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(Help) How to link Warframe account to Steam?

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If anyone knows how to manually Link your warframe account to your steam one i would appreciate it cause none of the steam sale items for warframe (Syandanas such as phased asa syandana) cause people say that a pop up shows up when you launch the game through steam and through the longest time i played warframe using steam it did not pop up asking me to link accounts.

Now my friends say that my account is already linked to steam from just starting up the game with it, but they are not showing up in my inventory in game but its there in my steam inventory....

I looked up all over the internet for what might fix this but most is not helpful or out dated, kinda hoping you guys will help me out here by screen shot showing me what i might have looked over (like a button in the settings or something)


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i have just linked my game in steam and startet it with steam .. i get the overlay but ... no skins


i dont get pop ups either ... i just want those damn new skins without loosing my ability to play with that steam server in my country ... it may start steam or it wont on any given day ...


i can at least play warframe every day i want, without relying on the dumb steam server to work i rather not only get warframe on steam alone ... i wont be able to even get the daily unlocks

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