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Energy Drain eximus should have special effect

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Eximus that drain energy from Warframes, should have special effect, something like trinity LINK. The line that show us where is that Exmius which drain from us energy, and we could easier know when!

I just hate that some times I try to do abiliity and not enough energy, HOW?! then look and see oh 0 or 12 energy and its getting lower in seconds -_-. And I hate to search for them. It should be much easier to see which enemy is draining energy from us.

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I agree, in huge fights the energy leech is the thing that usually gets your team killed (e.g trin cant bless, mirage cant blind, ember cant wof). It should be really clear which enemy is causing the drain - obviously you dont get the energy back once you kill them so it isnt like pointing them out makes it too easy, but having one enemy in a huge group of mostly identical ones feels a bit unfair when they put out such a major debuff.

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