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Lumped Together Mosh-Pit of Ideas I've had for too Long


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Important Tool For Idea Display to Outside-of-Warframe Communities.



(Crafted over several hours circa 10/6/2017, sorry ladies and gents, been a fool)

 1. EternalDrk Mako of (To Many Places To Recount Here) In the form of Binos (👇🏻), Baseline Feynman, Conatus,                                                                                               Juha and Shidan,  "Grem Venusian Operation", Chemgoz, Hekatom, Picead (Outline),

 2. BURNINGTITANIUM226 of "Lay-Z' Art's Concept, Fan Art, and stuffs " in the form of Exalted Feynman Skin+ Alternate Helm,

 3. Sketch065 of "My 3D gallery" in the form of "Krancor Prototype Sketching",

 4. Reaar of "I think... It's ... art?" in the form of the directly inspired "Loxodont AI tank ",  "Broadside", "T.H.E.R.I./T.Y.R.A.N. Variant"

 5. Anavi Ivy of "Anavi-Ivy's art blog" and "Anavi_Ivy's Art Archive" in the form of the "Grineer Headhunter Fan Concept",

 6. evergreenmind of "Mistress Asimina (Art Gallery)" in the form of "I've already taken care a that", 

 7. Fluffywolf36 of "Fluffy's warframe concepts" in the form of "GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Trokar Handcannon, by Unus (Grineer)", Picead (Colored Detailing), 

 8. Ammisro of Dark Sector 2 - Fan Concept [18/07/2018] in the form of "Spatali",

 9. Huginthecrow of "STRENGTH TO THE GRINEER! Best faction additions/concepts, Grineer reinforcements; lots of units, weapons; lore and pictures; [NEW: Grineer reinforcements 2] [SOONtm: Kuva Inner Sanctum, Grineer Noble houses]" in the form of "Sphereophilia", Deimos Savage, Deimos Savage Handler, Deimos Ravager, Deimos Hussar, Deimos Arbalest, Deimos Ultra, Deimos Escuchon (All are in the Deimos Savage link), Deimos Patrolman/Commissar, Kwos Master/Kwos, Dotter Ballista, Dotter Feral Hulk, Dotter Tamed Hulk, Dotter Gun Hulk, Dotter Fire Keeper (All are in the Dotter Ballista link), 

10. Almighty_Jado of "The Legion of Tau" in the form of "cataclysma_archgun_",

11. Scharkie1333 of https://twitter.com/Scharkie1333 in the form of https://imgur.com/FmegDed

Post 1

Okay, so, after a significant amount of time having these ideas churning about inside my head, I figured I might as well finally try to share them with at least someone out here in the community while also blowing them all in one single thread so I don't spread them all over the forums and pollute other threads with em. In addition, rather then spew everything in a single go and prevent a wall of text the likes of which have only been seen in the darkest depths of the Internet, I'll post em one at a time to try to see if A) there's any interest in my thoughts, and/or B) prevent eyestrain.

Weapon Designation: Gunblade

Name Designation: Binos



Manufacturer: Lucsor Forge, as indicated by the prominent designer label that would be stamped onto the weapon's upper frame with the top of the L and the F acting as part of the simple sights it has..

Statistical Breakdown:

Damage Type: 60-15/45-30/30-45/15-60 Fire/Ice (In it's basic state, the weapon does a mixture of cryo and slash damage both from it's bayonet CQB-styled attacks and it's pin-point accurate point-and-shoot blast. As the weapon is fired however, the cryo damage is steadily replaced by heat damage until, after at least 4-8 (decided by game-mechanics better then I) shots, the weapon is a full-fledged fire/slash weapon. Melee attacks on soft targets discharge the heat of the weapon into foes and gradually cool the blade back down to full-fledged cryo status.

Slide Attack= 140

Jump Attack= 200

Wall Attack= 105.0

Attack Speed= 0.89

Critical Chance= 5.0%

Critical Damage= 2.0X

"P.R.O.C." Chance= 20%

Channel Damage= 1.5

Target Number= 1

Mastery Rank Requisite= 5

Polarity= None

Stance= Madurai




Aesthetically speaking, the Binos derives much of it's design from the Detron with a blocky almost cutlass-like handle with a beaver-tail trigger on the inside. In addition, two chambers sit revolver-style on the inside of the weapon which are (regardless of player color choice) always tinted at least some form of white when idle and some form of orange when in a heated state. These "chambers" are extremely powerful quick-charge (The beam only lasts a moment, but, in that moment, the beam has struck the target multiple times in an extremely quick manner) cryogenic lasers which will reorient themselves to opposite sides in order to become a powerful thermal laser upon reaching maximum heat gain. Extending along the bottom of the rather large twin barreled snout is a fixed bayonet blade that seems more like a butchers blade. The blade has a long set of vents located towards the blade-tip which either smolder with steam in their heated state or drip with bits of frost in a cool state.

"Basic" Description: The original incarnation of the current weapon was simply a metallurgical tool used in Lucsor's innovative "Synthetic Developments Department" for the sake of cutting and quenching the myriad components used in the frames of larger scale proxies. After a botched raid by a rather large Grineer force under the command of a rabid Grinner Transcendentalist named Dol Bal (a mad advocate for the Grineer's ascendancy onto a purely technological plane of existence) was fended off by local workers who utilized the tool as a make-shift weapon, Lucsor repurposed the tool into an "industrial defense" marketed weapon ("WORKER MULTITASKING! WHO NEEDS TO EVACUATE PERSONAL WHEN EVERY MAN WORTH HIS CREDITS CAN PROMPTLY SWITCH TO DEFENDING COMPANY ASSETS WITH THEIR LIVES" Screech the corporation to corporation advertising team) and even elevated several of their employees to "Exemplar Profiticion (essentially heavily advertised "Be Like Lei Feng" style celebrities)



Phew, finally, three months with that idea floating around and nowhere to put it, make of it what you will.

Addendum Circa 8/14/2016:

To facilitate the actual ability to read my works, I will now put them down in a  listing here on this first page while attempting to chop the verbose portions as much as possible, the original posts will remain to allow folks to read the soul shattering Hyper-descriptions if they garner a greater interest. This may fail horrifically.


THE GREAT FACTION-WITHIN-THE-FACTIONS CONCEPTULIZATION: (Posts 22,23,24)= (Lobbyist Cardinals, Grineer Generations, and Technocyte Strains) 

        Essentially, in order to spice things up a bit, I'd like to introduce a bit of variability to existing units by introducing various political parties, "generations", and strains to the existing factions that exist in "harmony" (insert uncontrollable guffaws here) with the main liners while pushing their own agendas through various alerts.





1. Particle Manipulator and Nano-technological Wonder, Feynman:lotus:(Post 14) ((Art Added!))
2. Dual Natured Maiden/Crone of Nature, Dheghom (Post 737)


Sniper Ammo:  



1. Grineer Mortar Rifle, Zor :grineer: (Post 7)

   2. Corpus Rail-Assisted Man-Hunting Rifle, Fusillee :corpus:(Post 11)

   3. Mind-Control Drill-Rifle, Athenos :lotus:(Post 29)

  4. Adaptive Elemental Nano-Forge Projection Gun, Commuta :corpus:(Post 53)

  5. Eco-Fanatical Combat Slur-Arbalest, Gandiva:loka:(Post 90)

  6. Proxywar-Bound Braton Derivative, Whitend :corpus:(Post 122)

  7. Hallway-Purgeing Ball-Lightning Emitter, Ekembo :corpus:(Post 129) (Art-Getted!)

  8. Ancient Grinic Assassination Rifle, Suesh :grineer:(Post 155)

  9. Tactical Supremacy Showcase M.O.A., Falcon :corpus: ( Post 216)

  10. (Pit Relic Recovered) Clever Salvaged Assemblage, Leetra (Post 252)

  11. Exotic Ostron Pintle Gun, Horizon (Post 272)

  12. Esoteric Frankenfested Wyrm-Launcher, Kankara (Post 277)

  13. Shoulder-Mounted Carpet-Bomber, Cherubyte (Post 358)

  14/18/7 . Inscrutable ""Alien"" Arm-Weapon, Promythion (Post 398)

  15. Thunderous Weather Projector, Chichikchun (Post 486)

  16. Ancient Anti-Armor Rifle, Fragarlok (Post 519)




1. New Faction Junker Gun, Xahunteper (Post 15)

    2. Grineer Cobbled Orokin Beam-gun, Overseer:orokin::grineer: (Post 16)

    3. Grineer Manufactured Crankgun, Krancor :grineer:(Post 26)

   4. Fearless Corpus Created Infested Residue Remover, Munda  :corpus:(Post 47)

   5. Pneumatic Industrial Waste Launcher, Eillew :grineer:(Post 49)

   6. Militiamen's Salvage Rifle, Picead :meridian:(Post 82)

  7. Cephalon-Monitored Particle Vacuum, Betacore :suda:(Post 87)

  8. Consumer Approved Electrical Rifle, Fermat:perrin:(Post 88)

  9. Fault-Ridden Desperate Solution, Nigradari :orokin::infested:(Post 176

  10. Destructive Subatomic Shredder, Alba :orokin:( Post 195)

  11. Ad-Hoc Portal-Trap Rifle, Melok :orokin: (Post 238)

  12/15. Bizarre Derelict Dwellor, Akzoi (Post 255)

  13. Gift of Helminth, Transoid (Post 313)

  14. Leeching Nano-Caster, Pacnurak (Post 343)

  15. Conclave Forged Marksmen Rifle, Kasaratee (Post 357)

 16. Aesthetic Infested Fumigator, Bronchioid (Post 382)

 17. Dual-Purpose Riot Gun, Suppressetron (Post 383)

 18/14/7. Inscrutable ""Alien"" Arm-Weapon, Promythion (Post 398)

 19. Self-Guided Demolition Launcher, Engreev (Post 403)

 20 Sub/Light Consumer Machinegun, Tripura (Post 532)

 21. Serviceable Zip-Rifle, Padar (Post 548)
 22. Swordflesh Mind-scramble Adjusting Burst Rifle, Phobeter (Post 721)
 23. Mutalist Swarm Ejecting Mad Alad Invention, Maharaurauva (Post 788)
 24. Entrati Wyrmspear, Xatu-Jahu (Post 801)

25. Premium Third-Gen Product, Braton MK3 (Post 821)




1. Old Corpus Shotgun/Grenade Launcher Combigun, Tedlar :corpus:(Post 25)

   2. Grinic Wall-Ventilating Breaching "Tool", Skelak :grineer:(Post 132)

   3. Complicated Ritualistic Industrial Welder, Sikhan :corpus:(Post 150)

  4. Unexpected Tool-Turned Weapon, Arc Carbine :corpus:(Post 273)

  5. Simplified Anti-Everything Shotgun, Obar :grineer:(Post 275)

 6. Gift of the Unum, Speculari (Post 352)

 7/18/14. Inscrutable ""Alien"" Arm-Weapon, Promythion (Post 398)

8. Chemical Detonation Projector, Hekvox (Post 422)

9. Burstfire Deimos Shotgun, Montu (Post 633)

Secondary Weapons:



   1. Mercy-Killing Bolt-Action Hand-Breaking Cannon, Trokar :grineer:(Post 46) (IrArted!)

   2. Adjustable Rocket Pilla, Bastek :grineer:(Post 52)

   3. Magazine-Emptying Burst Pistol, Clepa :grineer:(Post 56)

   4. Concealed-Carry Beam Carbine, Perim :corpus:(Post 60)

   5. Foe-Slowing Infested Bursti-Pistol, Somnocyte :infested:(Post 74)

   6. Extremophile Spewing Napalm Pistol, Hekatom :redveil:(Post 85) (Got Arted?!)

   7. "Ammo-less" Infested Entity, Visocyte :infested:(Post 96)

   8. Complicated Shield Manipulateing Weapon, Harshkav:corpus: (Post 168)

   9. Next-Gen Pistol Proxy, Dual Harpitrixes :corpus:(Post 224)

  10. Independent Infested Arm Construct, Adrenocyte :infested:(Post 241)

 11. Pirate Crafted Ricochet Handgun, Desperaza (Post 243)

 12. Counteradaptive Sentient Blaster, Uragir (Post 301)

 13. Techno-Noir Pursuit Handgun, Dividend (Post 323)

 14. Advanced Mercenary Submachine Gun, Multiplex (Post 326)

 15. Lethal Compliance Morphic Pistol, Aquitas (Post 327)

 16. Kinetic Kill Rocket, Rukfist (Post 411)

 17. Hyper-Customizeable Arm-Bow, Anniyan/Etranje/Allodapus/Phirach (Post 481)

 18. Artificial Telekinetic Projetor, Psikata (Post 490)

 19. Swordflesh Terror Drones, Buzzers (Post 535)

 20. Tengus Catalysis Hand-tool, Rhybos (Post 574)

 21. Cross-Technological Tenno Tandem Revolver, Ala (Post 588)

 22. Extravagant Plasma Arm-Blasters, Hauterosa (Post 649)
 23. Bio-mechanical Helminth Injection-Construct, Spartoi (Post 704)

Melee Weapons: 



  1. Corpus Industrial Tool-Turned Defense Weapon, Binos :corpus:(See First Post) ((Arted!)).

   2. Drone-On-A-Chain Torture Tool, Krurelta :grineer:(Post 18).

   3. Symbiont Turned Transforming Weapon, Caducyte :infested:(Post 20).

   4. Medical Device Converted to Assassin's Weapon, Panac :corpus:(Post 21).

   5.Tenno-Crafted Embodiment of Balance, Juha and Shidan :lotus:(Post 32) ((Artified!)).

   6. Aerodynamic Flight Capable Hunting Harpoon, Skoil :grineer:(Post 45).

   7. Repurposed Metal Sliceing Beam Polearm, Lucifex :corpus:(Post 72).

   8. Anti-Infested Infested Cat-O-Nine-Tails, Cnido  :infested:(Post 73).

   9. Predatory Throwing Proxy, Garid :corpus:(Post 75).

   10. Integrated Machete-Cable Blades, Sluagh :grineer:(Post 76).

   11. Void Energy "Tuning Fork", Conatus :hexis:(Post 86 ) ((Artificated!)).

   12. Subtle And Horrifying Fanblade, Chemgoz. :infested:(Post 91) ((Artificatefied!)).

   13. Illegal Corpo-Grinic Gunglove, Goregrep :corpus::grineer:(Post 93).

   14. Corporate Takeover Born Staff, Prorza :corpus:(Post 147).

  15 Durablely Unique (With a strangely mangled entry) Portable Cover, Hack and Blunt:grineer:(Post 240.5?).

  16/12 Bizarre Derelict Dweller, Akzoi (Post 255).

  17. Blood-drawing Orokin Dagger, Molocgotha (Post 256).

  18. Approximated Ancient Corporate Mistake, Slosilo (Post 282).

 19. Remnant Of A Sordid Past, Duel Stigmas/ Duel Cains (Post 321).

 20. Primitive Torch-Hammer, Jut Ret (Post 371).

 21. Gavel-Gun of Punative Action, Lucair (Post 510)

 22. Defense Focused Shielding Shields, Ancile (Post 527)
 23. Swordflesh Smartblade, Lakynigos (Post 679)
 24. Jugulus Throwing Glaive, Osteolys (Post 839)




  1. Ambush M.O.A. Human Analog, Approximate :corpus:(Post 12).

  2. Dearly Departed Grineer-Turned Android, Avatar :grineer:(Post 13).

  3. Long Range Opportunistic Infested Mass, Broadside :infested:(Post 19) (Artfully Arted!).

  4. Walking Ballistic Absorber, Behemoth :infested:(Post 48).

  5. Counter-Tenno Grin-Ops, Headhunter :grineer:(Post 51). (Artistically Arted!)

  6. Phobos Siege Hovercraft, Parapet :grineer:(Post 234).

  7. Phobos Siege Proxy, Mastodon :corpus:(Post 235). (Inspired Art Gotten!)

  8. Unfathomed Technocyte Horrors, Troglocytes :infested:? (Post 244).

  9. Grineer Beast Controllers/ Hovering Beast-of-Burden, Kwos Master/Kwos :grineer:/:grineer:(Post 245).

  10. Infested Amalgamated Microboss, Canker   (Post 315)

  11. "Perfected" Infested/Grineer Tengus Clone, Newman   (Post 317)

  12. Massive Saurian Industrial/Military Proxies, T.H.E.R.I./T.Y.R.A.N. (Post 333) (Inspired Art-Made.)

  13. White Collared Taskmasters/Flying Machines of Oppression, Pilot/ Vima Carver and Demolisher (Post 370)

  14. Annelidic Ability Interruptors, Synapoid (Post 427)

  15. Infected Fortunite Techsavant, Daemon (Post 494)

  16. Ersatz Defensive Drone, Orts-Gremlin (Post 497)

  17. Infested Technology, Mutualist Roller, Mutualist Turret, Mutualist Camera (Post 513)

 18. Mysterious Ephemeral Anomalies, Void Creepers/Stranglers/Preservers (Post 544)

 19. Mutating Infested Linebreaker, Inprobocyte (Post 559)

 20. Fortuna Border Security/ Indefatigable Pursuit Proxy Sentry/Molusses (Post 556)

 21. Mindless Orokin Mummies, Lemures (Post 582)




  1. Detritus Void World: Spatili (Post 17) (Artistically Sourced From An Artisnal Artist!)

  2. Den of Cthonic Horrors, the Erisian Surface (Post 126)

 3  Bustling Hollow Planetoid, Deimos Ecumen (Post 284)





 1. Implosive-Explosive Payload, Ogris (Post 130)

   2. Hyekka's and Drahk's Gaze Software Packages, Buzlock (Post 131)

   3. Caledfwlch's Boon, Exalted Blade, Excalibur (Post 143) (Work-In-Progress)

   4. Betelguese Stellar Core, Beam Weapons (Post 254)

  5. Warframe Empowerment Modifications (Post 298)

  6. The Polymerase System (Post 299)

  7. Lock-In Modifications (Post 310)

 8. Battlefield Salvage Modifications List (Post 338)

RESKINS (Pseudo-Tenno-Generated):




 1. Grinnic Suicide Beacon, Markhor (For the Prova):grineer:(Post 171)

 2. The Dotter Grineer Skin-Set (For the Braton, Snipertron, Lex, and Paris.) (Post 381)



1. Red Revolutionary Robots, the Free M.O.A. Front (Post 232)



Crucible and Warzone Mode (Post 258)



Restless Depths= (Post 260) ("Convenient" secondary thread-piece link")

The Cultural Exchange= (Post 576) (Unfinished).

The Onslaughter Invasion= (Post 623)

And here we are for now. Hope this helps. Time to start numbering the posts.

Addendum of the Addendum Circa 9/6/2016

To assist my mostly silent viewership in further viewing, I'll be placing the top concepts which folks currently seem to enjoy most right here for quality purposes (after all, if folks have no time to read EVERY SINGLE LAST entry of my pages, why not enjoy the highlights reel instead?)

              The Voted List

List of Update Times Below:



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Extremely Sudden "New" Addition Circa 9/25/2016.

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Updated tiredly circa 9/25/2019 at 2:08 A.M.

Updated to the unexpected discovery of a full pre-2019 like reset circa 3/6/2020 at 24:00 (Thank goodness I've been keeping track!) 



   1E. Void Energy "Tuning Fork", Conatus :hexis:(Post 86 ) ((1 D.E. Megan Vote!)) (((3 ""normal" but extremely appreciated" votes))) ((((Art-Get!))))



(resumption of normality starts here<-)

   1A. Corpus Industrial Tool-Turned Defense Weapon, Binos:corpus: (See First Post) . ((23 Votes))



   2A. Particle Manipulator and Nano-technological Wonder, Feynman:lotus:(Post 14). ((4 Votes)) (((Art-Added!)))



   3A. Tenno-Crafted Embodiment of Balance, Juha and Shidan:lotus: (Post 32). ((3 Votes)) (((Artified!)))






1C. Militiamen's Salvage Rifle, Picead :meridian:(Post 82) ((4 Votes))

1D. Subtle And Horrifying Fanblade, Chemgoz.:infested: (Post 91)((2 Vote)) (((Artified!)))



1E. Illegal Corpo-Grinic Gunglove, Goregrep:corpus::grineer: (Post 93) ((2 Vote))

1F and 2F. THE GREAT FACTION-WITHIN- THE-FACTIONS CONCEPTUALIZATION PART DEUX: GODS AND HORRORS (Posts 102, 110, and 117)((2 Votes for 102, 3 Votes for 110, 2 Vote for 117 )

1G. Grinnic Suicide Beacon, Markhor (For the Prova):grineer:(Post 171) ((1 Vote)

1H. Extremophile Spewing Napalm Pistol, Hekatom :redveil:(Post 85) (4 Vote) ((Artified!))




1J. Grineer Mortar Rifle, Zor :grineer: (Post 7) (2 Votes).

1K. Cephalon-Monitored Particle Vacuum, Betacore :suda:(Post 87) ((2 Vote)).

1L. Grineer Beast Controllers/ Hovering Beast-of-Burden, Kwos Master/Kwos :grineer:/:grineer:(Post 245) ((3 Vote)).


Kwos Master and Kwos by HugintheCrowDA

1M. Red Revolutionary Robots, the Free M.O.A. Front (Post 232) ((2 Votes)).

2M. Eco-Fanatical Combat Slur-Arbalest, Gandiva:loka:(Post 90) ((4 Votes)).


1N. Grineer Manufactured Crankgun, Krancor :grineer:(Post 26) ((2 Votes)).

1O. Long Range Opportunistic Infested Mass, Broadside :infested:(Post 19) ((2 Votes)).





1P.  Corpus Rail-Assisted Man-Hunting Rifle, Fusillee :corpus:(Post 11) ((2 Vote)).



2P. Ambush M.O.A. Human Analog, Approximate :corpus:(Post 12) ((1 Vote)).

3P. Dearly Departed Grineer-Turned Android, Avatar :grineer:(Post 13) ((1 Vote)).

4P. New Faction Junker Gun, Xahunteper (Post 15) ((1 Vote)).

5P. Detritus Void World: Spatili (Post 17) ((1 Vote)).



6P. Medical Device Converted to Assassin's Weapon, Panac :corpus:(Post 21) ((1 Vote)).

7P. Pneumatic Industrial Waste Launcher, Eillew :grineer:(Post 49) ((1 Vote)).

8P. Adjustable Rocket Pilla, Bastek :grineer:(Post 52) ((2 Votes)).

9P. Anti-Infested Infested Cat-O-Nine-Tails, Cnido  :infested:(Post 73) ((1 Vote)).

10P. Predatory Throwing Proxy, Garid :corpus:(Post 75) ((1 Vote)).

11P. Integrated Machete-Cable Blades, Sluagh :grineer:(Post 76) ((1 Vote)).

12P. Consumer Approved Electrical Rifle, Fermat :perrin:(Post 88) ((3 Votes)).

13P. Unfathomed Technocyte Horrors, Troglocytes :infested:? (Post 244) ((1 Vote)).

14P. Crucible and Warzone Mode (Post 258) ((1 Votes)).

15P. Restless Depths= (Post 260) ((2 Votes)).

16P. Warframe Empowerment Modifications (Post 298) ((1 Votes)). 

1Q. The Polymerase System (Post 299) (1 Vote).
2Q. Remnant Of A Sordid Past, Duel Stigmas/ Duel Cains (Post 321) (( 3 Votes)).

1R.   Medical Device Converted to Assassin's Weapon, Panac :corpus:(Post 21) (1 Vote).
2R.   Counter-Tenno Grin-Ops, Headhunter :grineer: (Arted Artfully) ((Post 51)) (1 Vote).



4R. Adaptive Elemental Nano-Forge Projection Gun, Commuta :corpus:(Post 53) ((1 Vote)).
5R. Magazine-Emptying Burst Pistol, Clepa :grineer:(Post 56) ((1 Vote)).
6R. Anti-Infested Infested Cat-O-Nine-Tails, Cnido  :infested:(Post 73). ((1 Vote)).
7R. Lethal Compliance Morphic Pistol, Aquitas (Post 327) ((2 Votes)).
8R. Battlefield Salvage Modifications List (Post 338) ((1 Votes)).
9R.  Leeching Nano-Caster, Pacnurak (Post 343) ((1 Vote)).

10R. Gift of the Unum, Speculari (Post 352) ((1 Vote)).

1S. Old Corpus Shotgun/Grenade Launcher Combigun, Tedlar ( Post 25) ((1 Vote)).

2S. Hallway-Purging Ball-Lightning Emitter, Ekembo :corpus:(Post 129) (Art-Getted!).



T1.  Fault Ridden Desperate Solution, Nigradari (Post 176) ((1 Vote))
T2. Massive Saurian Industrial/Military Proxies, T.H.E.R.I./T.Y.R.A.N. (Post 333) ((1 Vote))
T3. Swordflesh Terror Drones, Buzzers (Post 535) ((2 Votes))

U1. Swordflesh Smartblade, Lakynigos (Post 679) ((3 Votes))

V1. Bio-mechanical Helminth Injection-Construct, Spartoi (Post 704) ((2 Votes))
V2. Swordflesh Mind-scramble Adjusting Burst Rifle, Phobeter (Post 721) ((1 Vote))
V3. The Onslaughter Invasion= (Post 623) ((1 Vote))
V4. Burstfire Deimos Shotgun, Montu (Post 633) ((1 Vote))

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Okay, so, after a significant amount of time having these ideas churning about inside my head, I figured I might as well finally try top share them with at least someone out here in the community while also blowing them all in one single thread so I don't spread them al over the forums and pollute other threads with em. In addition, rather then spew everything in a single go and prevent a wall of text the likes of which have only been seen in the darkest depths of the Internet, I'll post em one at a time to try to see if A) there's any interest in my thoughts, and/or B) prevent eyestrain.

Name Designation: Binos

Manufacturer: Lucsor Forge, as indicated by the prominent designer label that would be stamped onto the weapon's upper frame with the top of the L and the F acting as part of the simple sights it has

Weapon Designation: Gunblade

Damage Type: In it's basic state, the weapon does a mixture of cryo and slash damage both from it's bayonet CQB-styled attacks and it's pin-point accurate point-and-shoot blast. As the weapon is fired however, the cryo damage is steadily replaced by heat damage until, after at least 4-8 (decided by game-mechanics better then I) shots, the weapon is a full-fledged fire/slash weapon. Melee attacks on soft targets discharge the heat of the weapon into foes and gradually cool the blade back down to full-fledged cryo status.

Appearance: Aesthetically speaking, the Binos derives much of it's design from the Detron with a blocky almost cutlass-like handle with a beaver-tail trigger on the inside. In addition, two chambers sit revolver-style on the inside of the weapon which are (regardless of player color choice) always tinted at least some form of white when idle and some form of orange when in a heated state. These "chambers" are extremely powerful quick-charge (The beam only lasts a moment, but, in that moment, the beam has struck the target multiple times in an extremely quick manner) cryogenic lasers which will reorient themselves to opposite sides in order to become a powerful thermal laser upon reaching maximum heat gain. Extending along the bottom of the rather large twin barreled snout is a fixed bayonet blade that seems more like a butchers blade. The blade has a long set of vents located towards the blade-tip which either smolder with steam in their heated state or drip with bits of frost in a cool state.


Basic Description: The original incarnation of the current weapon was simply a metallurgical tool used in Lucsor's innovative "Synthetic Developments Department" for the sake of cutting and quenching the myriad components used in the frames of larger scale proxies. After a botched raid by a rather large Grineer force under the command of a rabid Grinner Transcendentalist named Dol Bal (a mad advocate for the Grineer's ascendancy onto a purely technological plane of existence) was fended off by local workers who utilized the tool as a make-shift weapon, Lucsor repurposed the tool into an "industrial defense" marketed weapon ("WORKER MULTITASKING! WHO NEEDS TO EVACUATE PERSONAL WHEN EVERY MAN WORTH HIS CREDITS CAN PROMPTLY SWITCH TO DEFENDING COMAPNY ASSETS WITH THEIR LIVES" Screech the corporation to corporation advertising team) and even elevated several of their employees to "Exemplar Profiticion (essentially heavily advertised "Be Like Lei Feng" style celebrities)


Phew, finally, three months with that idea floating around and nowhere to put it, make of it what you will.

Ok I have a few opinions 

1.the layout is nice and doesn't infer with each other 

2.Sounds like a good follow up from the redeemer but the idea sounds conflicted b/w primary & melee in my opinion

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Hmm, I don't agree with your assessment, but, I'm willing to see the alternatives if you have any. Best I can pull outta me rear right off the bat is to have it so that "chargeing" the weapon and the amount of damage one inflicts while charged would increase a notable heat gauge on the weapon. 

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22 minutes ago, Unus said:

Hmm, I don't agree with your assessment, but, I'm willing to see the alternatives if you have any. Best I can pull outta me rear right off the bat is to have it so that "chargeing" the weapon and the amount of damage one inflicts while charged would increase a notable heat gauge on the weapon. 

That's sounds nice

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                                                          Post 7

Alrighty then, time for weapon concept number two to get some eyes on it.  

Name Designation: Zor (a mutiliation of the old Terran term Czar)

Weapon Designation: "Sniper Ammo" ( the nebulous area where the Tonkor, the Penta, and the Ogris reside)


Manufacturer: Ironworks 137-B, Sea Settlement 65,  Large Northern Continental Coast. ( the facility is specifically utilized in the macro and minifactureing of explosive payloads)

Statistical Breakdown


Damage Type = 150 Blast main shell, 50 Fire 1st auxiliary shell, 50 Ice 2nd auxiliary shell. (Under standard circumstances, this portable mortar fires a tightly bound cluster of grenades which separate with an ear splitting crack in the air to rain down on whatever target the operator has in their sights. Factory standard models house a single large explosive grenade with a smaller phosphoric payload attached on it's left and a cryogenic payload attached on it's right. Uniquely, placeing an elemental modification into the ammo houseing will convert the triple set of explosives purely into that particular element, while adding a second element will make the primary explosive the combined element and the two secondaries into the component elements.)

Projectile= Launcher

Accuracy= 100 (Take this with a rather large grain of salt, due to it's rather lobby nature)

Cyclic Rate of Fire= 1.5

Critical Chance=10%

Critical Damage=2.0X

"P.R.O.C." Chance= 30%

Magazine= 3 Round mechanically loaded magazine. 

Reload Speed= 3.5 (It takes time for the arms to lift and hoist a round into the body

Trigger= Semi Auto

Polarity= None

Mastery Rank Requisite= 6

Appearance: Physically speaking, the Zor is essentially a scaled-down version of the Koizor bombardment cannons found on Grineer vessels with an overtly large three round mechanically assisted (a small set of mechanized arms pulls each round out of the magazine and holds it in place before launch) magazine and a poorly soldered  together (it's nothing more then a few chunks of sheet-metal  in the vague shape of a skeleton stock) Buttstock.

"Basic" Description: A rather innovative design breakthrough made by newly discovered idiot savant Deem Ful when he wandered into a local shipyard. Inspired by the sight of the massive machines as they were hauled onto a newly minted cruiser, Deem promptly constructed a miniature model and, upon being refused entry to the ship, wiped out the local garrison. Rather then destroy the defective, the Kweens "adopted" him as one of their favored sons and sent away the miniature for full on production.


Another one down, another. . . uh, however many to go.


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11 hours ago, Unus said:

Weapon Designation: "Sniper Ammo" ( the nebulous area where the Tonkor, the Penta, and the Ogris reside)

Damage Type: Under standard circumstances, this portable mortar fires a tightly bound cluster of grenades which separate with an ear splitting crack in the air to rain down on whatever target the operator has in their sights. Factory standard models house a single large explosive grenade with a smaller phosphoric payload attached on it's left and a cryogenic payload attached on it's right. Uniquely, placeing an elemental modification into the ammo houseing will convert the triple set of explosives purely into that particular element, while adding a second element will make the primary explosive the combined element and the two secondaries into the component elements. 

Appearance: Physically speaking, the Zor is essentially a scaled-down version of the Koizor bombardment cannons found on Grineer vessels with an overtly large three round mechanically assisted (a small set of mechanized arms pulls each round out of the magazine and holds it in place before launch) magazine and a poorly soldered  together (it's nothing more then a few chunks of sheet-metal  in the vague shape of a skeleton stock) Buttstock.

This sounds like a tripple barreled Kulstar primary of death, dysfunction and utter satisfaction. Seems cool. Although, missile speed of the cluster bombs "should" have increased movement speed compared to how the kulstar works. I could envision it as something with a detonation looking like the angstrum charge shot, but with it being detonated and firing verticaly as opposed to an arcing fashion one would expect from an "artillery" piece. 

All in all, heavy ordinance needs to be added to warframe, and with this... we need more bosses... "raids" that are more like mass genocide than the current raids available to us, in the sense of having it portrayed as a more open map battleground/ warzone. 

Seriously like the cryo/ thermal lazer gunblade idea as well... could it perhaps have an "alt fire" function as opposed to the standard charge mechanic? Allowing you to actually fire it whilst cutting an enemy (FF8 gunblade style trigger)?

Could you by any chance think of a way to make a "heavy lazer rifle" into a melee "energy lance" kind of idea... I have a thought, but am currently unable to put it into words... -_-'

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Oh, well, thanks much for the kind words ladies and gents. A pleasure to be able to unleash my creative juices here with actual responses and proper critic rather then blind vitriol and thrown tomatoes/rocks. As for you Mr/Mrs. Fur, while I don't feel the alternative fire you mention would work properly with my dear little Binos, I can most certainly get to work on some form of "beam blade" once I scrub out the last few concepts outta my brain that have been collecting detail and dust in equal measure. Should be bringing out the Fusilee, the Approximate, and the Avatar quite shortly once I catch a wink or fifty.

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                                                        Post 11

Alright, time for round three, this is pretty good stress relief from work for some reason

Name Designation: Fusillee

Weapon Designation: Sniper Rifle


Manufacturer: The Saggitai Conglomerate (a "small" "mom-and pop" hunting and home-defense organization for the wealthy), Elysium Mons, Mars 

Damage Type:  Being that it fires a 12 inch solid spike of staballoy uranium at a target, it does a high amount of Radiation and Piercing damage. (325 Puncture, 175 Radiation)

Projectile= projectile

Accuracy= 9 (The smooth-bore barrel doesn't help, neither does the lack of a scope.)  

Cyclic Rate of Fire= 2.5

Critical Chance=50%

Critical Damage=2.5X

"P.R.O.C." Status= 15%

Magazine= 1 staballoy spike, front loaded via tongs.

Reload Speed= 5.0 (Remember, it's the shot that counts)FmegDed.jpg

Trigger= Semi Auto

Polarity= 2 Madurai


(Art by Sharkie
Aesthetically, the weapon might be mistaken for a plate metal and plastic flintlock rifle until one sees the quadruple set of rails that enclose the barrel and the artistically placed coils that give the appearance of gilded carvings along the midsection. Under the long snout of this almost anachronistic beauty is an under-lug where the method of reloading the weapon resides, a set of long and thin tongs that the wielder uses to pull the weapon's deadly ammunition out of its storage block to place into the barrel where the weapon magnetically siphons the round down into the chamber. On the top, a small magnetic hammer resides which, upon pulling the trigger, slams into the round and pushes it down to the midsection where coils continue to accelerate the round. The round is then pushed into the railed section which continues pushing the round even a few seconds after it leaves the barrel, guaranteeing enough punch to make Chobham look like cheese paper. Upon firing, the barrel starts the reloading process automatically by magnetically venting remaining material from the barrel into the air in the appearance of the gunpowder cloud of the muskets of yore (albeit with a far more lethal composition to bystanders of course). The "sight" of the weapon is the hammer itself, which has the appearance of a M.O.A.'s head facing the user, complete with a tiny set of yellow glow sights that look like M.O.A. eyes.  

"Basic" Description: A favorite of the upper bankers in the Corpus' gentry, the Fusillee is commonly used in the man-hunting sport "Dog Loosing", where captured Grineer infantry, upon being pumped for information and scanned for bionics that could be of potential research value, are implanted with forehead-based cameras and are unleashed into extreme environments with nothing but their augmentations to keep them alive. Members of the gentry will then be assigned a specific target or targets, a personal platform drone, and a certain time allotment (dependent on everything from bribery, to status, to even the masses' choice) in order to hunt down the target and kill them within three shots. Those who fail face a loss of face, revenue, or even the possibility of Kenneling (the act of being forcibly augmented and pushed into the sport as "Dogs" themselves). Infantry who manage to kill their pursuers are actually released from the sport and commonly return to the Empire as heroes, thus allowing the sport to generate a rather disturbing amount of televised popularity as a sort of "redemptive filter" for those who fail the Kweens as well as a surprising amount of revenue from outside the Corpus Boards' area of influence itself.


Phew, this is almost therapeutic!


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                                                         Post 12

Whelp, judging by the current lack of responses, it looks like I might have pumped out a little to many ideas in a weirdly titled thread. Guess I'll just do one of my enemy ideas, store the massive amount of remaining ideas I have away, and try to futz around with that beam-blade concept Mr/Mrs Fur asked of me. Anywho, onwards to the Approximate! 


Unit Designation: Approximate

Unit Class: M.O.A. Variant.


Manufacturer: Beekcloud Special Projects Division, Jovian Polar Spike Station, Jupiter


Equipment: Three plasma grenades and a factory-issue Dera (in order to both cut costs and continue to keep up the ruse of their crewman Appearence)


Appearence: Under non-combat circumstances, Approximates will attempt to act as closely to their programming scripts as possible, pretending to be your average everyday crewmen through typical conversation, standard patrol routes, and seemingly organic body language. Careful observation of possible Approximates can commonly break their physical cover, as their speech generation software is somewhat slower then a normal human being's thought processes and they tend to walk rather stiffly when walking in patrol patterns. Upon detecting a confirmed threat (merely triggering search mode won't make them break their cover) , the uniform from the "collar bone" down is promptly shredded open , revealing a red M.O.A. skeletal frame complete with jointed leg design. At this point, the Approximate's true capabilities are unveiled. Due to a nano-scale set of micro-fiber spines located on their creepily skeletal feet and the hydraulic pistons found within their legs, Approximate's are capable of attaching to vertical and ceiling surfaces with a single leap, easily nullifying infantry cover. To aid in even further mobile attacks, Approximate's are fully capable of turning their entire body's from the waist up a full 360 degrees, allowing them to lock-onto targets and continue to fire even as their legs charge them towards enemies or athletically scamper towards cover. As long as they are in this locked-on state, the Approximate's reflex algorithms will constantly keep the unit dodging, jukeing, and weaving in order to avoid incoming fire, makeing semi-automatic and/or small magazined weapons difficult to use against them without significant ammunition expenditure or a perfect ambush opportunity. As an added little aesthetic piece, their crewmen plate helms can indeed be blown off, revealing a disturbing red porcelain doll style face with glowing burgundy eyes while also stripping them of their vocal mask, revealing their actual voices to sound like a higher quality "Microsoft Sam" of sorts.


"Basic" Description: Once prototyped to act as spare labor in facilities systemwide, the Prometheus program that would have produced the industrial models was condemned by the Corpus Board  as interfering with humanities' naturally given right to make profit, resulting in it's dissolution and the divvying up of it's assets. While Lucsor devoured most of their staff, industrial, and fiscal portions, Beekloud managed to snag the blueprints to what few products Prometheus had developed or been developing prior to dissolution (thanks in no small part to several eyes on the inside of Lucsor and a hundred or so greased palms). Seeing an opportunity, Beekloud petitioned the board in creating a policing unit that might be able to prevent such behind-the-scenes and profit-siphoning work from ever happening again by creating units that could infiltrate the workforce and root out potential threats. After over a half decade of deliberation (and more then likely due to the recent Alad the Fifth fiasco) the board has at long last approved to install these "specially recruited" soldiers system wide in the defense of the bottom-line. Of course, it is only a matter of time till the Technocyte finds these new hosts. . .


Annnnddd there, a bit of a newer concept for a change.


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                                                         Post 13

Work pressure mounting, stress building, bah, guess I might as well blow off a bit more steam here in the Pit.


Unit Designation: Avatar

Unit Class: Robotics


"Health" Types: A first layer of solid ferrite defending a solid alloy chassis beneath


Manufacturer: Project Aossi, Mining Outpost 9.5 (a bluff, given the area's apparent abandonment during the Orokin Conflicts and the "old-fashioned" styling of the facility) Samhain Catena, Ceres.


Equipment: Each Avatar is equipped with a pair of integrated Gorgons that are held singled-handed and are attached to the entities' arms by wiring and straps to ensure a firm grip on the weapon, allowing both guns to either be fired in a staggered fashion or to be unloaded all at once on a single target (commonly used when suppressing units in cover or when a unit cloaks in combat). A second smaller set of arms along the sides of the wielding ones reload the emptied clips from a dispensing ammo box on the chest, allowing for constant and consistent fire. To compliment this arsenal when direct fire is certain to fail, a launcher mounted on the back of the lumbering behemoth allows it to fire tesla mines in a hands free manner in bursts of three, allowing it to flush out targets that attempt to flee or to defend itself in melee range with a quick extremely-likely-to-stun burst. The final piece to this hulking monster's toolset is a set of magnetically charged shoulder plates that reflect physical damage off in a physics-based direction, dealing half-damage to whatever it strikes. In a final act of self-sacrificing fury if they are reduced to about 9% of their health, the now berserk android will commonly damage it's own atomic core with a few gun butt's to it's chest, sending it into a meltdown spiral that it will attempt to catch the offending foe in with a frontal bull-rush that moves in a strictly straight line.


Appearance: Physically speaking, Avatars are a hulking mass of hydraulics, alloy plates, and ferrite in the crude shape of a bog-standard Grineer. While their motions are jerky and animatronic-esque, they still move with an unsettlingly organic fashion that could almost be described as someone fighting stiff restraints in order to move . Aside from the heavy metallic clanking that is made wherever they walk and the massive vents of steam that spurt out from their joints every so often, the only real defining appearance trait they have is the fact that, rather then the standard skull-helm of the Grineer, they have a nixie-tube esque display with a pair of large orange dots that move about the screen in eye-style patterns. To differentiate them from other troops, their armor (and, by extension, their bodies' components) are left unpainted, making them a  dull blue-grey with no camo patterns of any kind. Occasionally,  those copied from higher ranked infantrymen commonly have a small pole-mounted banner stuck into a shoulder plate in an outward display of nationalistic fervor that, without any organic facial tissue or communications structures, they would be otherwise unable to convey


"Basic" Description: A backup plan conjured up in secret by a small cadre of concerned Grineer scientists in the event that their degeneracy is never halted through biological means, the Avatars were created as a means of allowing selected Grineer to essentially become immortal by copying their exact brain patterns onto a raw Orokin-era artificial intelligence black-box salvaged from one of the myriad wrecks throughout the Sol Origin System. Efforts to create copies for mass-production have been hampered considerably due to the Corpus' suspicious hold on most of the requisite resources, the lack of potential candidates capable of holding a secret, the Grineer majorities' view on the use of intelligent synthetics for military purposes, and the need for secrecy due to their deviation from the official plan of following Regor's biological studies (as always, the Kweens have a tendency to "prune their family tree" when discovering those who look outside their will, beneficial or otherwise). Ultimately, it is the hope of the cadre that they might be able to assemble a loyal army grandiose enough and powerful enough to earn the Kween's favor in a grand reveal that will put them into the Kween's good graces. If Regor finds out however. . . .


Eh, not my best work, but, hey, flushes out another semi-fleshed out idea that I fear would be lost to the annals of time.



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                                                         Post 14

It took some time, but, lo-and-behold, I've got a backlog of ideas to spew upon the page. I was worried about treading into the controversial territory that is Warframe design, but, in the end, my desire to put my thoughts to proverbial paper trumped my fear of "Useless!", "Overpowered!", and "That's great, but, here's my much better idea. . . " commentary. Valid and healthy critique offering alternatives as well as commentary is welcome.


Frame Designation: Feynman (The Father of Nanotech and Quantum Electronics of course)

Tissue Gender: Female

Tissue Integrity Rating: 100- 375 Health

Void Shielding Battery Strength :  115-340 Shield

Onboard Fission/Fusion Battery Strength: 175-262.5 Energy

Armor Plating Rating: 300

Void Shielding Jump-start Rate: 21.5-37.5

Maximum Run-speed: 1.0


Aesthetic Design: Biologically speaking, the basic bodily layout of a Feynman suit resembles your average everyday human female. Patterned across said body is a  honeycomb-esque design which covers the entire frame from head to boot-esque foot. In each "honeycomb" is a recessed "port" of sorts from which her abilities originate, the ability to manipulate a small swarm of nanobots to do a variety of tasks that can affect herself, her allies, and the opposition. The helmet section of the suit has a resemblance to a hazmat helmet of sorts, with  a vertical slit across the front which resembles a thin visor. Her first alternative helm, the Drexler, has very large "eyeports" filled with the color lighting that appear lit from the inside like candles within a jack-o-lantern. . There is a protruding filter-like object on the area where the mouth would be. On  both sides of the head, a pair of electronic antenna sit in the area where the ears would be that have light strips along their sides that surge when abilities are cast.


(All Credit Goes to Mr. EternalDrk Mako in his Artistic Gallery located Here.)


(Potential Immortal or alternative skin, credited to Lay-Z, alternatively referred to as BURNINGTITANIUM226 here on the forums in his own gallery Here)

Color Patterning= The Honeycombs are white, the ports are black, and the rest of the suit is varying shades of grey in a camouflage Flecktarn pattern. The lights on the frame are a Bright Orangeish-Yellow (The artist liked the blue permutation better in the picture, a common occurrence with the customization of Tenno) 


Abilities (Warning! Subject to change as concept creation continues):

First Ability: Weaken Integrity= The Feynman hurls a ball of nanites at a target in a grenade-throw which either siphon a portion of the target's shield battery (also happens if the target is mechanical) chews off a ??%-??%-??%-??%-??% portion of the targets armor or siphons a target's life's-blood (to be converted to a blood type-compatible with the frames' tissue) dealing puncture and slash damage and dragging it back to the frame at the frames' movement speed. Depending on what they nab, the tiny swarm will either have flecks of metal, droplets of blood, or arcs of energy passing between them as they fly. Armored targets receive a ??%-??%-??%-??%-??% loss of their armor on the first chomp, with subsequent attacking nanites taking the path of least resistance and returning to previously chewed areas (aka, it doesn't stack). Bonus armor acquired through Weaken Integrity is "permanently" lost if the health it provides is removed.

Card Description:

Toss an explosive ball of nanites into an area, leeching health and armor or shields for your own.

Battery Cost= ??-??-??-??-?? Energy


Second Ability: Adaptive Armor Lacing= With a sweep of both of its arms, the Feynamen sends forth a swarm of nanites which charge towards allies at a decent clip (The exact amount of swarms unleashed is equal to how many allies are available. If there are no allies, the swarm rises and then slams down on the frame itself). Upon impacting it's friendly target, the swarm coats the frame and corrects micro-faults in its design (A.K.A.adds 25-50-75-100 armor to the frame that is semi-permanent in that it exists until shot off) while also acting as an adaptive outer armor plate (AKA for the duration of the ability, the swarm takes the first damage type the frame is hit with and halves all further damage from that type)..

Card Description= 

Correct faults in your friendly armor, increaseing armor and increasing resistance to the first damage-type inflicted on the affected for the duration of the ability.

Battery Cost= ??-??-??-??


Third Ability: Construct= The Feynman frame punches the ground and disappears in a cloud of her own swarm. After a few moments, the swarm parts to reveal a floating construct with the frames' head design on its top and one arm acting as the cannon-mounts. In front of it, an amorphous blob acts as both shielding and ammunition for the cannon itself. Shots fired from the cannon take some health off the shield and launch a weaker version of Weaken Integrity at a moderate-to-slow-pace at the cursor, with launched swarms returning to add their payload to the turret and becoming one with the shield. While the turn speed (??-??-??), move speed (??-??-??), damage (??-??-??), and shield strength (??-??-??) of the construct are moderately effective, an ally can get into the pilot's seat and boost all attributes (and energy consumption) while also gaining control of another, independent construct arm to fire with. If the construct is destroyed, any occupants are thrown forward while the chittering swarm is thrown back into the turret which in turn collapses into a seemingly exhausted Feynman frame which slowly stumbles to its feet.

Card Description:

 Become a garrisonable construct and lay waste.

Battery Cost=??-??-?? per-second consumed.


Fourth Ability: Grey Goo= The Feynman frame rises dramatically before slamming into the ground and exploding into a slimy morass. The blob does equal parts slash, impact, and puncture damage (??,??,??-??,??,??-??,??,??) by running into foes, eventually pulling them into its body and gaining the enemies' armor, health, and shields over its own. While targets that are standing are dealt "I,S,P," damage in order to be consumed, foes that have been knocked down by other means are dealt finisher damage on contact. The Grey Goo form lasts for the duration of the ability, but can be canceled at any time by pressing the ability activating key again. Only armor that is consumed from targets will remain with a Feynman frame that returns to its frame state. The Grey Goo cannot attack aerial targets.

Card Description: 

Feynamen becomes a mass of buzzing fury capable of consuming enemies to inherit their strengths for a time.

Battery Cost= Whatever constitutes at least half of the Energy Bar.

Passive: Residue=

On meleeing a target for a 15% chance or on enemy contact with the impact area of Weaken Integrity or Construct's discharges, a small residue cloud of idle nanites is left behind that clings tightly to the enemy. Hitting the swarm with another of the three methods will cause the swarm to enhance the damage of the attack or ability by reactivating the swarm which joins in on the attack. The multiplier starts at 1.2x and can stack all the way up to 2.0X  with repeat application from the same ability.


Standard= A swarm shoots out from the Feynman's right hand port and hovers in front of it. both the frame and the swarm inquisitively look left and right in a perfectly synchronized motion before the Feynman raises it's left arm and returns the swarm home.

Agile= The Feynman stretches (in order) it's left arm, it's right arm, it's left leg, it's right leg, it's back, and it's head in a military style. With each stretch, a swarm pops out as if rudely evicted and floats aimlessly for a few moments until the stretch is complete, upon which it immediately returns to its port of origin.

Noble= The Feynman slowly opens its arms wide as if presenting something and a massive swarm spouts out of it's left hand-port and into its right in a chittering fire-hose of specks.


And that's all she wrote for now, the only Frame idea I currently have that, theme-wise, doesn't conflict with any of the other frame concepts. (Had a Gravity-Frame idea, but, Vauban and Mag "stole" bits of that). My only concern with my dearest is that she might melt computers from the sheer amount of particle effects a lot of her abilities use. Looking forward to digging up some more of my ideas for the future. A pity I can't draw for squat.


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Mercifully Condensed!
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                                                         Post 15

And here we are, another idea to discharge off into the Ether that came to me in a dream.



Weapon Designation= Rifle, Burst-Type


Manufacturer=The Roidsmen (To be explained below), Demogorgon Habitation-Fortress, Yuki-onna Glacier, 90482 Orcus.

Proper Statistical Breakdown: 

Damage= 25/25/25 Impact, Puncture, Slash

Projectile= "Hit-Scan"

Accuracy= 30

Cyclic Rate of Fire= 9

Critical Chance= 8%

Critical Damage= 1.5X

"P.R.O.C." Chance= 25%

Magazine= 1 30 round banana magazine

Reload Speed= 2.2

Trigger= Burst, Tri (depending on "game mechanics", could change to quad or quint dependent on magazine size change or elemental augmentation)

Mastery Rank Requirement= 3

Polarity= 2 Madurai

Damage Type Explanation and Additional Functionalities= While it's "item card" states that it does equal parts Impact, Puncture, and Slash Damage (25,25,25), this only applies to each bullet fired in one burst. To iterate "in-world wise", each 30 round banana magazine has a set of bullets arrayed in a specific order with a high-impact squash slug being the first bullet fired in a burst, a tungsten-jacket piercing round fired next, and an expanding shred-shrapnel round punctuating the end of the burst. Each specific round carries with it a 25% chance of dealing it's specific elemental effect. At worst, at least one of the bullets will have the ability to deal appropriate damage to it's target. At best, the target succumbs to a myriad amount of crippling status effects. As a final added bonus, if an elemental effect is added to the weapon and the magazine is extended, the elemental effect will be added as it's own specially stamped low-impact container round as the fourth bullet (or, if it gets to that point, the fifth)  in a burst with it's own 25% chance .

(Design note, I know it would be horrifically difficult to program, but for the original concept, I'd love for the elemental type to be applied to the physical round it shares the most enemy health type bonuses with. Ex= Impact/Cold, Puncture, Shred or Impact, Puncture/Corrosive, Shred etc.)


Appearance= Simply put, this gun is what would happen if you took several rifles from Warframe, threw them all into a big pile, broke them down to pieces, and told someone "Make something that works out of all this!" The body is certainly that of a Braton, but, a Karack's magazine well and barrel have been welded onto the front-half without the top-mounted iron sight. In addition, the butt-stock of a Latron has been carefully fitted into the back of the Braton chassis, held in place with rivets at key points of weakness and missing the grip-to-butt-stock metal piece. The final pieces of this Frankenstein weapon are the nearly seamless addition of a Dera's grip and trigger housing. While the constitute weapons all retain their own paint-patterns, the paint itself is a mix of the whitish blues, dark blacks, and pale browns of the Roidsmen's asteroid choked "homeland".


"Basic" Description= A creation of the wandering confederation of tribes  known collectively as the Roiders that roam beyond the reach of the main factions, the Xahunteper was the product of a particularly fruitful pooled research effort between the relatively sedentary scrappers and historians of the Poterhito who live upon Orcus and the daring raiders and pirates of the Homvide that live on gathering-stations in the world's orbit. The weapon's "Statically Adaptive" nature was implemented in response to the recent settlement-establishment  efforts of a veritable rogues gallery of foes, ranging from Corpus Mining Probes in search of the next big corporate score,  Grineer Spy Vessels hoping to find suitable areas to prep for colonization, and even Infested Drifting Wrecks floating aimlessly (or, in some cases, aimed on collision courses with inhabited areas). Previously, most Roider tribesmen were forced to utilize melee weaponry at worst and stolen firearms with no way to manufacture more munitions when the clip runs dry at best. Now, thanks to a century of rifling through a veritable hodgepodge of weapon designs and a smattering of  attempts at penetrating further into the system to steal weapon blueprints, at least 62% of the Fleet-Tribes and Roid-Clans that make-up the Roider Confederacy now have a production base, a standardized firearm for their respective forces, and the equal-parts stalwart and xenophobic "None-Shall Pass" mindset to have a noticeable effect on the outer-reaches of the Origin System. Naturally, it was inevitable that Board-Sponsored Privateers would get their hands on a new product to ruthlessly copy and sell to the masses as "A RUSTIC CHOICE FOR ALL OF YOUR HOME-DEFENSE NEEDS!"



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                                                         Post 16

Huh, 260 views eh? Was only expecting double digits in regards to how many folks would visit my little Gallery of "inspirational" ideas. Anywho, time for the last weapon design I came up with on my own before I try the "Beamsword" a fellow tossed at me recently. Had an environment idea, but, not sure if I'll include it today as it might be a bit "Far-fetched", even for the Science-Fantasy world of Warframe.

Designation= Overseer

Weapon Designation=Rifle, Beam-Type


Manufacturer= Dem Ful, Grand Smith of the  "Esoteric Developments" Weapon-Smithing Department, Deimos Tear-Gate, Voltaire Crater

Statistical Breakdown

Damage Type=20-1000 Radiation( See Add Func below)


Accuracy= 100

Cyclic Rate of Fire=1.0-20 (See Add Func)

Critical  Chance= 2%

Critical Damage=3X

"P.R.O.C." Chance=100-0 (See Add-Func)

Magazine=250 charge oro-cell

Reload Speed=2.5+.9 (The extra is for the ground slam)

Trigger=Ramping Discharge

Mastery Rank Requisite=11

Polarity= 1 Madurai,1 Vazarin,1 Naramon.

Additional Functionalities=

Pure Radiation. 

250 round magazine.

Starting off, the beam is very narrow, only fires at a rate of 1.0, and does only about 20 Damage with a 100% status chance. As you run down the battery however, damage and actual beam size rapidly ramps up while status chance drops down to zero, peaking at 1000 damage, 20 Rate of fire, and 0% chance at 249 continuously used charge and a full beam as wide as a Crewmen's helmet. On reload, the back hatch (that looks like the lid on a thumper orb) is opened up, a small power core (which looks similar to the one used on excavation missions) is placed into the back end and the entire weapon' is slammed into the ground butt-first, creating a shockwave that does no damage but knocks down any targets in range who's radius is in proportion to how much charge remains in the battery.


Appearance= Cobbled together is an understatement, The weapon's body almost appears to be nothing more then a "rectangle with a trigger and a grip slapped onto it". Covered in warning signs and wrapped in ragged insulation around both ends, it is a true miracle that the gun hasn't blown itself asunder on it's first use. The "barrel" of the weapon is what appears to be the floating front-lid of a Death Orb, invasively held in place with dozens of power shunting cables and wires as it seemingly "struggles" against the restraints that bind it to it's prison. In the empty space between the "barrel" and the body, baleful pale-green energy surges forth from the body and pulsates sinisterly, erupting into a blinding glow whenever the trigger is held down. The butt-end has a similar appearance, only that it's plate is on a set of reinforced hinges attached to strong metal rods and constantly seems to push towards the ground, desperately eager to fulfill it's created task. As if to make the device seem more "tasteful" in appearance, the entire device, other then it's blatantly Orokin ends, has been painted in a crude Grineer approximation of an Orokin paint-scheme, covered in childish messy splatters that belie the device's purpose.


Basic Description= Another fascinating curio conjured from the confusing depths of Deem Ful's own mind for the use of those close to the Entwined Throne. In this case, upon seeing a picture of the late Captain Vor wielding his personal firearm, the Seer, Ful was struck with one of his often-times dangerous bursts of enthusiastic inspiration. Gathering choice pieces from the mangled chunks of Orokin traps and architecture raiding patrols commonly came back with from Towers and Derelicts alike, several prototypes were soon forged and tested, resulting in many casualties and many failures (It can be noted that at least 3/4ths of the testing group were enslaved intellectuals and the other 1/4th were potentially seditious Grineer), culminating with this design as the proof-of-concept and Deem Ful as the sole survivor and only one with the knowledge to create one. The only one, that is, until the day a Tenno operative happened to be in the right place at the right time on a Phobos interception mission. . .


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                                                          Post 17

Alright, after a bit of deliberation, I figure I might as well go down the ludicrous path just once and spit out my idea for a "Void" Planet, here we go!


World Name: Spatali



(By Yhtmahyll of Dark Sector 2 - Fan Concept [18/07/2018])
Atmospheric composition= Trace. (Consists of Sulfur, Potassium, and Nitrate dusts. Occasionally, small clouds of  plasma temporarily form during particularly fierce Corpus battles in the normal world)

Crust Composition= Lead, Tungsten, Steel. In some areas, unexploded ordinance has become a layer in and of itself.  The core is occasionally heated up enough to become molten  due to particularly strong ship battles, resulting in quakes that may detonate ordinance, making it into the leading form of erosion on the planet other then ballistic rain.

Description= Due to the way that the Void dimension works, most material that is shunted there through Void Shielding (Or, in the case of some unfortunate souls, a damaged Void Drive) is doomed to float endlessly in the crackling energy filled space. In some cases however, enough material is shunted there to actually begin to aggregate into stellar bodies. The largest of said bodies, at a whopping 76 miles wide, is the free-floating mass of metal and nitrous known as Spatali. Consisting entirely of ballistic metals such as lead and tungsten, the planet would be a godsend for mining companies if it wasn't for the constant rain of bullets, plasma bolts, and ordinance that rains from the sky. This is due to the fact that, of the myriad brands of Void Shields produced by Corpus manufacturers, over 50% are rough copies of a single originally Orokin piece (Now used as the shielding for the Highest Profitician's luxury temple located at the very border of Neptune's gravity well) who's dialed in Void coordinates are located approximately 3 miles off the "core" of the planet itself. Thanks to imperfections in the copies' designs, many of the dialed in coordinates are located in the planet's upper atmosphere, ensuring a steady supply of deadly material drops like precipitation.


Environmental Effects=

Arrow Pits- The dust sometimes hides these painful walls of arrows shot by Tenno over the ages, guaranteeing a puncture or bleed P.R.O.C. on contact (Does no damage on it's own)

Rain of Terror- Occasionally during a mission, a larger then average tear in the sky will form and disgorge a menagerie of rockets, beams, arrows, plasma bolts, buckshot, and bullets down onto the terrain. Damage dealt to those caught in the storm is completely randomized, as are the critical chance, P.R.O.C. chance, and associated elements.

Chill of the Void- Thanks to the lack of a sun, thermal generators similar to those found at Europa ship salvaging sites are deployed throughout the area. These are hybridized with the gravatic generators found on ships in order to provide a stabilized oxygenated bubble of gravity from which the first Corpus Expedition once worked before it was completely destroyed to the last man and walking-machine indirectly during the Formorian attacks (Beams that hit Tenno and other ships during the war went straight down to the planet's surface and left yards wide craters in the landscape.)

Void Surge- Occasionally, a Void Storm will occur on the Battlefield and energize the terrain with a bolt of energy or two. This will increase the energy regeneration of Tenno.


Not the best of my ideas, definitely one of my only location ideas. That should be it for them for now.


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                                                         Post 18

Another day, another dollar, an actual piece of art coming up for one of my ideas

Designation= Krurelta

Weapon Designation=Torn between either placing it in the Whip or Nunchaku category. Might require its own.


Manufacturer= The Esoteric Developments Weapon-Smithing Department, Deimos Tear-Gate, Voltaire Crater.

Statistical Breakdown:

Damage Type=125 Impact

Slide Attack=185

Jump Attack= 185

Wall Attack= 165

Swing Speed=0.95(The drone's bulk doesn't help, but, the thrusters do counteract some of this.)

Critical Chance=20%

Critical Damage=2.5

"P.R.O.C."Chance=20% (10% Fire chance due to thruster contact)

Channeling Damage= 1.5

Amount of Hittable Targets= 3

Master Rank Requisite= 4

Polarity= None

Stance= Undecided, but the symbol is sure to be 1 Vazarin.

Additional Functionalities=

Dealing a whopping 125 pure impact damage with the occasional chance of dealing fire damage due to it's sparking thrusters, the Krurelta is more then a mere melee implement. Without any added stances installed, it can act as an excellent implement for mobility. Depending on the buttons mashed in combination, the Krurelta can send the user screeching upwards, pull the user forwards in a violent bull-rush,  pull its user to either side in a painful swipe, or  pull its user to the ground quickly in a dangerous ground slam.

Appearance=Based upon a similar orokin design that was left unfinished in the far corner of one of the myriad foundry ships cracked open and stripped of any relevant items of value, the Krurelta is, for lack of a better term, a jet-complimented chain flail. While the original form called for a decorative sun-shaped design with several gravatic generators mounted strategically to allow it to sweep through the air with ease, the current Grineer variant is essentially a rather "tame" purple and orange roller of sorts with red lights on a long retractable chain covered in a mashed-together array of maneuvering thrusters that allow it to be let loose with all the flight stability of a stone launched from a catapult. Fortunately, the on-board computer is just canny and reactive enough to counter actions that could potentially bring harm to the user, such as activating it's thruster to quickly return after being launched or countering a swing that might swing around and hit the user themselves. As an added violent bonus, the chain itself is covered in an array of barbs for the quick and dirty purpose of assassinating foes when a roller launch would be imprudent.


Basic Description=

As stated before, the device is a crude improvisation of an unfinished Orokin design blueprint. The Krurelta was once meant for the mere amusement of bored technicians and was "tested" in excess on hundreds of unfortunate "testing volunteers" in the meager amounts of spare time the technicians were allotted. It wasn't until the recruitment of the eccentric Deem Ful (and his infectious bouts of "inspiration") that a  tool for sport was given a new occupation  as a grinder of stone in Grineer asteroids and a slayer of men on the battlefield. As a side fact, the "roller" component of each Krurelta is filled with the painstakingly transplanted components of a recovered Corpus or Orokin "M.O.A. backpack" drone, the very reason why the weapon can function in such a reactive manner.

Phew, worked for to long on this one! 3:00-5:00 A.M. Guess time flies when you have a creative itch to scratch.


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                                                         Post 19

Ah, a shame no one comments anymore, but, oh well, I'm just happy the patrollers haven't blown this place apart for "necroing". Anywho, time to carve a fresh combat niche for the poor constantly beaten senseless Infested!


Unit Designation: Broadside

Unit Class: Infested


Health Types: A tasty crust of ferrite from absorbed infantry which, upon being blown away, reveals the juicy Infested tidbits beneath.

Manufacturer: Phoroid Gestalt Consciousness, months of focused evolution and copious amounts of Corpus vessels and their contents crashed into the landscape, unnamed sinkholes of Eris

"Equipment" and "Aesthetics":


(Mid-lunge as eyes retract, illustrated by Mr. Reaar.) 

 A segmented body consisting of 3 MOA bound together front-to-back with ship components and unnatural muscles and sinews which give it a run speed about on-par with a standard MOA. At the front of this hulk, a pair of crewmen are bound together back to back with their helms having been amalgamated into a sinister set of metallic jaws lined with 4 rows of metal fragments stuck in place with peach colored flesh. At the necklines of both crewmen's helms, a pair of eyes (two stick out the top, two others are under slung) that look sinisterly similar to a crewmen's peep out on slug like stalks that still retain the appearance of "normal" popped out optic nerves. Said eyes retract beneath the helms whenever the beast unhinges it's "jaw" to entrap an unfortunate Tenno to be pinned for other Infested to attack. To top it all off, a row of 3 plasma cannons re-purposed from it's MOA components give the horror its namesake and it's defining trait, long range firepower. The front and back turrets can only fire in a 90' angle from directly behind and directly forwards to it's full broadside pattern. It's vocalizations are a blending of a MOA shriek, the death cry of a crewmen, and metal grinding.



Rarer then the Ancients that pop-up during Infested missions, Broadsides tend to hang about at the back of the horde firing rapid barrages of plasma and generally doing it's best to avoid combat. Only when it is met in melee combat or an opponent is focused elsewhere will it unhinge it's jaws and hurl itself at the offender. If it latches on, it will temporarily hold the target in a defenseless state as it inflicts modest slash damage with its chewing and allows other Infested to deal damage without fear of reprisal. 

Basic Description:

A product of the standardized containment practices of the Corpus (vessels unreachable by lured Tenno or unable to initiate a core meltdown are to aim at the nearest stellar body and accelerate at full speed for maximum impact), Broadsides commonly spawn from the debris remaining if said protocols are performed in a sloppy manner. Proving it's disturbing adaptive efficiency, the Technocyte plague has blended flesh with machine in ways previously thought impossible. Electrocytes and gas sacks pulsate alongside tokmaks and polarized magnets to fire plasma projectiles while scrap metal and cable encapsulate bone and act as anchoring points for muscle and blood vessels. Rarely encountered in functioning or recently Infested ships due to their unique conditions of formation, the Mutalist Contagion of recent repute has boosted their numbers considerably as it has enabled other Infested to promote their creation through gratuitous amounts of environment destruction and the gathering of carcasses to centralized areas.


Maybe this wee beasty would help make fighting Infested a bit more interesting?

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                                                         Post 20

Dem it, lost an entire concept an hour ago to a computer reset, ah well, back to it yet again.

Designation: Caducyte

Weapon Designation: In it's "Caduceus" Stance, it has the move-set of a polearm. However, as a whole, it is regarded as a throwing weapon, especially in it's "Ouroboros" thrown mode.


Manufacturer: Infested ships commonly gestate Caducytes as on-board organic maintenance workers, scabbing over wounds to internal tissue and fostering technocyte growth on portions of the vessel which have been rendered mechanically un-sound. 

Statistical Breakdown:

Damage= 60 Impact, 15 slash, 5 Viral.

Statistical Chance- 18.5%

Critical Chance- 15.8%

Critical Damage- 3X

Spin Attack=107

Jump Attack=100

Wall Attack= 125

Radius= 5



Statistical shifts in it's Ouroboros format:

Damage=40 Impact, 25 Slash.

Additional Functionalities:

As an assassination maneuver, the Caducyte is wrapped around the neck of an enemy target in a manner similar to garrote wire. The two mouths on both ends then proceed to latch on and rip the opponent's upper portion off into two neat and bloody halves. This sudden influx of "raw materials" stir up the internal "cellular foundries" found in the Caducyte's core, causing it to secrete a thick energy-colored gel that increases platelet production and collagen growth. In mechanical terms, this causes the wielding frame to regenerate 15 health a second for 10 seconds after each assassination kill. In addition, upon hitting a wall in it's Ouroboros discus state, the Caudcyte will stick temporarily before coiling it's muscle tissue in a spring-like manner and then promptly bounce off at double the speed it left it's user's hand.

Appearance: In it's folded state, the Caducyte weapon has the appearance of the ancient symbol of the Caducus of yore minus the metal pole in the middle. The gore-colored intestine-esque serpentine body is connected together by an interlocking set of back spikes with pores on the opposing side that act alternatively as the origin point from which the "healing gel" comes forth from and  as "sheaths" of sorts that ensure no self-inflicted harm comes to the creature while it is in the caduceus state. Both mouths stand in a permanently flexed state with their myriad virus-infested gripping teeth forced outward in the organic equivalent of a hundred little fishhooks. When transferring to it's thrown state, one of the two heads will retract it's teeth and swallow the other and the entire serpentine form will form a ring shape before flattening out into a an aerodynamic discus shape with it's spikes facing outwards in a buzz-saw esque pattern. 

Basic Description: Yet another product of the Tenno's ingenuity and exclusive access to technocyte-based weaponry, the Caducyte is an adaptable but hard to acquire tool of warfare that most other factions would consider killing on sight rather then using as a killing implement.. Pulled from a still living Hive (Cauducytes appear to have a strange transmission link between their spawning Hive and themselves, when their parent hive is slain, the Caducyte flat-lines and is reduced to a vegetative state) and implanted at both ends with specially-tweaked control-bolts (to both block the majority of the Hive's control signal and to "smooth over" its more violent tendencies) in a manner similar to the myriad artificial intelligences employed by the Corpus, a "tamed" Caducyte is an excellent boon to any individual in the business of subterfuge. The only risk when utilizing the weapon is the unlikely potential for the control implants to break and the creature getting loose. If the liberated Caducyte can lodge itself in a difficult to get into area such as piping or a ventilation shaft, the creature could potentially jump-start an outbreak in a matter of mere weeks through it's own propagating action or through it's link to it's parent Hive.


One of the few which I myself can say would have been so much easier to type about if only I had the drawing skills to cut down on the descriptions. Ah well, best I can do. Might be my last fellow until Specter drops and I'm filled with more rambling concepts inevitably.





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                                                         Post 21

The sun is shineing, the pool is warm, the forums are bristling with  justified and unjustified rage in equal measure, looks like a perfect time for me to cobble togethor another concept, no? Onwards!

Designatio: Panac

Weapon Designation: Fists, no doubts about it.


Manufacturer: Beekcloud, subsidiary "Glosneest Healthcare Solutions" ( You are Not a Product (shows image of Grineer worker getting crushed under a cloning tank with others staring at him blankly) But an Asset! (Shows a very battered looking crewmen being picked up by five others plus a rather hourglass-esque Scrambus), Seasonal Spin-off Product line, Neptune Equatorial Station, Merchandising Tithe Temple "Proxies for Proactive People".

Statistical Breakdown:

Damage= 22 Impact, 10 Electrical, 10 Radiation

Slide Damage=80

Jump Attack=80

Wall Attack=100


Attack Speed=1.00

Critical Chance=20%

Critical Damage= 2.0

Status Chance=20%


Polarity= Vazarin (The Tenno's healing school made for  an excellent cultural capitalistic branding strategy at one point.)

Stance= Naramon ("Because knowledge is power!" Says the cheesy scrapped big-screen advertisement)

Additional Functionalities:

1) As much of the effect of the gauntlets comes from their high mass and the gauntlet emitters, punches are replaced with full palm strikes when the Panac are used.

2) Although the lethality of this set of "medical" gauntlets precludes their original use of diagnosis and treatment, the Panac still retains powerful organic scanning capability. When assassinating a humanoid target, the frame sways it's arms in a readying swing once, twice, thrice before slamming both gauntlets together on the targets head in an open-handed "clap" that reduces the head to a lovely red pulp. As the body falls, the Tenno quickly begins running both palms along the body, quickly scanning the body while also reducing it to a fine powdery ash stain. The gauntlets have a direct up-link to the Tenno's codex scanner, allowing for the kill to count as a scan (the up-link still functions even for Simaris-sponsored scanners), giving scholarly Tenno a useful combat tool when close-ranged scanning could risk leaving them in the open against a close-ranged foe (Ivara, Ash, and Loki stand to benefit beautifully).


A "simple" set of form-fitting metal gauntlets made up of anatomically correct articulated metal plates with rounded off fingers to prevent accidental damage to patients. Leading up along the arms is a snaky network of synthetic pseudo-muscle fibers and wiring which allow the bulky gauntlets to act less like delayed-reaction prosthetics and more like dexterous extensions of the user's body. Said networks leads to two small-scale batteries on each shoulder, each of which is surrounded by a small slowly spinning dynamo ring which rapidly accelerates to eye-defying speed when overcharged (once to resuscitate the newly dead very quickly, now to compliment mercenary murder) In the palm of each gauntlet, two major pieces of equipment are housed. In the center of the palms, a scaled-down X-Ray imager is housed that, when the device is connected to a nearby panel or personal computable, can upload X-ray images in real-time for quick on-the-fly diagnosis. In a ring around the X-Ray device is a high-powered cardiovascular resuscitation device. The overall paint-scheme for the overall machine is bone-white with red energy coloring (most visible on the batteries, dynamos, and the red "dark awareness" glow specks on the knuckles) and grey wiring.


Basic Description:

Once upon a time, the Panac was known as the "Panacea Arm-Worn Medical Proxy". Lauded by Glosneest Healthcare Solutions to be the "unparalleled multi tool of emergency response equipment". over five million credits worth of time, work, and effort was put into coming up with a design which could (theoretically) turn any lowborn crewmen into a potential workplace accident mitigator. The Board was so happy with the live testing results, that they commissioned a Glosneest craft bearing 400 of the first off the assembly line to drop off at the battered Martian Front for immediate use. The vessel arrived smoothly with no recorded threats, dropping down at Luxor's Foundry stronghold ready for action. On their first use however, the machines' patients were immediately burned to ashes at best or died of a dose of 30 Greys of radiation minutes later. It was soon discovered that every single Panacea device had been heavily tampered with to the point of turning every tool into a lethal weapon. Furious at this absolute negligence, the Executive-Commander of the Polar Base had the crew press-ganged as Arc-Mine sweepers and sent the vessel back crewed only by Ospreys and M.O.A. Financially drained and with the finger of blame pressing heavily down on their shoulders, Glosneest's Minister-Director was sacked down to below the poverty line and the company was folded back into Beekcloud itself. To this day, no one knows who or what was responsible for the act of sabotage. The blame has been scattered around from faulty manufacturing equipment, accidental damage on-board, Red Veil deep covers, or even Tenno. In the end, what is known is that the original shipment was never found again and the black-market was suddenly flooded with near-perfect forgeries, all tandems under the name "Panac".


Phew! Geezus! Three days taken for that one, these suckers keep getting longer and longer. Guess vacation will do that to you.











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                                                         Post 22

Consarnit! I waited to long and, low and behold, way to many ideas to present in a single post! Ah well, I'll start with the one that's freshest in mind, circa 10 minutes ago of thinking in the shower.

Fractured but Whole: Factionilization Within the Greater Factions


Essentially, in order to spice things up a bit, I'd like to introduce a bit of variability to existing units by introducing various political parties, "generations", and strains to the existing factions that exist in "harmony" (insert uncontrollable guffaws here) with the main liners while pushing their own agendas through various alerts.

The Gritty Juicy Details Part 1

Corpus Lobbindals (Lobbyist Cardinals)

Despite the seemingly monolithic nature of the Corpus' fiscal theocracy, doctrinal disputes do indeed occur at times. While most problems are beaten down rather quickly by the plutocratic oligarchs in charge through guile or brutality, two particular factions have risen up of late due to the recent absence of a single chair on the Board (even in exile, Alad is still a giant metal rod in the Board's rear). Rather then engage in the disputes publicly, these groups wage a "shadow war" against one another outside Corpus space, the winner's successes being "unwasted" victories for the group as a whole. These groups are the Orwellians and the Bethkinites.




"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

-George Orwell

Basic Description:

Leader: Brain of the Kin (To be named by someone better then I)

Firm and harsh believers in stability at any cost to keep the "Corpus of Mankind" free and clean from the taint of the Gray Goo disaster that ended Old Earth civilization, inhabitants of Orwellian worlds can expect a brutality that makes Grineer slavery look like paradise. Standardized eugenics protocols, from-birth sub-dermal tracking chips, concrete-lined social stratification, double-thinking slow-marching specialty soldiers eyeballing the masses through seen and unseen means, and above it all, the sultry voice of the Brain of the Kin speaking of how wonderful it is to be alive (Remember, The Brain is always Thinking of You!). A heavy-duty backer of Luxor Forges' weaponry manufacturing and the reinforcement of current Corpus holdings against the menace of outsiders, most members of this group are prominent industrialists and "old money" families that tend to provide a considerable percentage of the Corpus' mineral wealth and strategic reserves, making them a definitive contender as a possible replacement for the apolitical Alad the Fifth.

Added Unit Characteristics:

We are the Body= Considerably more Corpus Crewmen show up in Orwellian missions and alerts due to their views on "proper" technological control.

Subdue and Suppress= Stun batonsmen activate a radial electric discharge upon losing their void shields that has a significant chance to stun.

Shoot to Kill= All Orwellian affiliated troops deal 50% more Slash damage then their main liner counterparts.

Obedience- Corpus Techs gain the ability to activate an "Overdrive" field that affects their lower ranked associates. If a Corpus group of 4 or more crewmen is close by, the Techs amp up their implants, causing them considerable pain and rage. Affected Crewmen ignore cover, deal more melee damage, and run much faster.

The Brain is Thinking of You!- Corpus infantry have a tendency to form a staggered line in front of security cameras. Here, they gain +15% accuracy and 25% health due to their from-birth adulation of their heroic leader.

(Other ideas to be added later)



"Work sucks, that's why it isn't called fun."

-Bruce Bethke

Leader: C.E.O (To be named by better souls then I)

Glittering neon signs, pop stars at the height of their careers, technological wonders that put mankind's menial work to shame, all this and more is what is brought to mind whenever the Bethkenites appear. Ardent reclaimers, repurposers, and resellers of Orokin technology, the Bethkenites have their thumbs in everyone's pies at some point. Formulaic entertainment, cybernetics, hyper advanced robotics, boundless fiscal resources, and the ability to shift the pawns of influence across the chessboard of politics with but a wave of their hands, these are the greatest tools the Bethkenites use to wage their wars both foreign and domestic. Heavy backers of the Beekcloud Conglomerate, most Bethkinites are stock exchangers, millionaire playboys, and genius innovators that keep the endless profit flowing into Corpussian coffers. With this linchpin firmly lodged in place, the Bethkenites stand ready to pounce upon the open seat like famished vultures, ready to drag mankind into a sparkling future. . . no matter the cost or consequences.

Added Unit Characteristics:

Tech Troops- Significantly more Proxies appear during missions then Crewmen due to the Bethkenites largely indolent lifestyles.

Neural Networking- M.O.A. have a tendency to gang up against the opposition, with each M.O.A. added into a group adding a +5% bonus to all of their statistics.

Integrated Software- All Shield Ospreys count as security cameras and all security cameras have a radiation damage field constantly in their line of sight. In addition, all turrets have over shields and L.A.S.E.R. grids can cause burn"P.R.O.Cs"

Chrome and Bone- Corpus Crewmen affiliated with the Bethkenites have been heavily augmented. Crewmen gain a stacking bonus (from 2% capped at 20%) to accuracy and damage with every successful hit they make on a target that applies to all other crewmen (decays over time). In addition, all crewmen gain +10% health and +25% shields due to augmented organs and bodily installed shield batteries.

Miniaturization- Corpus Technicians can and will deploy a M.O.A. drone in addition to their slotted shield drone.

(The rest to be determined and added to)

PHEW! That was way to much fun! I'll let the other two "add-on" factions for the Grins and the Fested and the two guns sit out for a day or so, feels less spamgasmic, you know?


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Now we move on to something a tad bit more unfamiliar then political parties, the Grineer's " generational gap".

The Gritty Juicy Details Part 2

The Grineer Generations.

With a cultural heritage so deeply embedded into themselves that only genetic mutation or significant mental trauma could change it, the inhabitants of the Grineer Empire are extremely politically stable, since they all know that the chain of command always leads to and ends at the Kweens, no compromises, no regrets. Rather then be divided along political lines then, the Grineer's controversy arises from the "generational gap" that has inevitably occurred as a result of the near constant cloning that occurs across the Empire. The two factions, The New Bluds and the Grem, are more akin to exclusive social cliques then political groups. However, make no mistakes, both sides will gladly spill the blood of the other in the name of the Kweens, and, in the end, the Kweens will always get what they want, one way, or another (The Kweens never really intercede in these distant disputes, leading many to beleive that they continue to allow their existence to weed out potential troops from the slaughter and induct them into the baseline armed forces.)


New Bluds

"Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do or die."

- Alfred Tennyson

Freshly plucked from their tubes and fitted with the necessary organs that may or may not be within them, New Blud troops tend to be an over-eager group when it comes to their chosen occupation. Whether it be working a mining machine, connecting wires in a power junction, or shouldering one of the billions of grakata guns that exist in the Sol system, New Bluds tend to approach all of their tasks with a single minded, almost youthful vigor. As such, this leads to the double-edged sword of New Blud troops going up against and beating impossible odds, but, dieing by the tens of thousands in the process, leading some members of the Grineer to regard them as expendable in the same way one might think of a single bullet fired from a mini-gun. This mindset has led to a a growing sense of dissent and dissatisfaction within the group, making things rather difficult whenever New Bluds are deployed alongside older Grineer. They regard the Kweens themselves with a blended cross between messianic veneration and dictatorial worship, and only their direct orders can motivate a New Bluds platoon to truly suicidal action.

Added Unit Characteristics:

New Blood-

New Blud unit consistency tends to skew towards light units with the occasional medium unit due to their "rookie" status in the Grineer social structure.

Serve Kweens!-

Regulators appear much more often and in greater numbers in New Blud Grineer missions. In addition,  all Regulators will only play the Phobos Grineer speech and have double the effect on New Blud troops.

Newborn Vigour- 

Having had little time to feel the brunt of their shortened lifespans, New Bluds are at the peak of their physical game.

+25% to maximum health and 1.5 increase to alert radius.


Overenthusiastic, short fused, and well ritualized in the ways of gun greasing, New Bluds have a tendency to unload everything they have at a target and then some, with little regard for such inane concepts as "trigger discipline" and "focused fire".

-15% accuracy, but, + 40% to rate of fire.

Royal Bias-

All female New Bluds have an additional 5% bonus to all statistics due to special treatment, having been born the Kweens' gender.

(Possible extras TBAd)


"Lead me, follow me, or get the hell outta my way."

-George S. Patton Jr



In the aftermath of some of the worst slaughters that the Sol Origin system has thrown at them, there are always those Grineer that manage to survive. Through stamina, strength, discipline, or pure mad luck, someone always crawls out from beneath the rubble whenever the reclamation crews or salvage ships arrive to go about their business. To become a Grem, a Grineer must go through this soul-shattering and limit -breaking experience thrice with either wounds or a kill to show for it. Those who have made a kill have their trigger finger blackened, while those who have received injuries have the area of injury blackened in a near-perfect outline. Having lived for so long against so many opposing forces, Grem members can be divided into two groups. Those who have grown numb to the sting of losing their brethren, and those so far decayed mentally and/or physically that death would be a blessing. For both types, there is no return home, no fleeing the front lines, there is only the slow march into whatever hellscape her majestys have deemed worthy of the presence of the Grem.

Added Unit Characteristics:

The Endless Walk-

Grem platoons contain a considerable amount of shield bearers and heavy units, emphasizing their disdain for the attrition warfare of main liners and the human wave tactics used by the New Bluds.

Prepared for the End- 

Due to their sickly nature and line of work, Grem kit up every day in the expectation that they will be dead by the next day. Their equipment is built to last for at least ten wearers in it's lifetime. +10% damage reduction for all Grineer units, -20% health for all organics.

Keep the Line Moving!-

Grem shield-bearers have a tendency to walk side by side with shields raised and contain the most Eximi among their troops. In addition, all shield bearers have +30% damage reduction blanketed over the "Prepared for the End" bonus as they are critical to the Grem's strategy.

Bitter Hatred

Though most of the Grem troops have consigned themselves to their various fates, none of them will go down quietly when their time comes. For every Grineer unit killed in a Grem's viewing range, a +5% permanent stacking damage bonus is applied, up to 25%.

The Cackling Horde

Behind this band of fated warriors trails a legion of their maddened brethren, gleefully awaiting the moment that a trooper finally breaks rank and scuttles howling into their throng. All Grem missions will have 1 to 2 Manics appear every time an alarm is pulled.

(Insert Additionals Here)

PHEW! Three days of thinking and I finally pulled it off. For your viewing pleasure! Now, time to take some time to work on the strains, should take a few days the way I've been doing these lately.

(Addendum Circa 10/18/2017 at 13:26)

Phew, blasted Internet crash made me lose it yesterday.

Anyway, and now for a generation that is neither old or young, but, rather, "lost" and "distanced" from their brethren, mostly because they are so alien and isolated to them as to simply be incapable of integration.


"I despise you and I love you, you who are my damnation and salvation both."

   - John Scalzi, Old Man's War

The Starborn Brigade


Despite the Empire's efficiency at producing loyal and productive workers, the issue of human error always remains an issue due to the nation's sheer size and the sheer amount of citizens produced. Inevitably, dissidents, defects, and even simply unrecorded "products" slip through the cracks and are left to fend for themselves or, at the very least, offer themselves up to the nearest officer and take the mercy bullet owed to them. In recent years, however, thanks in no small part to the current ongoing war of attrition and atrocity against the Corpus, the power of a properly disposable work or armed force is actually beginning to become a luxury in the long-term as the templates continue to become rife with carcinogenic sequences and simple nucleotide breakdown. Seeking a method to delay this inevitable approaching disaster given Regor's constant delays (and eventual horrific death), some of the finest minds the Grineer can muster were sought in order to find a way to stave off this impending doom in a non-genetic manner. The answer found to be the most satisfying to the higher Grineer and the Kween(s) came from the sweltering forges of The Esoteric Developments Weapon Smithing Group based out of the shattered remnants of Deimos.

Specializing in heavy construction and experimentation, but lacking the manpower for the most elaborate projects, the jittery inhabitants of Deimos promised spectacular gains for the empire as a whole as long as they received a steady stream of "test material". Eager for the permanent removal of riff-raff and rebel alike from their streets and prisons (hard-pressed by Tenno and Infested attack alike), the Empire obliged, and, within a few years time, Deimos' answer came marching down the halls of the Kuva Fortress to reiterate it's loyalty to the Kweens with loose lips, glassy eyes, and stiff marching. A new army was born among the stars, blessed with inhuman will and tasked with safeguarding the routes in-between the worlds of the Empire from their eternal enemies. The Starborn Brigade.

Added Unit Characteristics:

Inhibited Souls=

   Thanks to a rigorous (and torturous) regime of neural reprogramming, cybernetic brain shunting, nerve deadening, and simple repetitive pain exposure, Brigadiers no longer feel negative effects inflicted upon them. The burn of fire, the shock of energy, the confusion of radiation, nothing phases these fleshy war machines. All secondary status effects such as stun, knockback, or the burning animation as well as fear effects do not apply to Starborn troops.

Beyond-Human Strength=

   Significant amounts of electro-muscular stimulation therapy, tasteless vitamin slurry, and monotonous calisthenics programs have honed the Starborn into athletic paradigms. +10% movement speed, +15% health, and +20% melee damage for all Starborn troops.

Horrific Procedures=

   Even in eternal servitude, no one escapes the Kweens' or the Hierarchies' hatred. The worst offenders "recruited" into service  oftentimes arrive with explicit instructions to be fitted with internalized explosives to ensure satisfying vengeance for wronged parties elsewhere. "Gibbed" or decapitated units have a 15% chance to disperse a set of latchers or a radial shock mine burst on death from the wound.

Special Units:

Starborn Brigade Savage by HugintheCrowDA

(Art by HugintheCrow.)
Health Type: Cloned Flesh

Equipment: Sluagh Claws, Starborn-Typical Enhanced Anatomy, Insanity.

"Basic" Description:

Even with the brilliant iteration upon iteration of procedures that Deimos technicians and doctors utilize to strip the willful of both their wills and their souls, there is always a percentage who's transformation simply doesn't do well. Cybernetics that don't adjust to the user or treatments that don't quite take. The results tend to end up as gibbering animalistic wrecks that can barely contain their bodily functions, much less act as proper disciplined troops. But, as attack animals and trained sentries, they suffice. Armed with Sluagh claws and possessing the mannerisms of a manic, intermixed with mad hooting and an apelike posture, these barely clothed (combat shorts are usually the bare-minimum provision) wretches hurl themselves at as well as pull foes towards themselves, eagerly hoping to share some of their pain with the enemy.


Savage Handler=
Starborn Brigade Savage Handler by HugintheCrowDA

(Art by HugintheCrow.)

Health Type: Cloned Flesh/Alloy
Equipment: Clepa Machine Carbine, Bulk Matter Void Transmitter, Mind-Stim Savage Guidance Device.

"Basic" Description:

Striding onto the battlefield with the cold cockiness of one who could care less about what they are up against, these  soldiers provide guidance and coordination to their savage wards via plucking their very neurons like harp-strings from a distance. The Clepa allows them to unload a significant amount of rounds onto a target and continue doing so, but their accuracy is something to be desired.


A hooded "cowl" of sorts that leads down to a dark grey cape that is slightly tattered, but not worn. A rubbery balaclava covers the face while a set of goggles obscure the eyes behind rough glass "portholes". The chest plate is smooth and unadorned, colored in the "cosmic" (deep DEEP black with dots of red, yellow, white, and blue stars across it in varying sizes and shapes) camouflage of the Starborn Brigade. Extending the top of the head is a circular mechanical cage of sorts with wires that connect right through the fabric of the cowl into the Handler's head, the sinister means by which the soldier puppets the savages like chess pieces on a chess-board. The arms are covered in full gauntlets camouflaged like the chest, while the "pants" and boots are a full set of greaves connected together, sealed for hostile environments.


Starborn Brigade Ravager by HugintheCrowDA

(Art by HugintheCrow.)

Health Type: Cloned Flesh/Ferrite

Equipment: Atmos, Krurelta, Exoskeletal Leg Supports.

"Basic" Description: 

Usually saboteurs in their former lives before being pushed through "reprocessing", the telltale sound of jet thrusters blazing and gleeful laughter announces their presence across the landscape. Dangling from the steel chain that connects wielder to weapon, these blazing lunatics spin and jump into the fray, evasively pulled about by the krurelta in almost graceful looking maneuvers while scorching lines in the landscape with their beam weapons. Never standing still for long, ravagers can be as much a hazard to their allies as they are to their foes, given the fuel-tanks they back-mount in place of hellion jet packs they utilize to refuel their atomoi. Though hard to hit given the strong armoring on it, a clear slit that wraps around the top for on-the-fly fuel measurement allows one to strike the fuel itself, resulting in a satisfying "CRACKABOOM" in addition to a yellow fireball that can be seen for miles. When the wielder is slain (going out with a grateful thanks or a disappointed grumble), the krurelta breaks free from the body's grasp, becoming nightmare personified, a hovering roller armed with a deadly tail-chain hell-bent on succeeding where it's "mountee" failed, marred only by it's thinner-then-standard robotic chassis.


Done-up in the garb of a standard butcher with a hellion's body-plate and a face enclosed by a mask similar to the "dome-bubble" of a dargyn pilot, the ravager foregoes subtlety with an oily red nebula (absolute black with gaseous splotches and a few scattered stars) "camouflage" that practically announces the presence of the wearer like a flash of lightning in the night. The tank of detonite-infused-grokdrule on it's back is a part of the standard "hump" of Grineer armor, filled with volatile ammunition. A set of hydraulic pistons mounted on the legs in a scaffolded assembly allows these thrill-seekers to perform even higher jumps then the thrust from their krurelta allows.


Starborn Brigade Hussar by HugintheCrowDA

(Art by HugintheCrow.)

Health Type: Cloned Flesh/Ferrite

Equipment: Buzlok, Heli Cluster Plasma Grenade, Cardac Heart-Monitor.

"Basic" Description:

   The "flagship model" of the Starborn Brigade's corrective programs, hussar soldiers are glassy-eyed, drooling, deathly silent and unflinchingly loyal. Only responsive to those present during the mind-scrubbing and imprinting process in the lab and unflinchingly dutiful to the point that self destruction or evisceration are never considered when given orders, hussars can be found standing slack-jawed and ramrod-straight in the security towers and checkpoints that dominate much of Deimos. Regarding them as stupid due to their looks is very much equivalent to suicide, as their minds have been cleared of everything other then whatever orders they have received. Testing has revealed that the mental adjustments have been so effective that a hussar was once stood in front of a water fountain for a week and was told not to partake, breaking the command only 4 hours before inevitable death in an animalistic conflict between programming and instinct. They say they've gotten it down to two hours since. . .


   As an added threat alongside their unflinching loyalty, each hussar is equipped with a Caradac Heart Monitor mounted on it's chest, just over the heart. Acknowledging the "cannon fodder" nature of these soldiers, Deimos cybernetists installed these security measures to ensure that even in dieing, a hussar soldier can provide a tactical advantage. If the hussar is killed without chest dismemberment and without the implant being removed, the corpse will emit a distinct and extremely loud whine simultaneously with an S.O.S. radio broadcast that can be heard and/or picked up out to at least 30 meters from the corpse. Adjusted to a pitch that resonates extremely well with Grineer hearing, the whine and/or transmission will set any nearby troops on alert, with at least one going exactly where the body came to rest. 


Aside from the "dargyn helm" head, the true-heart-shaped chest implant (destructible) with a little speaker and a small transmitter-post sticking out of it, and the "yellow nebula" style Starborn pattern on it's uniform, the hussar's physical uniform is completely unchanged from it's space-marine brethren's.


Starborn Brigade Arbalest by HugintheCrowDA

(Art by HugintheCrow.)
Health Type: Cloned Flesh/Ferrite.

Equipment:  Argonak, Pressurized Prosthetic Leg Extensions, Synthetic Muscle-Fibered Limbs.

"Basic" Description:

Cold and silent female counterparts to their hussar brethren, these stout marksmen were created to be a significant improvement over their more lively ballista cousins. With their organic arms removed and replaced with sturdy synthetics and their single shot vulkars replaced with the more flexible argonaks, arbalests are masterful long-range killers capable of following-through on multiple targets in a few short moments. In addition, unlike the ballistas they replace who's accuracy and range is dependent on the terrain, arbalests can and will make their own lethal sniping positions, as their stiff insectile leg prosthesis are capable of pushing their torsos a further six feet into the air and adjusting to anywhere in between in accordance with the arbalest's own nerve impulses. The servomotors in these components are so precise that the arbalest can effectively dodge incoming projectile fire by extending up or retracting their legs down. The well-tuned legs also come with the passive added bonus of allowing arbalests to travel significant distances in a few strides, something of significant value given the long tracks of land they are commonly deployed in.

The unfortunate weakness of their leg components, as yet to be counteracted due to weight compromises and material limits, is that, in their extended state, they are vulnerable to trauma, though their thin profile helps counter this. If and when one limb is blown off, the arbalest will inevitably fall in a ragdoll manner, sometimes receiving damage dependent on their previous height. If they survive, they essentially become land-bound turrets with extremely slow motility, but excellent accuracy and turn-speed.


Little flesh remains on these particular volunteers/victims  of Deimos' unbridled need to tinker. All that remains of the original Grineer is a ballista's torso and head, the head being inside of a dargyn pilot bubble-helm and the armor being of a "White Nebula" Starborn pattern. Meanwhile, the inhuman arms of the arbalest ripple with armor-camo-imbued prosthetic muscle, possessing only a strong trigger-finger, a middle-finger, and thumb on each hand, narrowing down the options of just what an arbalest can do other then point and shoot by design. The legs are tall, bent in an insectile manner, and are digitigrade, with a well-balanced "duck-foot" on the bottom that allows for the arbalest to maneuver with little fear of tripping and falling through any fault of their own while also allowing them to stabilize themselves in a near-organic manner. The same pattern found on the chest is also found ingrained into the artificial muscle fibers of the legs as well, albeit patterned on a much smaller scale.


Starborn Brigade Ultra by HugintheCrowDA

(Art by HugintheCrow.)

Health-Type: Cloned Flesh/Alloy.

Equipment: Krancor, Extreme Corpulence and Muscle, "Miasma" Breach- Generator, "Nooscope" Dimensional-Layering Goggles.

"Basic" Description:

Sickly and corpulent,yet muscular and tough, these massive horrors are subject to all manner of hormone treatments and neurochemical therapies in order to ensure loyalty and survive the experimental technology strapped to them. Commonly former female Kavar in their previous lives, these giants waddle-stride onto the battlefield in a maelstrom of emotions, spiteful roars, fearful whimpering, and murderous laughter being some of the few constants in the tumult of vocalizations. Drilled into their skulls and fastened firmly around their eyes is the reason for their plight, a portable Void generator that  allows the viewer to see through the skin of reality straight into the swirling impossibility of the Void. As every warframe disrupts the Void just by maintaining it's link to it's Operator, the Ultras are "trained" to home-in on these ripples and remove the ripple-causer in real-space, regardless of where it hides. As they remain aware of the real world only through a fuzzy green overlay of their surroundings, they tend to have quite myopic fields of view, yet once they have a target in their sights, there is nowhere to hide.

   On their back is the other reason for their bulk, a large precision-tuned punch-drive that, upon the end of the lengthy start up sequence, temporarily "let's the Void in", spilling tendrils of void protomatter across the battlefield and weakening the laws of reality on both sides. The result is that both the Ultra and it's surrounding allies in a radius around them will begin rapidly blinking out of and into existence repeatedly, appearing at sudden intervals only to disappear once more and appear elsewhere. For a normal Grineer (and indeed just about any human) this process would shatter a mind after just a few "blinks", but, because of the extreme amounts of conditioning, chemical modification, and cranial "adjustment", a Brigade member can take hundreds of blinks over the course of it's lifetime.

   Ultras are rare finds on the battlefield, even on Deimos' toxic crust and in it's vast cities due to the significant amount of monitoring and need to maintain a balancing act of chemicals, cognitive reprogramming, and physical adjustment to prevent the results from being much more then a broken wreck, but when deployed, Ultras can drive a significant wedge into any aggressor's plans.


Their bloated forms closely resemble the "noble" Kuva Guard's, but pushed even further to the limits of survivability. Their small bald multi-chinned heads are housed inside of a fishbowl helmet not unlike that of a noxes', though the helm seems just barely able to fit over the ultra's head. Within the helm, a cyclopian orange-lenses visor is bolted over the ultras eyes and forehead, complete with a metal dome that covers the skull and connects to the top  of the fishbowl by a set of wires. The wires then snake down along the back of the dome to the large decidedly non-Grineer cylinder made up of slowly rotating rings that is mounted on it's back. The rings all rotate just slightly out of synchronicity with each other, achieving a spiral pattern around a lambent white prismatic crystal of sorts. When the structure activates, the spiraling ceases and the rings part so that they equally set on both sides. The rings then slam together with a trumpeting groan and the device emits a wispy shockwave that gives all present a glimpse of the Void beyond.

 Alongside both sides of the ultra's front, a set of straps of sorts tightly cling to the ultra's armored mass, housing a line of Krancor magazines along each side velcrod onto them. The armor itself maintains the same Starborn Nebula armor pattern, though, in this case, the "nebula" pattern on it is orange. Unlike most female Grineer, ultras actually have flesh-and-blood legs (though they aren't always born with them) clad in articulated armored greaves. They are highly muscled, yet also have the significant fatty bulk of the rest of the ultra, making their walking cycle somewhat awkward. Their arms keep with the bulk and beef of the rest of their bodies, their hands thick and meaty with just enough dexterity to wrap a finger around a trigger and hold a weapon.


Starborn Brigade Escuchon by HugintheCrowDA

(Art by HugintheCrow.)

Health Type: Cloned Flesh/Ferrite.

Equipment: Skoil, Energized Shield, Spatial Displacer.

"Basic" Description:

Fearless and brash even in the face of armored vehicles, escuchons were a successful experiment in forging a soldier into a weapon that actively sought combat rather then fled from it. Created from actual volunteers who wished to make amends for perceived or legitimate slights towards  the Empire's constituents, the escuchons are some of the few Starborn soldiers who are left with a few basic social faculties (put them alongside an average Grineer though, and you will see the familiar conditioning changes made). Traditionally loyal on the outside, physiologically loyal on the inside given the myriad amount of pharmaceuticals needed to keep them in a state of "eternal heroism", the escuchons are the poster children of the Starborn Brigade. Whenever a common grineer hears of the Brigade, it is patriotic narrated propaganda by one of these  "perfect soldiers" alongside hundreds of its brethren that springs to mind, commonly accompanied by aspirations of joining them. The reality is slightly less impressive. 


In combat, these strung-out drug addicts start by hurling their limited a.i.-controlled spears into the fray and letting them cruise around the battlefield searching for targets before charging blindly forward with their energized shields to knock a foe down. Unlike standard shields, the escuchon's are equipped with prototypical energy shielding, making punch-through attacks that much less dangerous and adding more knockback to the blows. As if that wasn't bad enough, they are equipped with the same spacial displacers that flameblades are, meaning they can relocate behind a foe mid-charge, arrive at their spear to retrieve it if it is idling, or coordinate with other escuchons to perform "sandwiching attacks" on foes, crushing them between both shields or ping-ponging them twice between the them.


Aside from these bells-and-whistles though, the escuchons are rather basic troops, straddling the line between shield-bearer and flameblade, their heroism and adonisian form merely a clever facade to hide just another cog in Deimos' personal warmachine.


Unlike many Grineer, the face beneath the bubble helmet is unblemished and well-sculpted, idealized embodiments of their Orokin Age symmetry. Careful products of heavy mental conditioning, plastic surgery, and biochemical enhancement, they carry themselves with a confident swagger that suggests they are important and they know it. Their armor is of the typical Starborn pattern, only the nebula is a royal blue. On most escuchons, the left breast is a smooth plate housing an array of meaningless badges, patches, and accolades meant more to impress the masses then to display the accomplishments of the bearer, though there are some that are decorated truthfully. Hidden in plain sight on the armor, a set of green "wires" that snake from the back of the neck down to a barely discernible compartment on the lower back are actually the injection tubing for the "courage-cocktail" that keeps these cocky infantry in their eternal state of glory-seeking. While destroying the compartment is out of the question, the results of its loss are quite obvious, as can be seen in the more urban environments on Deimos where babbling over-due veterans can be found on the floor or along the roadside, begging and groveling for a fix that may or may not be coming. Aside from these particular aesthetic differences, their armor is much the same as a flameblade or shield-bearer, the numerous track-marks and treatment scars hidden beneath an immaculately kept and well-polished uniform.


(Completed Circa 11/5/2017 at 11:08.)

And THATS it folks! The Starborn Brigade in all its frankensteinian glory! A bit more complicated then the Grem and the New Bluds, but most certainly one worth talking about in my own page-missing book! How they sound? To unique?

(Addition added circa 9/26/2018 at 12:19, completed circa  )

(Concept below Conceived circa 9/22/2018 at 3:39)

Dem it folks, just can't let the "complete" stay completed, got another unit for ya folks, something nasty to keep ya on your toes on the inward side of Deimos.



Health Type: Cloned Flesh and Alloy.


Subcranial scanning equipment, 1 shoulder-mounted spotlight, 1 flak jacket, 2 triple-fibered muscle-weave legs + gripping talons, nearly unlimited police powers, 1 arm-mounted launch mechanism chambered for either imobolt or contact grenade launching, 1 Tonkor or 1 Quartakk.


"Basic" Description:

These ruthless killers are Deimos' attempts at emulating the Grustrag Three's more beneficial defects on an industrial and more controllable scale, in the hopes of making a powerful inquisitorial force for the Empire's distant colonies. Unfortunately, the cerebral modifications inevitably gave the applicants a slew of vices, enough that any further adjustments were deemed potentially detrimental as the traits that were deemed beneficial were invariably linked to the Three's worst excesses. Not wanting to waste still-viable soldiers however, the forces of Deimos scaled back production to supplying itself alone with these talented-yet-corrupt soldiers, free to contentedly idle away their free time consuming designer chemicals before going on one of their frequent ghoul purges, show-of-force patrols, or routine siege drills. Unsurprisingly, these striding giants are quite willing to undergo all manner of sinister live experiment or experimental augmentation, so long as they are sufficiently rewarded at the end, be that in influence, displayable wealth, or something adequately narcotic (a common choice). This leaves those that survive with even surlier dispositions, in addition to less-then-pleasing continences.

Starborn Brigade Patrolman/Commisar by HugintheCrowDA
Deimos Patrolman and Commisar by HugintheCrowDA

(Art by HugintheCrow.)
Large and imposing, patrolmen and commissars alike command dread and awe by their very nature. The trait that stands out most from a distance is their very very long and dexterous biological legs and feet, custom constructed (as far as mass produced tissue can be) for each patrolmen/commissar from their own harvested flesh and bone grafts and complete with vicious cage-like talons on the bottom. The talons are fully flexible, allowing them to grab foes and toss them away if they get to close, deliver dangerous bicycle kicks, or hold enemies down to inflict their "sentence" upon them.These veiny, double-jointed pillars hold up a squat, bulky body, clad in a just-as-bulky flak vest of sorts, complete with a steel plate stitched onto the outer rigging in the gut area to protect a rather prodigious host (lives of hedonism tend to do that). The word "Security" in Grinic is stamped into the dark metal in white, barely visible through grime, ballistic trauma, and dust.

Regardless of type, their weapon is always hooked onto their flak jacket with a gun strap, allowing them to let their gun dangle free so that they can manipulate their equipment or take a long puff from their nicotine dispensers.  A short neck, the bare arms, and a bit of the chest are visible despite the basic armor covering, tinged with pollution burns and a sickly hue, further marred with the occasional track mark from equal parts test and "self medication". While the top section of the head is obscured beneath a hardened visor with dark tinted glass, the lower half of their face is visible for all to see, a snaggle-toothed mouth and a pushed in nose prominently sticking out from the mess of wrinkles and seemingly stretched skin, aged from their chemical appetites and the harsh conditions of their world. It is extremely common for these rough lips to be wrapped around a "nicotine ration" of some form or another, constantly emitting a foul byproduct cloud that makes them even more difficult to be around. Unable to wear pants like their brethren, the patrolman/commissar instead wears a two part metallic "clamp-set" apparatus, with the front and the back clipping snugly together at the sides with a set of seatbelt style locks.

While the right arm is bare and quite human, the left has been completely ripped off and replaced with a primitive prosthetic, in addition to a gunlike apparatus that depends on their rank in the hierarchy. For a bog-standard patrolman, the arm attached to the prosthetic is stiff and rounded, with no elbows to speak of, just a ball joint that appears at the shoulder. Wires snake and twist around the thick metal in a twisted parody of muscle, all leading up to the "just barely passable" quality hand. When the patrolman spreads the fingers out into a flat palm, the fingers bend back onto the arm and a metal sphincter in the middle of the palm slides open. The patrolman can then stuff a contact concussion grenade into the open hole, pivot it upwards, and then track the target. On blinking their eye to confirm the shot in their H.U.D., a coiled spring within the arm launches the grenade in a parabolic arc, impacting the target area with a loud bang and a pressure wave that stops "criminals" in their tracks. The patrolman then allows their gun to dangle from their harness as they repeatedly twist their right hand around a few times to re-coil the spring, before resuming combat.


Meanwhile, for the valuable "upper crust" of the patrolman, known as commissars, they receive a significantly different arm mechanism. Theirs are much slimmer in profile, almost natural looking despite being made mostly of cylinders and ball joints, never quite losing their "early prosthetic" style. In combat, the commissar can do the same hand-spread activation sequence as their lower cousins, though, a different process occurs after the fingers fold back. Here, the entire hand hinges downward to reveal the gaping maw of a gun-barrel, which the commissar promptly stuffs an "imobolt" harpoon into. More made for piercing the legs of fleeing subordinates painfully and applying significant electric shock, commissars will easily repurpose this "non-lethal" compliance tool for much more lethal uses, stopping foes dead in their tracks long enough to get a bead on them and for allies to catch up. Given how quickly they can move, in addition to their powerful leaping ability, this usually doesn't take long at all.

Aside from the difference in left prosthetic arm, the only other differing factor is that patrolman armor comes in navy and black, while commissar armor comes in dark olive and tan.

(Quotes to be done at a later time, if desired.) 


(Addendum circa 5/6/2018 at 18:12.)

And now for yet ANOTHER Grineer faction to add to the list, Even more different from the other 3 in that they don't even know the Empire exists. I don't know why the Grins get all the spotlight around here, there's just something about them, a certain flexibly unique nature that allows me to take them places the Corpus can't go. Anyway, enough dithering, CHAAAARGGGGGE!


"We are ending where the savages began. We have found again the lost arts of starving non-combatants, burning hovels, and leading the vanquished away into slavery. Barbarian invasions would be superfluous, we are our own Huns."

           - De Jouvenal, Bertrand, On Power: The Natural History of It's Growth.

The Dotter Tribes

Before the dawn of the Sentient War, when the system was still embroiled in the Orokin's myriad escape plans from the mundane masses and their contingencies within contingencies, Venus was destined to be yet another experimental bid for more time for the Orokin Empire to exist. Among it's global architects, a vision was laid out for Venus to be a halfway point between the largely agrarian and simple denizens of Earth and the towering high-rises above subsurface megapoli of Orokin Mercury. From here, the finest and longest-reaching minds among the short-lived humans and the most narrow minded and "down-to-earth" among the Orokin could at last intermingle, free to go about their days in discourse without potentially elevating the standard human rabble or dragging the Orokin elite down into the worldly muck. A cage, but a gilded and roomy one which would ease the growing pressure from without and within for the Empire to change by placing critics that could not be destroyed into their own Eden.

In it's rush to complete the project rapidly, the Empire "cut" corners in the form of utilizing an adapted Grinic workforce, spawned from sheltered automated vats plunged deep within the crust from orbit by sheer force of replenishable manpower and human ingenuity. From here, aside from the occasional teleoperated intervention from the architects, the process of terraformation went about as it should have, with hardworking and content Grineer slowly taming the hellfire world into something much more pliable. And then, the Sentient War happened. Caught up in the chaos as the ravaging worm-fleets began their slow march across the Sol-Origin system, all project resources for the Venusian project were pulled up by the roots or redirected away, leaving Venus alone in the dark one day with no answers as to why. The Grineer left behind were left to their own devices and, as many machines began to break down, slowly began to turn to basic survival and religious fervor rather then their daily duties. In the modern day, these workers remain, scattered across the globe in mutated survivalist tribes that Corpus politician have dubbed collectively as  "The Dotter", derived from a speech given by the first Investor-General of Venus who stated that ". . .they must pay what they owe to the descendants of their masters, yet they continue to squat among the ruins of our forefathers. These. . . Debt-Squatters. . . These DOTTERS, MUST. . . BE. . . CLEARED!"

Added Unit Characteristics:

Pack Mentality= 

The more Dotter there are, the better they function as a group.

Each tribesmen above two applies a blanket 2% bonus to all health statistics in addition to accuracy, "reaction time", and detection radius. Below two members, the single tribesmen will receive a -2% penalty and desperately begin seeking out other members, only rarely attacking if cornered.

Thanks in no small part to programming tweaks in the automated vats and cultural practices (self-branding, purposeful exposure, etc) Dotter Grineer are much hardier then their interplanetary brethren against extremely low and extremely high temperatures.

+50% innate resistance to cold damage and +50% resistance to heat damage on all Dotter troop-types. 


Zealous Focus= 

Aside from the Days of Strife, most Dotter remain passive to outside presences. So long as they aren't touched, shot at, or have their "personal bubbles" entered, they will not react to the existence of others. Once disrupted, their single minded focus becomes utterly dedicated to the killing of the outsider. (Note that the Dotter found in raider camps do NOT follow these rules.)


Unlike modern Grineer, Dotter Grineer have quite stringent programmatic training. To this day and despite significant cultural shifts and mechanical degradation, all Dotter seek to work on or restore Orokin machinery. Some Corpus companies have put this base impulse to use by dumping Orokin salvage over Dotter encampments and allowing them to attempt to reassemble the parts. 60% of the time they passingly succeed, leading to their deaths by corporate reclamation teams. Given the success of the recovered braton and lex weapons on the open market, this may be the very reason why the Corpus of Venus have not pushed for full extermination.

  Day of Strife=
Aside from the few surface-salvage/raiding settlements that reside on the surface, the Dotter largely keep to their vats deep below ground, pumping out clone after clone and harvesting fungi and algae from around the vats for paste conversion and consumption. Eventually though, there comes a point where the population exceeds sustainable levels. It is usually at this point that the Fire Keeper of that tribe makes a choice. Either they expand the walls of the caves above the vats, or they use all of their manpower to force a mass-raid on the surface in order to try to drive back the "rebels" and steal back their Master's rightful belongings.75% of the time, it is the latter.

Occasionally, after a day of significant snowfall, a massive wave of Dotter Grineer will amass from the entrances to their subterranean abodes and throw themselves at one of the many Corpus outposts on the landscape. If they succeed, the Dotter will temporarily overtake the outpost, station a Fire-Keeper there, and use it for further raids on other outposts, allowing them to reinforce their front lines with a subsurface tunnel at the center. If the tunnel is closed via destruction or the next frost arrives, the Dotter will immediately abandon the post and get back to their lairs with their "liberated" gains till another day heralds their coming with another helish down-pouring of snow.

Special Units:

Dotter Ballista

Health Type= Cloned Flesh.

Equipment= Dotter Paris, Firebombs.

"Basic" Description=

   Bug-eyed and multiarmed, these quiet terrors are the female half of the Dotter Strain gone wrong. Never meant to actually exist, dotter ballistas were a vat mistake that was cataloged and codified by the vat's limited a.i. as being something of value in the more resource strapped and violent times of the modern day. Built like athletes and capable of seeing up to a half-mile away in both snow and dust storms, they are the manhunters, scouts, and sentries of the tribes, ambling over the terrain like baboons before suddenly taking a knee and piercing an unfortunate target through it's vitals. As the scouts and messengers of the tribes, they are able to replicate voices and sounds they hear with a disturbing amount of accuracy.

Dotter Ballista by HugintheCrowDA

(Courtesy of HugintheCrow)
Adorned in the Grineerskin leather that all Dotter tend to adorn themselves with, it is truly hard to tell they are actually female until you hear their war cries when entering battle. Their multilayered coats are modified for their extra pair of spinal arms to go through, one being an ineffective stump and the other having just a thumb and index finger, perfectly in place to reach into their back quivers and hand themselves their next shots. Though several commonly wear working masks to protect against the heat, the cold, and the enemy, some do not, exposing much-to-large eyes, bony noseholes, and nearly lipless mouths for all the world to see. Some even maintain a set of bone piercings from previous generations, commonly pierced through the nose, the upper eyelids, and the lips. They walk with a slight hunch, but, when running, they break into a baboon-style sloping gait which easily transitions into a stable firing position.

Dotter Hulk

Health Type= Cloned Flesh (A significant amount of it.)


Bare Hands (Feral Variant), Furaxes (Tamed Variant), a combination of braton m, Jut Ret, and lex in any variable order (Gun Variant), Sheer Brute Strength and Endurance (All).

"Basic" Description=

The result of a common defect with the vats whereupon several clones will merge in-vitro into one form, modern Grineer supervisors will simply abort the developing entity or separate the embryos out and mark them for ensured limb transplantation. The autonomous vats of Venus, lacking any supervision at all and focused on survival at all costs however, have converted the mutation into a template in and of itself. Though the survival rate of specimens is low, and the chances of post-birth socialization much the same, those that do assimilate into the tribes are true horrors to behold, mountains of rippling muscle and raw strength who act as defensive bulwarks against the worst that man and nature can throw at the tribes.

They come in three distinct variants, but all members of the template follow the same ad-hocly standardized layout. A barrel-chested tree-trunk of a body, rippling with muscle and sinew houses two sets of arms, one under the other in their own sockets and rippling with muscle and sinew as well. A hairless head on a short neck juts out of the mass of muscle on top, limited in it's ability to articulate due to, once again, an over-muscled neck. The ears are quite reduced in size, the nose is just a pair of holes, and the lips are as thin as leaves. The eyes are sunken into the skull and the skin across the entire body overall is a very pale tinge of peach. The belly-button and nipples are almost nonexistent, while the over-muscled pillarlike legs are tipped with toenails in the right places, but, no toes.

Feral Hulk-


Brought to term, but, unable to integrate, these mad beasts are kept in shackles and act as surly and disposable beasts of burden for the tribes. Desperation or sabotage by others can result in Feral Hulks running free, ready to vent their anger and frustration on the first foes they see. 30% of all Hulks born tend to be of the feral kind.

Dotter Feral Hulk by HugintheCrowDA

(Courtesy of HugintheCrow)
The head is turned at an odd angle on the neck and the skin has taken on a strange grey pallor. The sunken eyes are bloodshot and red. They wear only a diaperlike leather loincloth and a set of thick and flat leather "sandals" that have been burned onto the bottoms of their feet like horseshoes. A variety of scars covers their torso and back, inflicted from a wide variety of sources. When idling, they twitch in fitful movements and look about at the world with a manic, twitchy energy.

They communicate only with wordless grumbling when idle and deep human bellows right from the diaphragm in battle. They can leap through the air at foes and will even jump to "all-fours" when chasing foes at a distance, fighting with mad flailing, vicious charges, and wild pummeling. 

"Tamed" Hulk

"B".D. 2= 

Stable in comparison to their feral brethren, as well as being capable of limited social interaction, "Tamed" Hulks tend to be the muscle in Dotter excavation teams and work details. Armed with a set of four furaxes and a small amount of training, "Tamed" Hulks will happily spend all their waking hours pounding away through regolith and stone as living mining drills. In combat, they fight with all four arms in a flurry of blows that can pound through solid rock with enough time. Approximately 50% of all Hulks brought to term are "tamed" hulks. While hulks tend not to be treated as abject beasts of burden like ferals, they are still monitored closely, living slightly more independent lives at the edge of camps under the watchful eyes of sentries.

Dotter Tamed Hulk by HugintheCrowDA

(Courtesy of HugintheCrow)
"Tamed" Hulks have much healthier pale skin tones then their feral brethren, and their heads sit properly on their necks. In addition to the leather loincloth of the ferals, "tamed" Hulks are also permitted to wear some legitimate clothing, consisting of open-sided leather tunics, leather scarfs, and metallic sandals, held on by strings of electric wire. On their heads is a cage like helmet, complete with a hard-hat top for protection against debris. They are commonly equipped with work masks to shield their mouths.the scarring on their bodies is not nearly as severe or obvious as it is on the ferals.

Gun Hulks=


Gun Hulks are those rare hulks who are born with full cognitive functionality, a rarity amongst their kind. Exalted among the Dotter as avatars of labor and safety, these large Grineer are the true bulwarks upon which entire tribes are reliant against forces from the outside world.

Dotter Gun-Hulk by HugintheCrowDA
(Courtesy of HugintheCrow)
Ambidextrous and strong, gun hulks are fully capable of wielding several weapons at once. Being given significant precedence in the tribal hierarchy for their sheer worth, these reddish-tan skinned giants are well fed and cared for to the point they reach enormous sizes, so large that they actively need to pull their arms to their chests in order to move through doorways. Approximately 20% of all Hulks born are Gun Hulks. Being so valuable, Gun Hulks have the privilege of being equipped with actual armor plate in addition to the leather clothing of the tamed ones. Made entirely of primitively hammered and smelted Corpus helmets, their bullet resistant armor consists of a helm with a knight-like opening slit across the front with a circle for each eye,  a set of "shoulder helms", sectioned-off helm plates for each forearm, helm-knee plates, "helm shoes" that enclose the feet, and a single helm squashed flat in the middle of the chest. On their backs is a leather backpack of the hiking style, filled with ammunition for several kinds of weapon and festooned with skulls and other tribal fetishes. To complete their intimidating appearance, gunhulks commonly wear a set of formerly-standard red tinted safety goggles beneath their helms, giving them a terrifying owl-eyed glare in darker places.


Dotter Firekeeper

Health Type: Cloned Flesh

Equipment: 1 Jut Ret, Sheer Willpower and Grit, Hideous amounts of Natural Stamina, The Loyalty of all Lesser Dotter Grineer.

"Basic" Description:

Originating from the "Foreman" template the Orokin once cultured, the Firekeepers are the Vats' adaptation of the role to a goal of sheer survival in the harsh conditions of Venus. Standing only slightly shorter then a Hulk, Firekeepers certainly make their presences known when present in a group. While the others toil away under their various heavily pre-programmed behaviors, firekeepers have the pleasure of a significant amount of autonomy and self-awareness, almost matching that of the generic interplanetary Grineer's leadership. All other Dotter listen when a Firekeeper speaks (indeed, it can be argued that only the Firekeepers can actually fluently speak any semblance of language, the others merely conversing via gestures or merely listening.) , for, without the presence of their makers, it is they who give the orders of what to do with themselves. Almost universally, the basic goals are always survival and (in a "recent" development), the cowing of their Master's servants back into their proper places (the Corpus, quite naturally, beg to differ.). In some tribes however, recording's of their master's orders survive and are played religiously on a day to day basis, endlessly repeating the same few years of work from battered speakers commanding the tribesmen to work upon decaying machinery and the same battered structures over and over again. In places occupied by the Corpus that are mentioned in these orders, it is common to see at least one Firekeeper leading the charge, filled with fiery religious zeal.


Dotter Firekeeper by HugintheCrowDA

(Courtesy of HugintheCrow)
Lightly adorned despite the bitter chill of their homeworld, Firekeepers stride into battle baring their red skinned chests, wearing their scars with pride. Clothed only with a leather loincloth at their most basic (some wear their fore-bearer's skulls as symbols of authority, or pierce their flesh with other bones.), a Firekeeper's body is a burnt, blistered, and battle-scarred collage of previous experiences, some from weapons fire, others from self-branding or bitter exposure in order to prove their true worth. These pain-tolerant zealots lead from the front, and every single Dotter behind them follows their every command to the letter. No matter how remotely located the tribe is, each and every single Fire Keeper is armed with a Jut Ret as a symbol of office and a constantly-kept-burning chemical barrel strapped to their backs, both defense and symbol in equal measure. A multilayered strip of dampened leather protects most of the keeper's bare back, giving them a unique aroma of wet burned skin and boiling urine.


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                                                         Post 24

This one was a tiny bit tricky to pull off, but, thanks to a little mission with Alad we had a while ago, I finally achieved a proper "Why do they exist" function for the strains. Always remember, as my audience, you are well within your rights to critic anything and everything I type with a private message or via a comment here.


The Gritty Juicy Details apart 3 (end)

The Infested Strains

Although all share a vast collective consciousness known as Phoroid, the Infested's nature as a mutagenic vecter has a tendency to produce offshoots of the plague that vary in potency. Often, these offshoots are weaker, have niche symptoms, survive only in a handful of environs, or may even be harmless or beneficial to the infected victims. Such issue-laden pawns are never tolerated by the hive-mind, and most of the organisms that find themselves infected by defective strains have a tendency to find themselves driven at the front of Infested "probeing actions", sent ahead to be mulched in droves by enemy defenses until a weakness is found and the true invasion units can be unleashed accordingly to clear out the area. In recent years however, since the time that the Phoroid entity touched minds with the maddened Alad the 5th, two other strains have arisen unwillingly that have become increasingly entrenched into the main-line Infested forces. For the Phoroid, control over these is less direct and more equivilant to suggestion, inspiring sensations of correctness when these entities follow it's commands and inciting sensations of misery and failure when these entities do not. 

When members of either of the two groups meet, they will consistently fight for dominance until only the strongest of either side remains alive, the likely reason why both strains continue to grow in strength and power in-step with the rest of the horde. These two particular groups have been dubbed by Corpus tacticians the Carcinics and the Vector



"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."

-Howard Philips Lovecraft

A throwback contagion that contains many aspects that are similar to the first iteration of the plague that the Orokin first experimented upon, the Carcinic strain's dominion appears to be over non-human life, from vegetation to robotics. Carcinic Infested also have a terrifying tendency to be extremely difficult to kill, with Infested purging crews reporting to have to sweep heavily through Carcinic hives at least three to four times and even leave traps behind to ensure an area doesn't experience resurgent growth. That, combined with the fact that  slain Carcinic have a tendency to rise up from even the most horrendous of fatal wounds and that their propensity for biological stability gives Carcinic infested a "shelf-life" of at least 4000 years,  ensures that any participating in action against a carcinic invasion can expect to be in for a long, hard slog.

Added Unit Characteristics-

Inhuman Horrors-

Carcinic hordes tend to skew more towards ancients, m.o.a.s, and drones as most human targets are simply piled into the tissue of the hive.

Anti-senescent Compounds-

The secret to this strain's longevity. Ancient Healers release healing pulses twice as often. In addition, all nano-M.O.A. swarm clouds and Toxic Ancient sprays heal units within them at +20 health per second for the duration of their existence.

Electroreceptive Response

Specialized tissues within the Disrupter class Ancients ensure that foes must fight the Carcinics directly on the field of battle. When near cloaked targets, Disrupter Ancients will immediately fire their tentacle harpoon at the cloaker's location, and will continue to do so as long as they are in range.

Pluripotent Overdrive-

Carcinic Infested bodies are filled with a potent cocktail of multipurpose cells and nutritional storage globules, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice when a threat strikes. +50% chance for Carcinic Infested to rise up on death. Infested that have been torn apart will form multiple bodies, though these will lack the emergency reserves of the original.

Osteodermic Impulses-

By their very presence, Carcinic Ancients harden the inflexible portions of their fellow horde members into a set of bony scales. All Ancient Infested broadcast  a +10% damage reduction field  to other Infested. Can only stack if the Ancients emitting the field are of different types.



"I dunno what the hell's in there, but it's weird and it's pissed off, whatever it is."

Clark, John Carpenter's "The Thing From Another World"

Alarming in it's capabilities, the Vector strain's most notable feature is the sheer speed of the nano-assimilation process. Reports system-wide confirm that subjects killed by Vector Infested will arise within seconds of the killing blow. Even survivors of an attack aren't truly lucky, as the myriad creatures' claws and maws drip with Technocyte ichor, fully capable of killing long after the battle is won and creating yet another outbreak from square one. Combine this with their "wall of flesh" tactics, and these terrors are truly a force to be reckoned with, especially against enemy forces who rely on numbers for warfare such as the Grineer.

Added Unit Characteristics

The Teeming Masses-

Vector invasions tend to skew towards chargers and the leaper variants, as their strain appears to be entirely specialized in the eradication of human lives.

Embrace Us!-

The most deciding factor when it comes to stopping a Vector attack is to keep them as far away from the living as possible. Crewmen and Grineer killed by Vector Infested (any method directly or indirectly) will explode into the appropriate Infested form with that unit's original health, Eximi remain Eximi of the same type even after the change.

 Botulinum and Marburg-

Vector Infested commonly contain a disgusting ecosystem of viruses and plagues. Their infecting breed of Technocyte seems to actively encourage the growth of bacteria, viri, and various toxins within the host. All Grineer based Infested are capable of dealing viral damage and "P.R.O.C.s" with melee attacks and all Corpus based infested are capable of dealing toxic damage and "P.R.O.C.s" with melee attacks.

Adrenal Acceleration-

To ensure a host can deliver it's sinister payload, this strain appears to have expanded the adrenal glands and made them more responsive. Vector units gain a +30% bonus to movement speed and +15% "attack rate".

Mutually Assured Deterioration-

Vector Infested have a tendency to attack to deal damage that has a lasting effect on the target, even long after the host has been rendered non-viable . All status effects received from Vector Infested last 50% longer.


And thus, my faction creation saga ends. I would consider doing more, but, none of the other enemy factions seem to plausible to pull off. Hope someone actually reads this far down and enjoys it all. Wonder what to try next?




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Tweak Tweak Tweak Tweakers.
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                                                         Post 25

And thus, as the final days of my vacation click down towards their end, I have come to my final set of ideas before any newly budding ones are washed away by a torrent of godless paperwork and pencil pushing. Here's hopeing they are worth the brainpower.


Designation: Tedlar

Weapon Designation: Shotgun


Manufacturer: Luxor Forge, Division of Public Safety. located in Chasma Boreale, Mars.

Statistical Breakdown:

Primary Mode:

Damage = 100 Impact, 15 Puncture,  450 Slash.

Pellet = 12 (6 from the top, 6 from the bottom)

Accuracy =9.9

Cyclic Rate of Fire= 2.15 (Burst Fire, 2 shots from both barrels before a pause)

Critical Chance= 15%

Critical Damage= 2.0X

"P.R.O.C." Chance= 25%

Magazine= 30 round magnetic drum.

Reload Speed= 2.7

Trigger=2-Shell Burst 


Secondary Shot:

(Selected by clicking the mouse wheel)

15 Puncture, 150 Slash, 50 blast. ( Reduce Slash damage by 4 for every round missing from the magazine)

Cyclic Rate of Fire= 1.0


In keeping with Luxor's "assembly line efficiency" model of production when it comes to firearms, the Sedler shares a considerable amount of parts with the Braton Assault Rifle, enabling users to easily field and maintain both weapons and even repair one gun with the other. The Sedler, however, does have a few particular differences that make it stand out. First off, it has a pair of over-and-under duckbill chokes pointing out of the muzzle rather then the single snub barrel of the Braton. The second part (and the most radical change) is the magazine assembly that changes the entire way the weapon functions. The magazine is a rather large drum, placed into the top of the weapon after the piccatiny rail is pulled upwards like a modern machine gun. The drum is actually a powerful magnet, surrounded on all sides by a rather large amount of buckshot shells that are all magnetically compacted together so as much space is conserved as possible. Instead of a conventional magazine feeding mechanism, each pair of shells is magnetically suctioned off the "orb" and into each chamber. Beyond that, the rounds are fired and function conventionally, spraying a swath of 6 pellets in a horizontal line that move at a rather fast rate. When the magazine is spent, the drum is gently ejected and hits the piccatinny rail with a thunk, indicating to the user that it is currently time to reload.  To activate the secondary fire, the piccatinny rail is pulled up and a switch is pressed on the side of the gun, readying the drum for deployment. Upon pulling the trigger, the guns magazine ejecter hurls the drum in a forwards arch. Upon coming to rest, the magnet within the drum switches polarity, hurling a nasty blast of metal shrapnel in a radius as the drum's casing and shells become lethal projectiles, leaving the now spent magnet behind.

"Basic" Description:

Once marketed as the escalated riot suppression and early infestation clearance weapon of choice for the common cop on the street, the Tedlar soon faded into obscurity when it was found that the expenseiveness of it's components made it far from affordable for the officers it was built to be wielded by. Despite this unfortunate setback and Luxor's prompt return to focusing upon the sale of Bratons,  several of the rare finished Tedlars that had been purchased inevitably ended up in the depths of the black market, from shady officers selling their-guns-turned-useless-baubles off to criminal elements, to criminal elements looting them off the still warm corpses of the rent-a-cops who wielded them. In the dark and seedy world of the black market, where grandiose expenses are nothing for those who are strong enough to live rich under the noses of the two strongest nations in current existence, the Tedlar found a new darker purpose as a weapon of mass execution and a symbol of criminal wealth in the underworld. As of the modern day, many black market gunsmiths have learned how to crack the Proprietary Systems Management technology that used to melt the firearms upon sensing a scanner of some kind being utilized, thus allowing for a steady trickle of cheaper knock-offs to enter the market. These, however, very commonly have spelling mistakes on the false brand title, gibberish and copied serial numbers, or slightly misshapen components due to poor quality nano-forges, making it very obvious as to whether or not a specific Tedlar is an original or a copycat. For those who still own an original from long ago, these happy little mistakes ensure that the original Tedlars remain extremely expensive killing tools that shout to the world "I'm so rich, I turn people to mulch for a few thousand credits per shot and I'm STILL rich!"


And here we are! Figure the Corpus needed a shotgun of some kind, so I decided to fill in the blank a bit, enjoy!








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A bit of mathematical shenannys cleared up.
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