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Hotfix 18.8.1

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On 2016/4/11 at 4:43 AM, Shadow3274 said:

I agree hyekka are stonger than corrupted bombards, if someone really ask for the video ill try to post it but for now i'm just going to say that my Rhino with an Iron Skin of 8800 Hitpoint lose 61% of its Hitpoint heath with a Hyekka lvl 125 so it takes 3 attacks from a hyekka to kill me. I wonder if you could have provided your build cause getting one shot by a hyekka lvl 50 is hard to believe.

I used maxed redirection, maxed transient fortitude so it's 155 power strength, 1110 shield and 300 health.

I have (2925.36 ferrite + 300 alloy) base on 275 armor, plus 1110 shield.

So it did hit more than 7000 damage. I wonder if it bypasses armor since it's first hit instance bypass shield.

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