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FPS issues since a little before 18.5

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I've been getting what seem to be random FPS drops since an update or so before 18.5.  I thought it might have been me using my power Strength Nekros but the drops occur even without him and I've run into them against every faction.  With V-sync on (which it always is for me since having it off breaks syndanas) I generally have a smooth 60 fps but randomly it'll drop to 55, 50, 45 and I've even had quick drops to sub 30. It never stays below 30 but if a lot of stuff happens it might stay in the mid 50's.  I've actually found a couple repeatable FPS drops, one of them is simply in the menu. If I press escape to bring up the menu and move my mouse up and down my FPS will randomly drop to between 57 and 50 for a second or two and then go back up to 60 for a few seconds and then drop back down again. The other is activating the foundry, market, changing loadouts etc, give me a quick fps drop to around 45.   I do have a sweetFX applied but I had one prior to the update in question without any issues (in fact it was a fancier one, I downgraded in hopes of fixing the issue) and I have turned it off and that does not fix the issue.


My Specs:

Windows 10 pro 64-bit 

Intel i7 4770k

GeForce GTX 770


and Warframe is installed on my SSD

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