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Frost Ice Wave buff.

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I realy think that Ice wave is weak compared to other frost abilities.

Freeze - well nothing special, I use it sometimes on one heavy enemy, so its just fine ability.

Snow globe - its a defensive ability and can push enemies back, its realy important to Frost.

Avalanche - is awesome too, freezing enemies and doing decent damage and lowering armor of enemies.

But Ice wave, its just like a lot weaker version of avalanche. Avalanche freeze all targets around, while Ice wave only slow down enemies in front of frost and do small amount of damage and not reducing enemy armor but cost half of energy, but it doesnt feet, This ability is actualy 4x weaker than Avalanche. This ability is only good with Ice Wave Impedance, but I dont want to take one mod slot only to make Ice Wave Impedance a good ability, when I have Avalanche that freezes enemies in AoE and do decent damage. I just put another mod for Warframe that will boost all his abilities.


Ice Wave need something different that will be good in some situations. It could get power of augment and just make a new one augment for Ice wave. Or something like Ice wave is putting medium size ice stalagmites, shoting them will detonate to pieces, hurting enemies with small razor ice shards, stagger them and slowing them again. Enemies could not destroy them so it would be nice to hide behind them as a wall.

So Ice wave could have something different: Can hide behind stalagmites and stalagmites can be detonated in any time to stagger and slow down enemies again after Cold status end.

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