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Still no fix for: 

clicking install arcane in foundry crashes the game: 


clicking apperance in dual kama prime freezes UI (forcing to Alt+F4), and, missing delux skin for melee wep (Nari & Vali) of the loki delux pack:


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I absolutely love the new sortie changes. Is tonight's sortie infested specifically to test that Juggernaut? I'll admit, up to now I've avoided spawning them in sorties as best as possible. For example, exterminate, but every time lotus warned me, I stopped and waited for the Jugg to leave.

Was almost disappointed to see tonight's sortie wasn't a fancy pants Assassination. Maybe tomorrow? Here's to season 6!

Speaking of, htat Sapping Osprey nerf! Those guys were brutal, sure, but I liked the difficulty. Area denial, but you could shoot out the mine. Nerf was unwarranted, imo, but I guess people are happy with it.

And thanks for fixing Uranus spy vaults! Infuriating sortie missions, that's for sure. I mean, I still do them, because winning, but at least being the client is less bad. And staticor fix! Woo!

... and, I'm assuming the Nari and Vali thing is a bug, so that will be fixed right quick.

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A deluxe skin won't make a Warframe more reliable to the contribution of a mission. Nice try, but, no.


People were awaiting impatiently for thr Banshee skin, tbh me too, but you are releasing a recently announced deluxe skin for a frame, where you ignore the ones having mentioned approx 4 months ago? That's not a smart move, DE.


Stopped playing this game for more than 1 month. Not progressing anymore. Just ranked up that Sandy Cheeks frame to 30, and left everything as it is right now, since there are other games which are quite more attractive and promising than Warframe is currently showing off.

I wish you guys would remember what you did right back 3 years ago. Currently the game evolves more and more to a "ok guys, lets test some stuff at our how-to-code-a-game game". Like a baby shoes development. Did you guys changed your staff members? The quality seems to be "good", but in real, the game becomes more and more tedious and tiresome.


And yes, the skin is almost a 1:1 copy of Trinity's skin (which I haven't bothered buying), and those legs... no. Just no. 

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Complete "meh" update

-don't care about money grabber skin with no rework/changes

-underwhelming updates in general, osprey nerf isn't changing its inherit problem the inability to introducing a good telegrahphing system,  this is also affecting bosses, also most of them need the 2.0 so introducing them to sorties is kinda complete senseless



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So as others have already been saying- the loki deluxe skin bundle's dual kamas skin is totally gone from the market and (I'm assuming all) inventories. I went to equip my dual kamas prime that I had it on before and it doesn't show up on them. When I try to go into appearance my UI totally locks up with the appearance tab blacked out- and I have to quit the game to fix it all. Really bad bug.

Also when coloring my twin grakata earlier it seems like the accents color selection maps are EXTREMELY broken- but I might have just never noticed it looked this way before (looks almost like transparent or blurry).

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2 hours ago, Blood_Poppy said:

Dual Kamas are Bugged... Hope you can fix it ASAP..

And The Nari & Vali Skin from the Loki Knave for Dual Kamas Prime or something, are gone, from my inventory, and the weapon itself is not customizable (Colors and etc.)

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Additional info.
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14 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Update 18.7.0



•    The final Sortie Mission now has a chance to be an Assassination Mission against a level 100 boss!


this is going to be fun!


imagine an lech kril  level 100 as a boss,and your team will continuously shoot him or slow him down without stopping.



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Even if you reused the Trinskin, it looks nice until...

well until you see its feet, if you call that feet.

Ok let's be polite and call this skin... "special".

Also reminds me to get some KFC bucket.

(No judging but admit it, something like that was your inspiration.)

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