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Oberon fast buff/little rework

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Now the new Skin for Oberon came and its awesome ^^, but Oberon itself is not that fantastic : (.

Hallowed ground need buff, this ability is realy weak, I dont use it at all, 20% armor buff is very weak, looking at Oberon armor which is 150. Even with 200% power strength Oberon staying on hallowed ground will give him only +60 armor. 600 armor is decent, this means nothing, better is to give this ability damage reduction.

-You and allies while staying on hallowed ground grants 60% damage reduction (not affected by power strength)


Renewal, this ability would be good, but we have Life strike in melee, so if you use melee with oberon you dont need that ability, and it need changes too, not only heal but give something more.

-Grants Oberon +300armor for the duration of 12seconds (armor buff affected by power strength and duration of armor by duration).


Reckoning is fine, but have useless health orb mechanic drop, only if you kill with reckoning enemies have chance to drop health orb, it should change.

-Enemies are marked for 12 seconds, if marked enemy die he have 50% chance to drop health orb.


That would make oberon fantastic.

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