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Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) [+hotfixes]


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Inaros -  Risen from the sands, Inaros commands the desert's fearsome power.

DESICCATION: blasts enemies with a wave of cursed sand, blinding and damaging them while also stealing their health.

DEVOUR  marks your target, trapping it in quicksand. Charging the ability will draw them towards Inaros for devouring.  Alternatively, Inaros 
or his allies can activate the target, transferring a percentage of its health and shields. If the target dies by the hands of Inaros, a sand shadow will spawn to assist him.

SANDSTORM transforms Inaros into a whirling spiral of sand, gathering nearby pickups and throwing enemies away. Enemies previously marked for devour within its radius will drained of shields and health.

SCARAB SWARM is a charged ability, converting your health into hardened scarab armor. Discharge it to inflict a swarm of insects toward your enemies. Any survivors will have their health drained and bestowed upon your allies within radius.


Baro Ki’Teer is searching for riches under the sands of Phobos, but he needs Tenno help in order to find his fortune.

SHADOW DEBT (Coming April 14th):


Alad V has returned, hunted by the Acolytes of Stalker for his crime of aiding the Lotus.

 True to their word the Tenno will repay their debt to their unsteady ally, tracking down these assassins across the Solar System before they have a chance to reach their mark. Raid Corpus and Grineer facilities to find information that will help uncover the Stalker's elusive Acolytes.  Join your fellow Tenno in the hunt and put a stop to the Stalker's plans!

All the details will be posted when Shadow Debt starts on April 14th @2pm ET. 

Register on your PS4 Events Tab April 8th!



Get 'em before they are gone!




Corpus Bursa MOAs make a return to the battlefield!  A new Corpus creation threatens to upset the balance of the System.  Uncover the Corpus' latest threat to peace in the Solar System in Tactical Alert: Divine Will.
Hunt down this new mechanical threat, Tenno! 

Divine Will starts on May 5th - 10th @2pm ET

Register on your PS4 Events tab April 28th!



The Trinity Strega Skin Bundle is now available!

Stand out on the battlefield and embrace the dark side of style with the new Trinity Deluxe Skin Collection.  This collection of skins features a new Deluxe Skin for Trinity, the Bo Staff, and a Trinity-inspired set of armor for your Kubrow companion.

TRINITY STREGA SKIN - Embrace the dark power that swirls through this Trinity skin.
BO VOLU SKIN - Enchant the Bo or Bo Prime with this skin.
BRUJA KUBROW ARMOR - Kubrow armor in the style of the Trinity Strega Skin.



  • Porta Armor Bundle - Energize your Warframe with the full set of Porta decorative armor.
  • Porta Shoulder Plate - Decorative shoulder plates for your Warframe.
  • Porta Chest Plate - A decorative breastplate for your Warframe.
  • Porta Leg Plate -  Decorative leg plates for your Warframe.
  • A Corpus Color Picker has been added to the Market! 
  • STATICOR - Send a massive charge of potential energy hurling toward unfortunate targets.
  • New Landing Craft - XIPHOS - Featuring Sentry Gun air-support, this stylish Landing Craft is an asset in any battle.
  • ABRASYS SYANDANA - Evokes stone scarred but not destroyed by the sea’s tireless onslaught.
  • CELESTIA SYANDANA - Displays Daily Conclave Challenge progress, with a beam of light for each completed challenge.
  • INAROS ANUBIS HELMET - A uniquely-styled alternate helmet for Inaros.
  • 'DOJO' COLOUR PICKER - a colour palette based on the Dojo Pigment colours!
  • NEW PROFILE ICONS - Palatine Rhino, Nemesis Nyx, and The Corpus have new Profile Icons!
  • LESION -  Pierce enemy defenses at a comfortable melee distance
  • MUTALIST CERNOS - Overcome with Infestation, this bow’s arrows now spread poisonous contagion to any surface they hit.
  • DUAL TOXOCYST - Brain-strikes excite this bioweapon, causing it to rapidly release toxic munitions.


THIRD ANNIVERSARY (Coming April 8th):



in three years you have succeeded in 1.5 billion Missions, killed over 50 billion Grineer, captured 120 million prisoners and significantly grown to over 12 million Operators. Thank you to everyone who has accompanied us on this journey, and thank you to the Tenno who continue to fight this war with us!

To show our appreciation for your hard work over the years, the Lotus is awarding each Tenno with a Special Edition Dex Sybaris.
All Tenno will also receive the first and second anniversary gifts, the Dex Furis and Dex Dakra. Each is equipped with a Catalyst, includes a Weapon Slot and is ready for action. 


DEX SYBARIS – This Lotus-themed lever action rifle, is equal parts elegance and executioner.


DEX DAKRA -- Bring swift and heavy damage to your enemies with the Lotus-themed Dex Dakra.


DEX FURIS -- This dual version features a Lotus-themed skin, high fire rate, high accuracy, and low recoil.


To claim these gifts, log in to Warframe any time between April 8th to 15th 2pm ET. Open the Inbox Message to add the Weapons to your Arsenal.


As an added bonus, Darvo returns with amazing deals! From now until ????, receive an additional 15% off on Excalibur Proto Armor Skin and Nyx Nemesis Skin, as well as 25% off the Proto Glaive Skin.



  • Atlas Augment - Petrify - Ore Gaze: Petrified enemies are scanned into the codex and have a chance to drop additional loot when killed.

  • Atlas Augment - Tectonics - Tectonic Fracture: Create up to 3 walls. Walls can no longer be turned into boulders.

  • Atlas Augment - Rumblers - Titanic Rumbler:  Create a single rumbler with increased stats that taunts nearby enemies into attacking it.

  • Equinox Augment - Metamorphosis - Duality: Equinox's other half breaks free, dealing a percentage of weapon damage.

  • Equinox Augment - Rest & Rage - Calm & Frenzy:  Killing an affected enemy causes the effect to spread to enemies within 5 meters for a percent of the remaining duration.

  • Equinox Augment - Pacify & Provoke - Peaceful Provocation: Pacify converts damage done to allies into an enemy slowing aura.  Provoke converts damage done to enemies into extra Power Strength.






ISOLATOR BURSA - Separates and isolates its prey.
DROVER BURSA - Corrals its prey for rapid destruction.
DENIAL BURSA - Blocks choke points to protect objectives.
FERAL KAVAT -  A feral Kavat. Feral Kavats can be found in all Derelict Missions, except Defense.  
HYEKKA -  A Grineer-enhanced Kavat, trained to hunt down Infestation.
HYEKKA MASTER -  Summons a Hyekka to fight for it.  Hyekka Masters will replace Drahk Masters on Phobos (Grineer Settlement

tileset). They will also appear in any Grineer Mission that features Infested, and may also appear in other Missions that spawn Grineer enemies.




  • The Randomizer is here! Players can now customize their loadout and appearance using the ‘Randomize’ button in the Arsenal under Loadout Options!

  • Players can now search through their weapons or Warframes in the Arsenal via a ‘Search’ bar in the upper left.

  • Players can now access and organize their Arsenal Loadout by selecting their Loadout in the upper left corner of the Arsenal menu.

  • Players can now equip a Sigil on their Operator in the Operator Customizations menu.

  • Acquiring a Mod that is not yet in your collection will flag the Mod as ‘New’ in the End of Mission screen details.

  • Simaris's offerings have been expanded to include 2 New Mods:

  • Health Conversion: Picking up Health Orbs grants up to 450 armor, stacking up to 3 times. Taking damage will consume a stack after 2 seconds.

  • Energy Conversion: Picking up an Energy Orb grants 50% more power strength to your next ability cast.

  • More robust Aim Sensitivity options have been added to the Controls menu.

  • Added new Rampart overheating sounds.





The following changes are the first in a series of updates designed to make the Focus System more interactive and rewarding for players.  Because these changes will be frequent and gameplay-altering we will be applying a label to any major update made to the Focus System.  Please keep in mind that the nature of these changes is to provide overall improvement to the Focus System, and that we will monitor and make additional changes as necessary.

Introducing: 'Convergence'! Read on to find how out these Focus-boosting drops work.

  • Convergence can now appear in Missions with players that have a Focus Lens equipped:

    • Convergence are unique pickups that last for a short amount of time, and will spawn at a random point in the tileset a short distance away from a player.  A unique icon will direct players to the location of a Focus marker on spawn.

    • Convergence will activate once picked up, and will only affect the player that activated the Booster.

    • Convergence will reward the player a 6x Focus multiplier for 45 seconds.  This time limit will appear as a countdown buff on the player.

    • A 5 seconds remaining notice will play before the Affinity multiplier ends.

    • Convergence will only last for a limited amount of time, and will eventually disappear if not picked up.

    • Convergence will automatically drop if one has not appeared after 3-5 minutes.

    • Focus can now be earned through radial and shared Affinity gains rather than just personal kill Affinity Gains.

    • Convergence pickups work like Mods - there is a unique one for every player to grab! It's not 'first-come, first-serve'.

  • The daily Focus cap has been increased from 75k to 100k.

  • As per above, Convergence will reward the player a 6x Focus multiplier for 45 seconds.  This time limit will appear as a countdown buff on the player. Here is how the Focus gain percentages work in v 1.1:

  • Normal Lens: 1.25% without Convergence

  • Normal Lens: 7.5% with Convergence (multiplied by 6)

  • Greater Lens: 1.75% without Convergence

  • Greater Lens : 10.5% with Convergence (multiplied by 6)







Enemies will now spawn in areas not yet seen by players.  This will allow players to clear rooms stealthily, while avoiding enemies spawning behind players and potentially ruining any stealth runs.  ‘Alerted’ enemies will spawn nearby and out of sight, but can also spawn in rooms already seen by players.

These changes will not affect enemy spawning in Exterminate, Excavation, Survival or Defense Missions, but will have a slight impact on enemy spawning on other Mission types.



  • Season 4 Begins!

  • We've categorized Sortie Rewards in two: repeatable and non-repeatable. The world state window now displays these two categories.

  • Non-repeatable Sortie Rewards have a check box in-front of them. Once you receive that reward, the box is checked off, ensuring you won't receive it again in the currently active Season.

  • When a non-repeatable reward is removed from the list, it's reward spot is substituted by a 25 x Rare 5 or 50 x Rare 5 Core bundle.

  • Repeatable rewards can be received multiple times, as the name implies.

  • Please note that repeatable and non-repeatable assignments could change depending on feedback and more.











The following changes have been made to Warfarme Ability powers when used against boss-type enemies. These changes do not affect the damage each Ability does as discussed in our Developer Workshop here:


  • Zephyr’s Tornado and Dive Bomb will no longer ragdoll boss-type enemies.

  • Zephyr’s Tailwind will no longer be able to knockdown boss-type enemies.

  • Valkyr’s Paralysis will no longer be able to stun boss-type enemies.

  • Valkyr’s Warcry now has diminishing returns against boss-type enemies.

  • Saryn’s Venom will be able to properly spread and receive spores from nearby boss-type enemies.

  • Volt’s Shock and Overload will no longer be able to electrocute boss-type enemies.

  • Hydroid’s Tidal Wave will no longer ragdoll boss-type enemies.

  • Hydroid’s Undertow will no longer pull in boss-type enemies.

  • Tentacle Swarm will no longer be able to grab boss-type enemies unless they’ve died.

  • Ivara’s Sleep Arrow now has diminishing returns against boss-type enemies.

  • Ivara’s Prowl will no longer be able to steal from boss-type enemies.

  • Limbo’s Banish will no longer be able to ragdoll or move boss-type enemies into the Rift.

  • Loki’s Radial Disarm will no longer be able to disarm, stun or dismember boss-type enemies.

  • Loki’s Irradiating Disarm Augment will no longer be able to confuse boss-type enemies.

  • Mag’s Pull will no longer move boss-type enemies.

  • Mag’s Crush will no longer lift or ragdoll boss-type enemies.

  • Mag’s Fracturing Crush Augment will no longer stop boss-type enemies.

  • Banshee’s Sonic Boom, Silence, and Sound Quake will no longer be able to push, stun, or stagger boss-type enemies.

  • Ember’s Accelerant will no longer be able to stun boss-type enemies.

  • Ember’s World on Fire will no longer be able to knockdown boss-type enemies.

  • Equinox’s Rest & Rage will now slow boss-type enemies instead of putting them to sleep.

  • Excalibur’s Radial Blind and Radial Javelin will no longer stagger boss-type enemies.

  • Frost’s Freeze and Avalanche will no longer freeze boss-type enemies.

  • Frost’s Snow Globe will no longer freeze or push boss-type enemies.

  • Rhino’s Charge will no longer ragdoll boss-type enemies.

  • Rhino’s Stomp will no longer put boss-type enemies in stasis.

  • Mesa’s Shooting Gallery will no longer jam or stun boss-type enemies.

  • Mesa’s Muzzle Flash Augment will no longer blind boss-type enemies.

  • Oberon’s Smite will no longer ragdoll boss-type enemies.

  • Oberon’s Reckoning will no longer put lift boss-type enemies.

  • Nyx’s Mind Control and Chaos now have diminishing returns against boss-type enemies.

  • Nekros’ Terrify will no longer fear boss-type enemies, but will continue to apply an armor reduction debuff.

  • Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead will no longer be able to summon boss-type enemies.

  • Nezha’s Divine Spears will no longer pin or ragdoll boss-type enemies.

  • Vauban’s Bounce will no longer bounce boss-type enemies.

  • Vauban’s Bastille will slow boss-type enemies instead of lifting and placing them in stasis.


  • Changed the number of Excavation extractions required in The Archwing Quest to 2.

  • Made various optimization improvements to the final Mission in The Archwing Quest.

  • Archwing Crafting requirements have been adjusted for players crafting the Odonata in The Archwing Quest:

    • Orokin Cell is now 3x Control Module.

    • Wings BP Neural Sensor is now Neurode.

    • Systems BP 500 Plastids is now 300 Circuits.

    • Reduced crafting time for main BP to 12 hours.



  • Increased Ammo Magazine Capacity from 8 to 10.

  • Increased Slash Damage from 50 to 60.

  • Increased Puncture Damage from 37.5 to 45.

  • Increased Impact Damage from 162.6 to 195.

  • As a result of adding 2 more shots per Magazine, reload time for a full reload has slightly increased.

  • Added knockback and impulse to landed shots on enemies.




  • Players can now create Private Matches in Conclave via the Matchmaking option.  These matches are limited to Friends and Invite Only, and will provide no Affinity, Challenge progression, Standing or End of Mission rewards. Minimum player count, AFK timer and Forfeit Wins are also disabled in Private Matches.

  • Reduced the ammo pool of the Daikyu from 30 to 20 in Conclave.

  • Decreased the range of Limbo’s Cataclysm in Conclave.

  • The Grinloked Conclave Mod has been changed to 60% Accuracy when Aiming.

  • Reduced the ammo capacity for most Primary and Secondary weapons in Conclave.

  • Reduced range of Slash Dash in Conclave.

  • Conclave team selection now displays how many players are needed to start a match.

  • Increased the damage of Cernos in Conclave.

  • Conclave Mod 'Plan B' will no longer activate when killing Loki's Decoy.

  • Galatine, Scindo series, War, Fragor and Magistar damage increased in Conclave

  • Fixed Atlas's Rumblers attacking each other in Annihilation.

  • Nezha's Fire trail FX are no longer visible in PvP

  • Fixed Castanas not having a duration if they pass through Volt's Electric Shield in Conclave

  • The Conclave Double Tap Mod’s damage bonus has been reduced from 50% to 40%

  • The Conclave Triple Tap Mod’s condition has been changed from 3 hits to 2 hits and the damage bonus increased to 40%

  • Reduced the slam attack damage of heavy melee weapons in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of the Orthos Prime in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the MK1-Bo in Conclave.

  • Decreased the damage of the Tonbo in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of staff stances in Conclave.

  • Fixed an issue with public matches becoming private after a Host Migration.

  • Head hits that have no damage multiplier will no longer show yellow/large font numbers in Conclave.

  • Scythe, Machete, Fist and Tonfa melee weapons and Stances have had their damage increased in Conclave.

  • Knock down on quick melee slams have been enabled for Fist weapons only in Conclave (2m radius).

  • Sonicor AoE radius increased in Conclave.

  • Simulor series AoE radius and damage increased in Conclave.

  • Mk1-Braton damage has been increased in Conclave.

  • Braton Prime damage has been decreased in Conclave.

  • Soma series damage has been decreased in Conclave.

  • Sybaris damage has been increased in Conclave.

  • Strun series damage has been increased in Conclave.

  • Lowered the damage of Equinox’s Maim Ability in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the MK1-Strun in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the Boar series in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of one handed Swords and their Stances in Conclave.

  • Reduced the effectiveness of Excalibur’s passive in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage but increased the duration of Mirage’s Prism in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of Mirage’s clones in Conclave.

  • The Impenetrable Offense Conclave Mod has had its damage block reduced from 50% to 40%.

  • Increased Rifle and Pistol ammo obtained from ammo pickups in Conclave.

  • Increased the ammo pool of the Boar series in Conclave.

  • Increased the ammo pool of the Prisma Grakata in Conclave.

  • Increased the ammo pool of the Prisma Gorgon in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of the Rubico in Conclave.

  • Removed the headshot multiplier from the Penta series, Castanas series, Kulstar, Talons and Angstrum in Conclave.

  • Removed the Hard versions of the following Conclave Daily Challenges: Capture the Cephalon, Combo Kills, Headshot Kills, Multi-weapon Kills, Payback Kills.

  • New Conclave Mod: Air Thrusters - +100% Slide Boost while airborne, -0.2 Mobility

  • Increased the shields of most Warframes in Conclave.

  • Increased the Angstrum's initial projectile speed in Conclave.

  • Reduced the Angstrum's ammo pool in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the Daikyu in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of all Sniper Rifles apart from Vectis which increased, in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the Lex series in Conclave.

  • Increased the headshot multiplier of the Lex series in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of the Latron series in Conclave.

  • Reduced heavy melee weapon slam attack damage in Conclave.

  • Reduced one handed sword mid-air damage in Conclave.

  • The Penta series, Castanas series, Kulstar, Talons and Angstrum’s explosive damage no longer ignores cover in Conclave.

  • The Double Tap Mod can no longer be equipped with the Hydraulic Gauge Mod in Conclave.

  • Recruit Conditioning has been enabled for all players who are Rank 0-2 with the Conclave Syndicate:

    • Players who are Rank 0-2 will be matched together in matchmaking.

    • Effects from Rare mods are disabled in Recruit matches.

    • This option is turned on by default and can be turned off in the Conclave Liset Console if you want to join matches with Rank 3+ players.

    • The option is disabled and removed for players who are Rank 3+ with the Conclave Syndicate.

  • New Annihilation and Team Annihilation Conclave Map: Orokin Moon.

  • All Capture the Cephalon maps with the exception of Gasworks are now playable in Annihilation and Team Annihilation.

  • Mesa and Hydroid are now playable in Conclave.

  • The Akzani and Akjagara are now available for use in Conclave.

  • New Mods added to End of Mission Rewards for all game modes:

    • Rapid Consequence (Sniper) - On Kill, +50% reload speed for 3 seconds.

    • Static Alacrity (Staticor) - +50% Flight Speed, -50% Explosion Radius.

    • Thundermiter (Miter) - 100% chance Charged Projectiles explode, -50% fire rate.

    • Shrapnel Rounds (Marelok) - 200% Multishot, -66% Damage.

    • Ambush Optics (Rubico) - -50% Zoom

    • Brain Storm (Grakata) - On Head Shot, +100% Ammo Efficiency for 0.5 seconds.

    • Skull Shots (Viper) - On Head Shot, +100% Ammo Efficiency for 1 second.

  • New skins available for the following weapons from Teshin at Typhoon Rank:

    • Braton

    • Gorgon

    • Latron

    • Ack & Brunt

    • Dragon Nikana

    • Nikana

    • Skana

    • Dual Skana

    • Angstrum

    • Vasto

    • Dual Vasto

    • Viper

    • Twin Vipers

  • The following Mods and Augments are now available from Teshin:

    • Anti-Flak Plating - +40% resist to Blast damage, -0.1 Mobility

    • Power of Three - Ivara Quiver Conclave Augment - Quiver fires three arrows and consumes 20 more energy.

    • Ward Recovery - Nezha Warding Halo Conclave Augment -  50% of the casting cost returned based on how much protection is left.

    • Discharge Strike - Nekros Soul Punch Conclave Augment - Soul Punch also depletes up to 25 energy from the target.

    • Deceptive Bond - Loki Decoy Conclave Augment -  50% of damage Loki takes is transferred to Decoy, and vice versa.

    • Prism Guard - Mirage Prism Conclave Augment - Prism follows above Mirage for 4 seconds.

    • Antimatter Mine - Nova Antimatter Drop Conclave Augment - Creates a fully charged stationary orb that explodes after 6s or when an enemy gets within proximity.

    • Push & Pull - Equinox Metamorphosis Conclave Augment - Switching to Day-form staggers enemies within 6m and knocks them down when switching to Night-form.

    • Rumbled - Atlas Rumbler Conclave Augment - Atlas becomes a Rumbler with rock armor that can absorb up to 500 damage.

    • Mesa’s Waltz - Mesa Peacemaker Conclave Augment - Dodge roll while Peacemaker is active at the cost of 5 energy.

  • All Warframes now have an innate 4 second immunity to being staggered or knocked down after being staggered or knocked down in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of daggers and their Stances in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of Guiding Light Nikana attack in Conclave.

  • Removed staggers from all equipped melee slide attacks with the exception of Fist weapons in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the Grinlok in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of the Furis and Dex Furis in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of the Snipetron Vandal in Conclave.

  • Increased the ammo pool of Dual Grakatas in Conclave.

  • Removed bounce from Miter’s charged shot in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the Hind in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of the Strun Wraith in Conclave.

  • Increased AoE damage of the Penta, Castanas series, Talons and Kulstar in Conclave.

  • Increased the ammo pool of Penta series in Conclave.

  • Increased the lifetime of the Castanas series and Talons in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the Kulstar in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the Tonkor in Conclave.

  • Increased the ammo pool of the Tonkor in Conclave.

  • Tonkor projectile now has a max of two bounces before exploding on next impact in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage of the Angstrum in Conclave.

  • Increased the AoE of the Simulor series in Conclave.

  • Removed the Headshot damage multiplier from the Simulor series in Conclave.

  • Increase the range and damage of Ash’s Bladestorm in Conclave.

  • Increased the damage and decreased the health of Chroma's Effigy in Conclave.

  • Increased the range of Nova's Molecular Prime in Conclave.

  • Increased the range and damage of Loki's Radial Disarm in Conclave.

  • Increased the range of Frost’s Avalanche in Conclave.

  • Increased the duration of Vauban’s Vortex in Conclave.

  • Increased the range of Nezha’s Divine Spears in Conclave.

  • Increased the range of Volt’s Overload in Conclave.

  • Increased the range of Rhino’s Stomp in Conclave.

  • Range and damage increased of Saryn’s Miasma in Conclave.

  • Increased the range and lowered damage of Oberon’s Reckoning in Conclave.

  • Decreased the damage and range of Excalibur’s Slash Dash in Conclave.

  • Reduced the damage of Mirage’s Prism in Conclave.

  • You can no longer gain energy when Mirage’s Eclipse is active in Conclave.

  • Ivara’s Encumbered Arrow now has a 2m AoE and its duration increased to 5 seconds in Conclave.

  • Ivara’s Null Shield Arrow duration increased to 5 seconds in Conclave.

  • The Soaring Strike Mod is no longer usable with the Attica or Daikyu in Conclave.

  • The Deft Tempo Mod is no longer usable with Launcher weapons in Conclave.

  • Reduced the Standing cost of Void Key packs from Conclave Syndicate.

  • Reduced the Standing cost of Rank 1 Conclave Syndicate Mods.

  • Reduced the capacity cost of target marking Conclave Mods.

  • Reduced the capacity cost of faster movement-while-aiming Conclave Mods.

  • Reduced the capacity cost of damage bias Conclave Mods.

  • Reduced the capacity cost of quick holster/draw Conclave Mods and lowered from Rare to Uncommon.

  • Armored Acrobatics, Armored Evade and Armored Recovery Conclave Mods lowered from Rare to Uncommon.

  • Adept Surge Conclave Mod - health penalty has been increased from -20 to -25

  • Rising Skill Conclave Mod - Shield penalty has been increased from -25 to -30

  • Calculated Spring Conclave Mod - Health bonus has been increased from +20 to +25

  • Tempered Bound Conclave Mod - Shield bonus has been increased from +25 to +30

  • Anticipation Conclave Mod - immunity to being staggered or knocked down after being staggered or knocked down reduced to 4 seconds.

  • Secondary Wind Conclave Mod - Duration reduced to 5 seconds.

  • Reduced the minimum player count to start for all game modes.

  • Reduced the respawn timer for Capture the Cephalon to 10 seconds.

  • Reduced the respawn timer for Annihilation and Team Annihilation to 8 seconds.

  • You no longer automatically respawn after dying in Private/Friends only matches in Conclave.

  • All cosmetic only Sigils are now wearable in Conclave.

  • Players who drop the Cephalon in Capture the Cephalon must now wait 3 seconds before being able to pick it back up again.

  • Reduced the damage of MK-1 Furis in the Conclaves.

  • Reduced the damage of Gorgon series weapons in the Conclaves.

  • Reduced Mesa’s passive health from +50 to +30 when no melee weapon is equipped in Conclave.

  • Reduced the Flight Speed buff of Blind Shot and Lucky Shot Conclave mods from 60% to 40%.






Warframe’s chat UI has been given a complete overhaul, including new features and more intuitive settings for private conversations and player searching. We will continue to expand upon the chat UI in the coming updates. The following changes have been made to the chat UI:

  • Chat has received a visual reskin.

  • Tabs are now icons for default channels and text for private messages, separating chat channels from conversations you’re having with other players.

  • An Emojis tab has been added to the chat UI!  Share your feelings without words using Emoji’s you know and love, in addition to Warframe exclusive Emojis. Enjoy! :D

  • Emoji’s can also be auto-completed with the : command.

  • Emoji color settings has been added to the Chat Options menu.

  • Auto-complete player name functionality has been added.  This tab will open when typing @, and will only show players recently spoken to.

  • Chat channel notifications will now appear in the chat tab when a player’s name has been mentioned in a channel.  This effect will be brief for channels you are currently speaking in, but more prominent for channels you are not currently focused on.

  • Pressing up and down while in a chat channel will display previous messages you’ve sent.

  • Maximum character count in the Trade channel is 180.

  • A whisper button has been added to the player Profile screen.




Firstly, this is a sweeping change across the entire game! Please be conscious that some areas may appear overly or underlit. We will work to fix up any rough looking spots - feel free to send screenshots are way in bug threads throughout the appropriate subforums.

With Inaros, the sands of old have been swept away from U18 Warframe leaving behind a newer, more vibrant U18.5 Warframe. In many respects, 18.5 is a remastered, more HD version of Warframe with months of technical graphical improvements and artistic relighting of many parts of the game (and more to come in subsequent updates). On top of these changes are across the board rendering performance improvements we hope you'll enjoy, keep in mind that your particular hardware may benefit more and benefit less depending on your GPU, resolution and preferred graphics settings.

  • Lighting textures have been reengineered to reduce square compression artifacts and ugly color banding. You may have seen me point this out on past Devstreams.         

  • All PBR materials have been recompressed with a more accurate format, new and subtle details are visible on your PBR'd Warframes, gear and in the environment.             

  • Reflection Probes have been built through many areas of the game, grounding PBR materials with more accurate lighting.        

  • Character and weapon lighting includes more accurate 'dual specular' lighting which means metallic surfaces are more realistic and fancy looking.     

  • HDR rendering has been switched to a compact 32bit format which has improved HDR rendering performance for a wide range of GPUs.               

  • Tonemapping has been adjusted to use more of the range of lighting content in the game, images have more detail, particularly richer in the darks.       

  • Motion Blur and Depth of Field have been re-engineered to run faster and look better, fast moving and defocused objects no longer appear 'cut out' on their silhouettes.          

  • Draw order optimizations have been applied to every object in the game, which improves overall performance, particularly in worst-case scenarios.         

  • Atmospheric fog effects are now rendering in a separate lighting pass, allowing richer particle effects at distance without being 'erased' by atmosphere.              

  • Particle lighting has been improved to more accurately represent the local lighting environment.         

  • Wind force modelling on many particle systems increase realism as various environmental particles now respond to explosive forces and Warframe powers – you've also probably seen us showcase this in our most recent Devstream.         

  • Bloom system has been softened and made more seated in the scene. The burnt-out look is replaced with a more subtle and gentle sci-fi glow.         





The Orokin Moon tileset has been expanded to include new game modes. These additions include:

  • 20 new environmental tiles.

  • Defense, Capture, Rescue, and Warframe’s most difficult Spy Missions yet!

  • Overall improvements to older tileset rooms, including graphical and lighting adjustments.



Grineer and Corpus Ship Reactor Sabotage missions have been given a total overhaul, complete with diverse mission objectives and a new set of Sabotage-unique tiles. Reactor Sabotage 2.0 includes:


  • Interactive Mission objectives that will change depending on the squad playstyle.  These objectives will create unique environmental hazards and varying extraction goals depending on the squads choice.

  • 4 new Grineer tiles.

  • 4 new Corpus tiles.

  • Enemy Caches have been added to these missions, players have the option to find 3 in each mission! Finding all 3 can yield access to rewards like Nitain and pieces of the new XIPHOS Landing Craft.



Enemies in Interception Missions have been overhauled to help improve the flow of combat over the course of the Mission. These improvements include:

  • Superior objective finding and hacking agent selection.

  • Better player tracking and more intuitive movement to Squad location.

  • Enemies unable to hack (such as MOAs) will no longer move to engage hacking consoles.



The following changes have been made to Excavation Missions to help improve fluidity between each excavation:

  • Dig Site drop points have been optimized to enable players to constantly run into Dig Sites, instead of hunting for a new Site between each completed dig.

  • Areas with multiple Dig Sites will be more difficult to defend, should players decide to activate more than one Site at a time.

  • Dig Sites must be activated in order of being discovered.

  • Dig Sites will no longer immediately reappear in a location that was just recently excavated.

  • Power Cell carrying enemies should be more readily available before the first Dig Site is active.

  • Reduced the power gained from a Power Cell from 50 to 20.

  • Reduced initial power in deployed excavator from 50 to 20

  • Power Cells dropped far away from combat will now despawn, enabling new Power Cells to spawn closer to the player / Excavator.

  • Fixed an error causing power to drain from an Excavator while active.




  • Various improvement have been made to enemy spawning in Exterminate Missions, focusing on keeping a steady flow of enemies from the start of the Mission till reaching Extraction.

  • Sortie Transmissions will stop playing after the player has left the Star Chart menu.

  • Players will no longer receive Weapon Blueprints as a login reward for weapons that they have already mastered and sold.

  • Enabled Scavenger Drones, Sapping Ospreys, Leech Ospreys, Mine Ospreys, and Mutalist Osprey Carriers in the Simulacrum.

  • You can now jump through this: http://gfycat.com/CompetentDangerousHorseshoebat

  • The Mastery requirement has been removed from the Arsenal Console in Relays.

  • Ferrite has replace Alloy Plate as a Resource Drop in Void missions.

  • Increased the mass of Excavator Power Cells so that they don't roll around the map (and out of reach) as easily.

  • Enemies introduced on Operation Shadow Debt can now be scanned to reveal their Codex Entry. If you missed scanning any due to their swift death or otherwise, Acolytes will be introduced to the game outside of the event at a later date.

  • Game sessions can no longer be joined in-progress once an Acolyte Spawns. This prevents players from showing up late and missing out on the encounter entirely.

  • Added changes to reveal method of Acolyte Mod Drops to prevent stress on host-migration and matchmaking in the event of repeated mission aborts. Please note that now any Event Mod dropped by Acolytes will appear with the 'Rare' beacon and only be revealed at mission complete.

  • Changed the default Common/Uncommon/Rare drop rate system for Acolyte enemies to have a more equalized distribution of drops across the rarities. In doing so, the rate that Uncommon and Rare mods drop has been increased by double, and the rate at which Common mods drop has been reduced.

  • Added better exposure to Rare Mods on the End of Mission results screen so that Rare and Identified Mods always come first in the list.

  • Tweaked Audio on the Simulor.

  • Added a ‘Stalker’ category to Codex enemies.

  • Reduced the amount of Stalker VO taunts that could play during a Mission down to 3.

  • Many improvements have been made to melee parry animations to help make visual effects smoother.

  • The Daikyu can now begin to charge another shot immediately after releasing the first, like all other bows.

  • Directional damage indicators have been removed for Abilities, weapons or effects that do self-inflicted damage (Focus abilities, Nekros' Despoil, etc).

  • The Air Support Gear item will now display a specific description based on what Landing Craft the player has equipped.

  • A notification message will now display when attempting to enter a Mission in a locked region of the Star Chart.

  • Chesa Kubrow now instantly pick up dropped non-Mod items instead of bringing them back to the player.  Mods will be carried back to the player as normal.

  • Slightly adjusted the location of Despair when holstered.

  • When Limbo casts Rift Walk, it now takes your equipped Companion (Kubrow or Sentinel) in with you automatically.

  • We now turn Trilinear Filtering on by default for a number of PBR floor textures to improve visuals on min-spec machines.

  • The game now explains that you need to unlock Planet/Node first when clicking on a Sortie missions whose underlying node hasn't been unlocked yet.

  • Increased the base kill-affinity for the following units:

  • Arid Heavy Gunner Eximus

  • Bailiff Eximus

  • Corpus Tech Eximus

  • Corrupted Bombard Eximus

  • Corrupted Heavy Gunner Eximus

  • Frontier Heavy Gunner Eximus

  • Grineer Manic

  • Grineer Warden

  • Grineer Warden Eximus

  • Juggernaut Behemoth

  • Sensor Regulator Eximus

  • Corpus Warden

  • Corpus Warden Eximus

  • Drekar Manic Bombard

  • Manic Bombard Eximus

  • The above changes also reduced the required number of scans for Sensor Regulator Eximus from 20 to 3.

  • Removed 3 redundant drone types from the codex (there were manual entries for Infestation Attack Mutalist, Mutalist Lightning Carrier, and Mutalist Toxic Carrier that were no longer needed).

  • Removed all Focus related cooldowns and timers in the Simulacrum so players don't have to wait to test and experiment with Focus powers.

  • Hacking terminals in Sortie Spy Missions will no longer trigger alarms when failed, giving only the damaging shock to the player.

  • Ash now has new audio FX on Bladestorm’s finishing attacks.

  • Changes have been made to Exterminate mini-map enemy markers to always show the enemy furthest from the objective to prevent excessive backtracking.

  • Increased the Divine Will Razorback's trigger volume in the boss arena to activate when all players enter the room instead of just within the four pillars.

  • A message will now be shown to indicate when a G3/Zanuka/Stalker 'bait/mark' can not be used in a mission.

  • Changed the description and names of Baro's 'Mark' items to better indicate their purpose and usability. They are now called Beacons.

  • Slightly tweaked the 'Ship Lockdown' logic in Divine Will to only lockdown doors that are between the player that activated the lockdown and the boss arena rather than the whole ship.

  • The Rift and its interaction with hacking terminals has now been consistently applied to be not-hackable.

  • The final attack of Crimson Dervish’s Coiling Impale combo has been changed to deliver a Stun proc.

  • Players will now keep parts of their inventory when reconnecting to a Mission after having crashed or disconnected:

    • Clients can only recover their previous rewards as long as the Host is still in the Mission.

    • The Mission must still be in-progress and not completed for a Client to receive their rewards.

  • Players can now see Relay Instance available to them and how many slots are currently available.  This should help friends and clanmates better find each other when visiting Relays.

  • Void missions like Exterminate now start un-alert, allowing them to be stealthable. Enemies are un-alert until something happens (e.g they see you, you start the Mobile Defense task), which is now a temporary level-wide alert.

  • Exterminate Missions now require a players to earn a kill every 15 minutes.  A 20 second warning will be given before the end of the 15 minute period, at which point players that have not killed an enemy will automatically fail the Mission.  *Please note: This timer is cancelled when an Exterminate Objective has been completed, allowing players to roam a level for as long as they like!

  • Players will now auto-extract 20 seconds after killing the final enemy in Archwing Exterminate Missions, or upon reaching the Extraction zone.  Further adjustments to this may follow to help refine the timing of extraction.

  • A new ‘Hide Owned’ button has been added to the Syndicate Offerings menu

  • Grineer Flameblade has now been given a flaming blade!  To compensate for this lack of firepower we have given the Grineer Flameblade two flame axes. These attacks have a high chance to proc burning, which will hopefully make the Flameblade feel a little better.

  • Grineer Powerfists will now slam the ground before entering melee range, setting off an electric proc to disorient his target.  He is also really jealous of the Flameblade, but that’s life.

  • Players can now access the Quest Menu anywhere in the Landing Craft by accessing the Pause menu.

  • A search bar has been added to the Foundry!

  • A search bar has been added to Trading item sub-menus!

  • The Stalker will no longer appear to attack players wearing a Warframe under Rank 10.

  • The Stalker’s blueprint drop chance has been increased to 50%.

  • The minimap will now display directional markers on enemies to show where their focus is, including an awareness indicator to display if the enemy has been alerted to your presence..

  • The Quanta, Mutalist Quanta, and Volt have all been given a PBR update.

  • Various Dojo elements, Darvo’s banner, and ice elemental hazards have been given a PBR update.

  • Multiple Grineer and Corpus facilities and instruments have been given a PBR update.

  • Hunhow’s textures have been given a visual update.

  • Tenno Operators have been given a new level of detail on their facial expressions.

  • A small hint on when to use Focus powers will now play when picking up the Operator in the Second Dream Quest.

  • Increased the Audio FX volume of Madurai’s Focus blast.

  • Adjusted the audio FX on the Strun’s reload.

  • Ranking up at the end of a Mission or inside a Landing Craft will now play an appropriate sound.

  • Interrupting a charged weapon with a melee attack will no longer fire a weapon, and instead will cancel the charge.

  • Improved the quality of the HUD icons for Zenurik Systemic Override and Vazarin New Moon Focus abilities.

  • Squads can now join a Relay together, instead of being paired into separate instances.

  • Players will no longer be able to sell Quest-based items, or blueprints that will halt the progress of their Quest.

  • Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage will now display a preview of its AoE zone before being cast.

  • Scavenger Drones, Sapping Ospreys, Leech Ospreys, Mine Ospreys and Mutalist Osprey Carriers can now be spawned in the Simulacrum.

  • Players will now see their Squad’s Landing Crafts outside of the Liset when preparing for a Mission.

  • Players can now adjust their Matchmaking settings (ie.Public, Friends Only) while in a Squad.

  • Players can now disable some ‘tutorial’ VO designed to announce enemy types (ie- ‘We have Infested’).

  • Slightly adjusted the Ignis’ audio FX.

  • Updated Ogris visual impact and muzzle flash FX.

  • Penta explosions visual FX have been updated, and will now be based on the player’s energy color.

  • Players can now purchase up to 5 additional loadout slots from the ‘Loadout Options’ menu in the Arsenal.

  • Mastery Rank tests against enemy waves have been given a difficulty update.

  • Mastery Rank 5 test has had its hacking puzzles reordered in order of difficulty.

  • Grineer Ramparts will now play a unique overheat audio FX when the clip reaches zero.

  • Added stealth finishers for Machete, Polearm, Rapier, Staff, Sword, Sword & Shield, Tonfa, and Whip weapons when used against MOAs.

  • The Sonicor’s camera explosion shake will no longer affect other players in the Squad.

  • Kubrow have received various improvements to their movements and pathing to help make their speed, movement, and general navigation much smoother.

  • Kubrow should no longer become stuck under stairs when following a player.

  • Kubrow should now ‘duck’ when close to the player, reducing the chance that the Kubrow will block the player’s line of fire.

  • The Chesa Kubrow will now be more responsive when picking up multiple items in close proximity.

  • Clan Tier reduction has been disabled during Leaderboard events.

  • Void Exterminate Missions will now only activate a temporary alarm when the player is discovered, instead of a level-wide alert.

  • Atlas’s Landslide and Rhino’s Charge now have a 0.8x energy multiplier per successive hit.

  • Valkyr’s Ripline now has a 0.5x energy multiplier per successive hit.

  • Widespread improvements to the damage and critical stats of Hate, Reaper Prime and Ether Reaper have been made.

  • Players can now advertise XP locked items when setting up shop in Maroo’s Bazaar.

  • Adjusted the fog visual FX on Grineer Ocean tilesets.

  • Reduced the lensflare visual FX on Ember’s World on Fire.

  • Adjusted the audio FX of Landing Craft flybys, and warp-in booms.

  • Loot Crates obtained in the Orokin Moon tileset puzzle rooms will no longer play rare Loot Crate audio FX which mislead players.

  • Improved the lighting FX displaying on Squad ships seen outside the player’s Landing Craft.

  • Removed item drops from Mastery Rank 4 survival test.

  • Removed redundant Empty Relay Instances

  • Cleaned up Kubrow barks and breathing.

  • Chat is now enabled in 'Vendor Mode' in Maroo's Bazaar.

  • Loki will no longer be able to complete the Mastery Rank 10-11 test by Switch Teleporting to the end. (What a trickster!)

  • Tweaked lensflares on certain Warframe abilities to reduce brightness.

  • Improved mission intro sound in outdoor tilesets.

  • Optimized sky textures for better performance.

  • Reduced the brightness of Saryn’s idle animation lens flare.

  • Adjusted the Grineer Drone nullifier shields in the Law of Retribution to blue in order to make it easier to notice in the desert environment.

  • Reduced the damage of the Hyekka Master’s flamethrower.

  • Changed Shock Eximus auras to proc with Electric Damage instead of Magnetic. Now all 4 raw elements are represented in Eximus Units.

  • Players that are out of bounds in the Jordas Verdict Trial will now be teleported back in-bounds.

  • Added tracers to the Kohm projectile to better show spread.


  • Fixed some logic in enemy AI that would cause them to retreat into cover before moving forward into cover to get within range to attack.  Enemies should now have more courage when attacking, pressing forward more frequently in Defense, Mobile Defense, Excavation and Survival Missions.

  • Fixed an error causing Clients to end up with 50 base Armor after completing The Second Dream.

  • Fixed Corpus Osprey Drones not having the proper hitbox

  • Fixed Mag’s Bullet Attractor not properly drawing projectiles to hit its target.

  • Fixed an error causing Grineer Ramparts to ignore projectile attracting abilities such as Mag’s Bullet Attractor and Zephyr’s Turbulence

  • Fixed an error with enemy pathing on the Grineer Galleon’s tram.

  • Fixed the placement of a Grineer Rampart causing problems with enemy navigation on Grineer Settlement Defense tilesets.

  • Fixed enemies gathering near the corpses of dead players, making Survival Missions unintentionally difficult to complete.

  • Fixed players not properly being damaged when flying into the fire damage near the J-3 Jordas Golem’s fire vents.

  • Fixed players earning Standing in without any progress being made in a Mission.

  • Fixed the Extraction timer in Excavation Missions overlapping elements of the player’s UI.

  • Fixed several portions of the J-3 Jordas Golem’s third phase that were skippable due to holes in the surrounding terrain.

  • Fixed enemies affected by Nyx’s Mind Control taking less damage at the end

  • Fixed Void Key drops not properly matching what players at the end of a Mission.

  • Fixed an error causing the Gross Income player stat to roll over into negative numbers

  • Fixed some boss abilities ignoring Limbo’s Rift Walk

  • Fixed a visual FX issue that would occur with Excalibur’s Radial Javelin when used at max speed

  • Fixed the Stagger from Excalibur’s Slash Dash not properly taking the Anticipation Mod’s affect in Conclave.

  • Fixed Grineer Guardsmen not being able to properly attack Atlas` Tectonics rock wall.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to fire guns faster than intended when repeatedly meleeing in the air.

  • Fixed an issue where coupons would not immediately show up in the Market upon reception of a coupon as a login reward.

  • Fixed an issue where login rewards were not given to players.

  • Fixed Djinn's Fatal Attraction mesmerising targets that cannot target the player.

  • Fixed an issue with the Redeemer being 'fully automatic'.

  • Fixed cases where input filters being pushed/popped could break 'held' abilities. E.g. hitting escape, opening gear menu, viewing mission progress while using a hold ability would break the tap aspect of it.

  • Fixed a navigation issue preventing minimap markers from moving properly through upper and lower areas of the Corpus Gas City tileset.

  • Fixed the Karak Wraith Barrel improperly being named as the Strun Wraith Barrel.

  • Fixed improper visual FX occuring on enemy deaths

  • Fixed Ivara’s Cloak Arrow not attaching properly to its targets

  • Fixed several areas in the J-3 Jordas Golem Trial’s third phase where players could exit the tileset through holes in the terrain.

  • Fixed a door frame that was missing in Orokin Survival tilesets.

  • Fixed the positioning of Landing Craft in extraction to help reduce the clipping of various Landing Crafts.

  • Fixed Chroma's Vex Armor not properly functioning against high level Infested Nanite clouds.

  • Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram Ability not properly healing the player in Conclave’s Annihilation.  

  • Fixed an additional ‘00’ appearing in Ivara’s custom arrow HUD in Conclave.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies were able to spawn inside the Defense Cryopod

  • Fixed an issue where pixelated surfaces were invading people's games.

  • Fixed issues with Deluxe Skins preserving underlying collision from the default Warframe aesthetic.

  • Fixed an issue with Mesa's Peacemaker target range ring was barely visible.

  • Fixed an issue with the difficulty of Wendell: Phobos being too extreme

  • Fixed descriptions and typos across a variety of Market items.

  • Fixed Djinn's Fatal Attraction leaving enemies mesmerized permanently if the sentinel was killed while luring.

  • Fixed Djinn being unable to mesmerize enemies without guns (eg: melee-only units).

  • Fixed an issue with Radial Blur staying active on players after enemies who can cause blur are killed (Phorid, etc).

  • Fixed Radial Blind interrupting reloads.

  • Additional fixes to extreme difficulty and damage dealt by Lancers on Phobos Excavation missions, particularly Phobos Excavation Alerts.  

  • Fixed various typos.

  • Fixed a hole in the map in the Jordas Verdict where players could get knocked out of his tube network.

  • Fixed an issue where Acolyte Mod Drops were missing from the 'Last Mission Results' screen in your Landing Craft if you tried to re-view the screen.

  • Potential fix for Cephalon Suda Assassin Squads having particular spawns eating up drops that would have given a Specter Blueprint

  • Fixed an issue with Karak reload animations playing the wrong sound.

  • Fixed an issue with Cinematic sounds playing even after a cinematic is skipped.

  • Fixed an issue preventing enemies from getting up properly after being put into a ragdoll state.

  • Fixed Mods staying expanded when highlighted on the End of Mission screen, instead of collapsing when no longer focused.

  • Fixed an issue with players since Update 14 starting their game with -1 Loadout Slot.  When players in this situation ranked up at MR 2, they 'paid' to get out of their -1 Loadout Slot and we've owed them ever since.  Players may now find themselves with 1 more Loadout Slot they didn't have before.

  • Fixed Sortie rewards not properly displaying the current season for Clients.

  • Fixed an error preventing multiple visual triggers on proc-based Mods/Arcanes.

  • Fixed Limbo’s Rift visual FX that display on a target improperly displaying on a stealthed Loki.

  • Fixed an issue with High Noon’s combos not properly completing.

  • Fixed an error with the Redeemer that will prevent melee attacks after unequipping then re-equipping the weapon in combat.

  • Fixed objective markers not functioning properly in the Orokin Derelict tileset’s ‘fountain room’.

  • Fixed some enemies not being able to properly jump across gaps in the Orokin Derelict tileset.

  • Fixed an error that would cause Feral Kubrows to not properly spawn from Kubrow Dens after a player has joined mid-mission.

  • Fixed an error that would cause melee swing animations to rapidly repeat after switching to a melee weapon while air-slashing.

  • Fixed an issue preventing an automatic switch back to the originally equipped weapon when having a Power Cell consumed by an Extractor

  • Fixed auto-parry Mods causing the Warframe to parry while holding the Operator during the final stage of the Second Dream Quest.

  • Fixed Drahk Masters not properly being able to disarm players.

  • Fixed Excalibur’s Radial Blind animation improperly looping if interrupted by a knockdown, execution, Slash Dash, or Radial Javelin

  • Fixed enemies under the influence of Nyx’s Mind Control taking less damage at the end then they would take outside of it

  • Fixed the MK1-Kunai alerting enemies instead of being Silent.

  • Fixed the Stug displaying the incorrect trigger type in the Arsenal as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/568459-u18-bug-report-megathread/page-36#entry6699873

  • Fixed a bug where the Power Drift Mod was not working as intended as per:  https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/596954-power-drifts-resist-knowckdown-not-working/

  • Fixed Banshee’s Sound Quake audio FX still playing after a Host Migration occurs.

  • Fixed Limbo being able to attack enemies with the Simulor while within the Rift.

  • Fixed an area where players can go out of bounds on the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.

  • Fixed enemies killed via freezing entering a T-pose on death.

  • Fixed Saryn’s Orphid Skin not properly displaying in the Conclave lobby diorama.

  • Fixed an error in Wyrmius’ loading screen causing an oversized Liset to appear instead of a Wyrm.

  • Fixed the Commanding Words Focus Ability not properly displaying an aura around the Operator when active.

  • Fixed Interception ring visual FX showing as below the ground or underneath terrain on the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.

  • Fixed players being unable to use their thrown melee weapons from ziplines.

  • Fixed desert skates not properly shooting at enemy NPCs or players.

  • Fixed objective markers not properly pointing down the vertical shaft at the start of some Missions on the Grineer Settlement tileset.

  • Fixed an improper trigger finger animation appearing on players with the Sonicor equipped, but not in use.

  • Fixed electrified water during the second phase of the Lephantis fight damaging Limbo while in The Rift.

  • Fixed a potential issue causing pickups to become stuck to the Carrier Sentinel as a Host.

  • Fixed Loki’s Decoy doing being able to do excessive damage when disarmed in a Clan Dojo, when two Loki’s are dueling.

  • Fixed players being able to play Missions that were previously locked by selecting the Mission ‘underneath’ the Sortie option on the Star Chart.

  • Fixed an issue causing crouch, slide and other hip fire animation poses to quickly switch sides when firing.

  • Fixed an issue with some projectile FX not functioning properly on NPC death.

  • Fixed the Aseron Sekhara Nightmare Badge not properly flipping directions on either shoulder.

  • Fixed Radial Javelin not functioning against enemies that have been impaled on Nezha’s Divine Spear.

  • Fixed Ivara’s Dashwire Arrow allowing players to escape underwater with Archwing, getting stuck outside of water on the Grineer Underwater Sealab Tileset.

  • Fixed the Sniper rifle combo multiplier not working properly on the Lanka.

  • Fixed Quanta cubes being explodable twice for Hosts.

  • Fixed the Buzlok’s projectiles not properly homing in to hit enemies.

  • Fixed the Infested Quanta’s audio FX not playing properly.

  • Fixed the 50 R5 Fusion Core Sortie Reward displaying as having given 25 in the EoM screen, even though it has actually provided 50.

  • Fixed the Glaive Prime not properly displaying the Day of the Dead skin.

  • Fixed Loki’s Knave Skin not having the proper offset for thrown weapons.

  • Fixed issues with Saryn's Model clipping with a variety of attachments.

  • Fixed the Spira’s holsters not having the proper positioning on some Warframes.

  • Fixed a hole in the terrain that allowed players to exit the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.

  • Fixed a hole in the terrain that allowed players to go out of bounds on the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.

  • Fixed Fatal Attraction issue that could allow mesmerized enemies to fire at you

  • Fix for crash caused by Chesa pickups

  • Fixed dual secondary animations getting slowed after using AoE abilities

  • Rescued stranded Corpus units that had been left at Ker and Albedo nodes (Corpus enemies on Grineer nodes).

  • Fixed an issue where players would become stuck after a combination of wall-clinging, jumping, and meleeing.

  • Fixed an issue where Arcane enhancement descriptions were using improper text.

  • Fixed Phobos Excavation mission using Frontier Grineer instead of Arid.

  • Fixed broken Eximus variations for Corrupted Butcher, Heavy Gunner and Drakar Heavy Gunner preventing them from ever spawning.

  • Fixed an error causing Vauban’s Bastille to continue indefinitely if the ability was active before Vauban revived.

  • Fixed the Stug occasionally firing in the wrong direction, too far off to the side.

  • Fixed Focus Ability cooldowns being reset on Host Migration.

  • Fixed some instances where using a zipline would take a greater priority over using other context actions such as reviving a player.

  • Fixed an error in Nezha’s Warding Halo description that caused the ‘bonus shield’ amount to not display, even though it was still being applied.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause login rewards to be lost by players whose game closed immediately after logging in.

  • Fixed several Mods showing duration to multiple decimal places.

  • Fixed the End of Mission screen not properly displaying the correct Focus Daily limit.

  • Fixed daily Focus limit tracking being lost after a Host Migration.

  • Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow not properly getting buffs from Rifle Mods.

  • Fixed the Lanka’s combo meter not properly updating when an enemy is slain.

  • Fixed Nunchaku weapons not hitting the enemy until the second attack.

  • Fixed an error that would cause the Options menu to ask players to confirm changes, even when no changes have been made.

  • Fixed a ‘Node Locked’ message appearing when clicking on a completed Sortie Mission.

  • Fixed Infested enemies still being able to use their passive auras in Limbo’s Rift.

  • Fixed equipping a Specter causing a large hitch when ‘double-clicked’ into the gear wheel.

  • Fixed Clients not seeing other Clients Glaive weapon when thrown.

  • Fixed an extended delay that occurs with the Ogris when attempting to fire the weapon after cancelling a charged shot.

  • Fixed the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key displaying an incorrect description in the Foundry.

  • Fixed an additional revive marker appearing after an ally has been revived while irradiation.

  • Fixed issues with players escaping the level in the Jordas Verdict trial.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when returning to your Landing Craft.

  • Fixed the second stage of the Law of Retribution failing if the Squad has less than four players.  The Law of Retribution will no longer allow players to continue with less than the required Squad size.

  • Fixed an error that caused Clients to not earn standing in Conclave depending on how they entered a session.

  • Fixed Sentinels teleporting around when players get close to an out-of-bounds area of the map.

  • Fixed the Defense objective in Sortie Defense Missions being teleported to a side room on the Grineer Asteroid tileset, preventing the Mission from being completed as per:


  • Fixed extraction rooms in Missions not having proper lighting FX.

  • Fixed Sortie rewards not being highlighted if you had earned it on the previous day.

  • Fixed Volt Prime becoming jet black when equipped with the Volt Immortal Skin.

  • Fixed Clan vaults only being able to display Credit values of 2,147,483,648 or less.

  • Fixed the Hyena L2 and Hyena LG showing duplicate entries in the Codex.

  • Fixed an error caused by running Warframe in Ukrainian preventing players from launching Missions.

  • Fixed the Orokin Moon tileset have improperly lit light fixtures in some treasure rooms.

  • Fixed Nezha’s secondary weapon floating out of hand when in his Noble Animation idle.

  • Fixed the Liset not being properly colored when using the default color palette.  

  • Fixed Ivara’s Navigator Ability causing arrows shot by her Artemis Bow to fly off course.

  • Fixed hazards created by destroyed Infested Hives still hitting players in Limbo’s Rift.

  • Fixed Banshee’s Sonar Resonance Augment not properly functioning when an enemy is ragdolled during the killing blow.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to be unable to see each other in Relays.

  • Fixed Chroma’s Elemental Ward not functioning when the Cold element is used.

  • Fixed security sensors not properly functioning in the first stage of the Second Dream Quest.

  • Fixed a pair of ramps in the Grineer Galleon tileset that would appear as completely black.

  • Fixed the Arachne Arcane not producing a HUD icon when proccing.

  • Fixed an ancient bug that prevented Shock Eximus auras from having any effect.

  • Fixed players being able to control other player's ship flaps during the loading screen.

  • Fixed a permanent ‘Please Wait’ message appearing when backing out of the Conclave Arsenal back to the Conclave Game Mode Terminal in the Landing Craft.

  • Fixed some cinematic sound FX continuing to play when skipping cinematic cutscenes.

  • Fixed Clients being unable to switch out of a Synthesis Scanner when they only have a secondary weapon equipped in a Mission.

  • Fixed an error causing extraction to trigger early in Archwing when the first Cache is found before the main objective of The Archwing Quest.

  • Fixed fan shadow FX in Grineer Galleons disappearing when not watched for several seconds.

  • Fixed some cracks in the Grineer Galleon’s walls that would allow players to see out of the tileset.

  • Fixed a slightly out of place skybox that was poking through terrain in the Grineer Settlement tileset.

  • Fixed an invisible barrier preventing players from fully exploring the ‘cave hangar’ portion of the Corpus Outpost tileset.

  • Fixed Ivara’s Dashwire causing players to fall out of the level when used to walk into an area that would normally teleport the player in-bounds.

  • Fixed some issues with VO not playing properly in The Archwing Quest.

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when rushing an Archwing Blueprint in The Archwing Quest.

  • Fixed Wukong’s Iron Staff animations breaking if a player uses their melee attack on a Nullifier.

  • Fixed Kubrow appearing as recovering in the Arsenal after rushing a Kubrow from Stasis.

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from respawning in the Simulacrum if they die, forcing them to restart the game.

  • Fixed Infested Brood Mothers not doing any damage with their melee attacks.

  • Fixed Missions showing a Kubrow as ‘Expired’ after putting a Kubrow in stasis without equipping another companion.

  • Fixed Atlas’ Landslide not functioning on enemies impaled by Nezha’s Divine Spears.

  • Fixed Loki being able to get stuck between invisible walls on the Orokin Moon tilesets debris after using Switch Teleport.

  • Fixed Wall Cling not properly stopping all momentum when used as a Client.

  • Fixed enemies improperly ragdolling when impaled by Nezha's Divine Spears.

  • Fixed some Interception Missions only spawning 2-4 enemies for Missions that are active with only 1-2 players.

  • Fixed Mobile Defense terminals displaying a ‘Release Lockdown’ context action when there is no actual lockdown.

  • Fixed hacking terminals becoming unhackable if the Stalker teleports a player mid-using the terminal.

  • Fixed toggled Abilities preventing energy drain effects from Leech Eximus enemies.

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when switching audio devices.

  • Fixed sale icons not properly appearing on items in the Relay Arsenal.

  • Fixed some instances of your Companion or Companion’s weapon not appearing in the End of Mission results screen.

  • Fixed some boss abilities still being able to hit Limbo when in the Rift via Rift Walk.

  • Fixed the Vectis Prime not displaying any hit FX.

  • Fixed beam weapons playing excessive audio FX when coming in contact with some surfaces or being parried.

  • Fixed Codex and Synthesis Scanner audio FX playing for entire squad, instead of just for the player using the Scanner.

  • Fixed Landing Craft skins not properly displaying the correct skin after highlighting a not-purchased skin in the Customize Landing Craft menu before starting a Mission.

  • Fixed players being able to see a portion of the skybox when inside their Landing Craft.

  • Fixed Mesa’s Specter / Infested Mesa not being able to cast Peacemaker.

  • Fixed Wyrmius’ key bindings not being properly set until after the first time the player had revived.

  • Fixed Excavators disappearing for a brief moment after falling from the sky.

  • Fixed Dojo room messages not properly appearing for Clients.

  • Fixed an issue where picking up an item while using Ivara’s Artemis Bow would cause the player to be unable to drop the object, or have it disappear forever.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Snipetron to skip reload animations.

  • Fixed the Adhesive Blast Mod causing Penta weapons to detonate after a certain amount of time.

  • Fixed Kubrow and the Diriga attacking enemies after a stealth kill.  They will now wait for a target to be ‘alerted’ before choosing to attack.

  • Fixed an error allowing High Noon’s Final Showdown combo to loop indefinitely.

  • Fixed Glaive holster animations not properly playing if a player uses a terminal after a charged throw.

  • Fixed Omega Isotopes appearing as common resources.

  • Fixed the Atomos causing Mag’s Bullet Attractor bubble to turn black when hit.

  • Fixed multiple enemies hitting twice with one melee attack, instead of only hitting one.

  • Fixed Clients not being able to properly hear Grineer Manic audio FX.

  • Fixed Void Laser Plates having no Codex entry.

  • Fixed an issue enabling players to exceed the Mod capacity of their Warframe.

  • Fixed the Grineer Galleon Defense tileset showing out of place environment decorations.

  • Fixed the Grineer Galleon Defense tileset missing a minimap.

  • Fixed secondary weapons not properly displaying a flashlight.

  • Fixed an error causing Trinity’s Energy Vampire to potentially instant kill bosses.

  • Fixed the Ninkondi disappearing from the player’s hands when pulled and dragged.

  • Fixed the Sensor Regulator Eximus not properly showing next to his thrusters in the Codex

  • Fixed players necks turning in the wrong direction while running with a charged weapon.

  • Fixed the Grakata, Prisma Grakata, and Embolist improperly using the Ignis’ reload animation.

  • Fixed an issue with Equinox’s visual Ability FX lingering for too long.

  • Fixed Vay Hek’s radial explosion FX when landing in Terra form displaying at the wrong axis.

  • Fixed some choke points in various tilesets where MOAs would get stuck.

  • Fixed an issue causing tutorial Transmissions to be played in the Landing Craft even when disabled in the audio options.

  • Fixed Clients not being able to migrate to their own lobby when disconnected from a Host while in their Landing Craft.

  • Fixed a portion of the Void Exterminate tileset where players could exit the map.

  • Fixed Mods sometimes not properly applying when equipped.

  • Fixed the Clan treasury not properly updating after a trade when Trade Tax is enabled.

  • Fixed some Dark Sector Missions having duplicate +% bonuses, instead of two bonuses for separate weapon types.

  • Fixed Mastery Tests 1,2 3, and 7 not spawning enemies.

  • Fixed an issue causing gamepad button notifications to be missing in Tutorial Missions.

  • Fixed enemies not properly spawning in Wyrmius from the login screen.

  • Fixed Wyrmius’ Osprey enemies vibrating when attempting to move.

  • Fixed turrets in Wyrmius getting stuck in the ceiling on spawn.

  • Fixed turrets in Wyrmius not firing properly.

  • Fixed the Login button not functioning properly when accessed with a controller or gamepad.

  • Fixed an error that would occur when viewing Ability stats.

  • Fixed Chesa Kubrow getting stuck when trying to pick up unreachable items.

  • Fixed Chesa Kubrow becoming stuck when trying to attack a crate it can’t reach.

  • Fixed Nullifier Bubbles not properly deactivating abilities for Clients.

  • Fixed Warframes with ‘alternate weapon’ ultimates (i.e. Valkyr, Excalibur, etc) not properly earning Focus when using these Warframe-specific weapons.

  • Fixed Warframes not properly earning Focus from kills earned from NPC’s summoned by Warframe powers (i.e. Rumblers, Shadows of the Dead, etc).

  • Fixed an error allowing players to improperly wall jump off certain items.

  • Fixed an error causing sniper rifle scope damage modifiers to be applied twice.

  • Fixed an error allowing players to access Dojo rooms that had not had their required contributions met.

  • Fixed a hole in the terrain in the Corpus Outpost tileset in Excavation Missions.

  • Fixed Excavation Power Cell carriers not properly dropping Power Cells when killed in melee.

  • Fixed multiple Syandanas not sitting properly on Loki Prime when wearing the Knave skin.

  • Fixed the Misa Prime Syandana floating too far off multiple Warframes.

  • Fixed the left Edo and Left Prisma Edo Shoulder Plate clipping through Mag Prime’s shoulder.

  • Fixed Pakal armor accessories sitting improperly on Excalibur when wearing the Proto-Armor skin.

  • Fixed Ivara’s agile unarmed idle animation clipping through her hood.

  • Fixed both Nova animation sets using the same picture.

  • Fixed the Focus Booster HUD notification improperly blinking multiple times when activated.

  • Fixed a visual issue causing Heavy Gunners bodies to turn completely black.

  • Fixed various terrain and lighting issues in the Orokin Halls Conclave Map.

  • Fixed the ‘Loadout’ button being barely visible in the Conclave Lobby.

  • Fixed the Body Count Mod adding excessive time to Wukong’s melee combo counter due to his passive.

  • Fixed the Cephalon in Capture the Cephalon clipping into the floor when dropped.

  • Fixed blast door closing audio FX not properly playing.

  • Fixed a water splash visual FX not playing properly.

  • Fixed a lighting issue that would cause doorways to turn black.

  • Fixed the Garden Arch, Dokomo Bell, Jakari Bell, Katsuen Bell, and Nishan Bell not displaying properly in the Dojo.

  • Fixed some animation issues in Sargas Ruk’s firing FX.

  • Fixed Dojo Room messages showing an inappropriate texture in the background.

  • Fixed chat autocomplete not properly recognizing emotes.

  • Fixed clouds appearing as squares in the Corpus Gas City tileset.

  • Fixed a progression stopped at the end of the Second Dream Quest.

  • Fixed some improper visual FX appearing on Grineer Derelict tilesets.

  • Fixed tab cycling not working with the pause menu open.

  • Fixed Ash's Teleport not staggering enemies.

  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Jordas Verdict Trial where Esophages wouldn't work.

  • Fixed an issue with The Archwing Quest not being completable for players, specifically players being unable to start the Balor Fomorian mission..

  • Fixed overzealous checks in cache verify that would misdiganose corruption in data that was perfectly fine.

  • Fixed regression in sound code causing performance issues.

  • Fixed issues with certain weapons / powers causing ragdoll issues.

  • Fixed Bursa MOAs not properly reporting their kills as belonging to a player in challenges after they’ve been hacked.

  • Fixed a memory leak that would occur with Clan and Alliance emblems in Relays.

  • Fixed an issue causing players to be automatically logged out during the End of Mission screen, causing them to lose their Mission’s inventory.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to equip non-conclave weapons in conclave mode.

  • Fixed an issue with Loadout Slot unlocks for PvE being accessible in the Conclave Arsenal.

  • Fixed a bug causing all fusion cores in mission rewards to be labelled “new”.

  • Fixed error where randomizing your Kubrow’s appearance could result in unnatural fur colours.

  • Fixed Bursa spawning mechanics to prevent unlimited spawns in missions where alarms could not be disabled.

  • Fixed a bug causing Liset turrets to be destroyed after a host migration.

  • Fixed an error preventing Nightmare mods being received from Sabotage Nightmare Missions.

  • Fixed an issue where players could cause issues in the arsenal if they opened the loadout menu while browsing a specific item in a category.

  • Fixed issues with the Draco elevator, we now teleport players to the top of the elevator in the event they fall through.

  • Fixed audio-related performance degradation: audio/reverb-related glitches and framerate hitching has been fixed.

  • Fixed massive framerate issues that could occur in tilesets with zip-lines.

  • Fixed the ‘Buy Capacity’ button on Focus trees being clickable after unlocking a skill Way, and displaying the wrong Focus amount needed to buy more capacity.

  • Fixed massive Performance problems that could occur in missions with ziplines.

  • Fixed Saryn Prime turning completely green when casting Miasma.

  • Fixed certain Warframes showing incorrect FX when Channeling with the Mastery Sigil.

  • Fixed Sensor Bar doors showing near-invisible Magnetic fields.

  • Fixed Limbo being hurt by environmental Lightning while in the Rift.

  • Fixed the Supra appearing completely black.

  • Fixed weird positioning of Staff Melee weapons on Atlas.

  • Possible fix for Sprag and Ven’kra Tel not dropping the Void Key during their boss fight. Please let us know if this issue remains!

  • Fixed projectiles creating a Hit FX when shot through Volt’s Electric Shield.

  • Fixed Anti-Flak Plating Conclave Mod not being purchasable from Teshin.

  • Fixed the Ballistica's projectile trail not using selected energy color.

  • Fixed Equinox turning all white when using Metamorphosis to switch from Day to Night form.

  • Fixed crash caused by giving your Secondary weapon to a Rescue Target and then taking it away.

  • Fixed some unusual movement that would occur for players when interacting with ziplines.

  • Fixed clients seeing players facing the incorrect direction when on a zipline.

  • Fixed Grineer hacking puzzles missing their audio FX.

  • Fixed the Simulor’s orbs not consistently fusing together when used with Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors.

  • Fixed players receiving experience for killing Wardens in the simulacrum.

  • Fixed an error when exiting the Mod section of the Codex not bringing players to the proper menu.

  • Fixed a memory leak occurring in Relays.

  • Fixed an issue causing Clan names to not properly display over players in Relays.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Defense console to shift positioning in Mobile Defense Missions, preventing completion.

  • Fixed the Rank 1 Mastery Test forcing players to use their secondary weapon instead of a primary.

  • Fixed players chat windows not properly remembering their settings when moving between the Landing Craft, Relay, and Missions.

  • Fixed Squad information not properly displaying after a Host Migration or failed Host Migration.

  • Fixed arc trap visual FX being difficult to see.

  • Fixed some graphics options not saving when re-entering the game.



Hotfix April 13th:

-Sending a message in chat is now registered to the Square button and can be done regardless of where you are in the chat window. This fixes not being able to send messages when the user list window was open.
-The Emoji button is now registered to R2 and the alphabet grid to R3.
-Fixed Recent Players list always being in random order.
-Added exit callout to Vessel diorama
-Fixed bug allowing contributions from guild vault beyond what was available
-Reverted a change to Simulor orb stacking that was causing some issues


Hotfix April 15th:

- Fix for unredeemable login rewards
- Fix for Sortie missions not checking requirements until end of mission countdown

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3 minutes ago, (PS4)Loki1211 said:

Can't you just push the options button on the warframe icon and select "check for update"?

Yup, it works that way. Bare in mind that "Automatic download and uploads of games" may be disabled on the PS4 settings if the download does not start automatically.

2 minutes ago, (PS4)Avod101 said:

I may have missed it, but is the Azima alt-fire fixed? 

It was fixed with this update.

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Just now, (PS4)KwietStorm said:

I couldn't care less. Those event mods are what I've been waiting for the most. We haven't had in event in many months. And I need those for my Dex Sybaris.

You can wait a bit longer. Obviously, you find going long expanses without an event to be a problem, so they're stretching content out over the course of this update so that there won't be such a long period of nothing before we get our next update.

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1 minute ago, (PS4)KwietStorm said:

I couldn't care less. Those event mods are what I've been waiting for the most. We haven't had in event in many months. And I need those for my Dex Sybaris.

Then wait, some of us want to be able to manage our time well on Warframe.
I want Inaros, and the Dex weapons, so I lucked out. As for the event, it is time limited, so I will be able now to plan my schedule ahead of time, like many other players, and be able to be on when the event is happening and get a head start on it. If it happened the day of, then today I would be incapable of doing it and planning my schedule. DE favors the majority and logical ideas. To cram it all in on one day would be unfortunate and we'd miss many things

I'm sorry your priority was delayed but it had to happen to something.

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