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Warning to Players Purchasing Founders Package


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To anyone getting as excited as I was for backing DE through the Founders Package please make sure you know that purchases are made through UltimatePay and not the Digital Extremes site itself. I recently tried getting the Hunter Package and was suspiciously put in a small piggy in the middle event with my money.

I did some research and you will find that UltimatePay are known for scamming some customers and for declining Paypal payments, while leaving your sent transaction in a kind of digital prison cell until a later date. My bank say that the money is waiting to be processed but the very helpful DERebecca at Digital Extremes has notified me that UltimatePay are stating that my payment attempt was declined. The problem is that some transactions with other customers have then been processed in the future while this cash was stuck in limbo without notification.

I advise Digital Extremes to mention that transactions are done through UltimatePay and not directly (Mentioned not just in the FAQ!) and I also recommend that members wait with backing DE until we find out if all payment methods are done through UltimatePay. If so then it is highly recommended that you don't purchase the Founders Package because of this known suspicious firm unless we can do direct payment to Digital Extremes themselves.

Very disappointing.

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Is UltimatePay currently even functional?

I have tried to purchase the founders package for days, I've tried 3 credit cards and 1 pay pal account. All result in an error from UltimatePay.

Even trying to sign up as a member directly on their website results in a "system error" reply. (which requires no payment details)

After experiencing this poor service I did some research and found a lot of complaints from gamers who have had the same issues and worse with UltimatePay on many F2P games that use their service, many people simply give up and don't end up supporting the games they like. Even when contacting UltimatePay directly they get no where.

DE, if I have given up buying into the founders package due to UltimatePay poor setup....I worry how many other people you are losing to this issue too. You should seriously consider changing to another online payment service, as you are losing customers through UltimatePay.

F2P and online game purchases should be fast and painless, like steam and other companies, you depend on it for the game to be successful!

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