dynamic Range & Adaptive Exposure Cause Inconsistencies
Learning Weapon Stances (Details & Example Images)
Weapon restrictions should automatically disable other weapons.


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Looking at most of the new skins for Warframes... is there something wrong with regular looking feet? I get it, Frames are "robots" now but still, whats with the sudden theme of, how to say this... "interesting" leg designs?

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