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Devstream #72 Overview


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Operator Design and Customisation
• From the beginning, part of the design intent with Warframe is that players would be able to switch between multiple, distinct characters
• This led to a desire to make a single entity that controlled all of these characters to dispel the cognitive disconnect associated with playing multiple characters
• The choice to make Tenno children was to create a fragile, vulnerable character to contrast the powerful, armoured Warframes
• More customisations are coming, including more faces and outfits that aren't pictured
• The role of Operators will expand in Update 19 and beyond


Banshee Deluxe Skin
• Releasing on PC in April
• Click HERE to see Rebecca play around with Banshee's colours


Volt Revamp
• Scott decided Volt wasn't in a terrible place, so his changes aren't too drastic
• Visual effects for Electric Shield have been updated
• Speed will drop a portal a la Wormhole that allies can run through to trigger the Speed buff, that way they don't receive the effect against their will (this may change)
• Overload charges enemies in a radius on the ground with electricity, stunning them for an extended duration and causing them to act as turrets that shock other enemies in range 
• The damage done by Overloaded enemy arcs is proportional to their health, so it will scale with the enemy
• Casting Shock on an enemy that has been Overloaded will cause the electric coils from he enemy do more damage
• Volt's passive causes time spent on ground between attacks will build up a charge that powers up his next attack
• Click HERE to see Rebecca demo the Volt revamp

Warframe Revamps
• Will release Mag and Volt revamp simultaneously
• Mesa's Peacemaker will scale with mods
• All Warframes will receive passives
• All before U19

Syndicate Weapon Augments Mods
• Steel Meridian Miter: Has the ability to pop Nullifier bubbles instantly
• Arbiters of Hexis Silva and Aegis: Blocking absorbs 50% of incoming projectiles that's released on the next attack
• Cephalon Suda Obex: Lethal channeled ground finishers causes enemies to explode that will scale in damage
• Red Veil Kunai: 200% more magazine size (this one will probably be made more interesting)
• Perrin Sequence Lanka: Enemies killed will become electric shock traps
• New Loka Panthera: Enemies hit with alt-fire have a chance to be disarmed
• Note that these are Augment Mods, not Syndicate weapons
• These mods are all subject to change

Mod Fusion Revamp
• The entire Mod Fusion System is going to be streamlined and simplified
• There might be a numeric 'fusion value' associated with fusion material to make it more apparent how fusion works

Starmap 2.0
• The new map is progressing nicely, it is largely a throwback to the old map
• The complexity of the maps will be reduced - the number of active missions will be smaller than the number of nodes
• The exact content of the nodes may rotate through time
• Clans will be able to customise which part of the map their Dojos are deployed at
• There will be places where the Void opens up in different places on the Starmap, so you can theoretically get Prime Parts by doing missions on Earth, for instance
• Click HERE to see Steve navigate the new Starmap


• Update will be coming next week at some point
•  Get your Nitain farmed - Staticor and Inaros require a bit
•  Season 4 Sortie rewards will be included in the update
•  The coming update has 20+ pages of update notes

Other Stuff
• More info on the Warframe Soundtrack will be revealed during Pax East (22 April)
• Umbra Excalibur is coming 'sort of soon' and the delivery is shaping up quite well, it should be a pleasant surprise
• The new Starmap might  make the new 'Loot Cave' alter over time - rather than destroying Draco, the devs would like to create a way to vary it
• Rather than being packaged with U19, Kela De Thaym and pet Kavats *may* be released as a standalone update before U19
• U19 will bring new and improved antialiasing options
• The devs would like to allow players to colour accessories individually - the main issue is keeping the UI from being overly cluttered with options
• The devs are considering making Deluxe Weapon Skins compatible for all weapons within a family, but for the moment it's going to stay as it is

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1 minute ago, BornWithTeeth said:

The new map looks like it's made out of solidified awesomesauce!

Yeah, it looked really sharp. I'm not totally sold on how bright it is, but it seems very clean and attractive aesthetically.

It will be interesting to see how they handle the nodes rotating out though.

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The volt changes actually seem to fit his kit better and I'm excited to play around with them when it is released.

And interesting that all WF's will get a passive.  Other than the wiki, is there a place in game to easily see what passive a frame has?

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