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Lumped Together Mosh-Pit of Ideas I've had for too Long

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Just now, BlackDiamondAce said:


hey Metro, be advised.  I'm not sure you are aware of Ysmir. but is a concept being put together here with a few of my friends (unus included)

does it articulate and speak

can i spoon-feed it

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Just now, TheMetrocop said:

yes my good man

   Bountiful thanks to you madam! Never expected you to appear here in the Pit with valuable information like an angel from on high. In that case, I'll get cracking on that now. Or, at least when I finish episode 1 in 4 minutes. After that, a bit of Discordance, a coin flip to decide between the Anirifle or the Latchbard (names not permanent), and then back to the paperwork with me. Danka.

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Password searching as we speak, frustrateing reset, especially when it's been a while.


Also, I'm beginning to feel like we're bloating the Pit with banter rather then critique or content. Not sure how to solve that problem, but, I fear that we might be pushing hardworking folks off the front page.

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4 hours ago, BlackDiamondAce said:

-_- you may be right

    (This'll be my final in-Pitted answer afore we should switch over to a final private chat in case things go wacky)


   Goddem it, I passed out in the middle of my password search sir, and four hours passed! Not only scary, but STUPIDLY inconveniant! I swear, when I finish my paperwork tomorrow, I WILL find that tiny purple card. I (draws sword) give (flourishes sword around in a flurry) you my (raises sword high above head) WORD! (Slams sword into earth as epic music plays and the earth cracks)

 Message To my Interested Associates!


   From the dilapidated room of ______ Richard "Unus" _____________, January 21st, 198. . . I mean 2017

    My fellow Pit-Boys and Pit-Gir. . . feck it, still sounds stupid. Anyway, brother and sister Tenno, I bring news from the creative front! After a bit of help from my far more Nihhonese Animation-inclined associates, the "Anirifle" (Proper name still pending) Self-Maintaining Portable M.O.A. Launch Platform has won the coin-toss, surpassed mental testing, and stolen my heart! I look forward to seeing you undress my newest idea with your eyes. . . (Awkward cough). . . . . metaphorically speaking. See you folks soon!


Your frustrateing but eternally greatful and indebted Tenno-Kin

Unus,  "One Man".



Edited by Unus
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1 minute ago, BlackDiamondAce said:

so, you on discord or not?

    Trying, the sooner I finish sleeping till morning, the sooner I float into your Discordant lair with password in hand that we might grow you a mountain taller then the wideness of my Pit.

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(Goddem it, lost it once!) Page 216

(Fully Conceived circa January 21st 2017 at 18:59.)

Right, let's try to put this puppy through again.

Dem it, lost some work, gonna release it early so I can complete it later without fear a lost progress. Apologies.

(February 1st 23:59= Appearence got a major installation, construction ongoing.)

Designation: Falcon (Searched for alternatives, but found none and did not wish to continue using the Prototype "Anirifle" designation)

Weapon Designation: Sniper Ammo


   Manufactuer: A Luxor Forge/Beekcloud cooperative project, forced upon them as a political showing of unity and conformity with the currently flustered Corpus nation. Even with such a limited run of eight copies, it wasn't long at all for the underworld to snap up two while they were in transit to Venus and Jupiter respectively. Now, the knock offs (and means of producing them) are everywhere.

Statistical Breakdown:

Projectile= Projectile.

Damage= 450 Impact, 400 Puncture, 450 Blast.

Accuracy= (Standard "Uncrosshaired") 8.2.

Cyclic Rate-of-Fire= 0.8

Critical Chance= 20%

Critical Damage= 2.0X

"P.R.O.C." Chance= 10%

Magazine= 1 fin-stabilized limited-intelligence "smart" shell per launch rack. Said launch racks usually come in pairs, although further additions might be applied with sufficient magazine upgrades.

Reload-Speed= 3.0 (Empty Magazine=Allow M.O.A. Prosthetic to retrieve rack from user's storage area, arm sticks rack into square side-slot, holding cage descends, assume firing stance.)

(Unfinished Magazine= Arm grips rack (dynamic gripping position due to possability of physically increased magazine Size) and pulls it out,  second prosthetic racks large near-buttstock slide to eject spent shell, prosthetic proceeds to exchange semi-spent rack for "fresh" one, assume firing stance.)

Trigger= 1 Second Charge "Bolt-Action".

Mastery Rank Requisite= 10


Special Trait(s)= 

   Telemetric Smart Painting=

   At approximantly 50 meters after being launched, the smart shell will finally deploy it's micro thrusters to stabilize it's launch path. If the user does not aim through the "overlink" scope, the shell will merely stabilize it's flight path with what little fuel it has. If a target remains highlighted by the overlink however, the smart shell will try to divert itself in a "shallow" manner towards the reticule. Fuel is limited, so the shell will resume a falling-arc after about a minute of turning and thrust. 


  Independent Deployment=

   Upon holding down the reload button, the M.O.A. prosthetic will strap several racks to itself magnetically from the user's pockets and deploy itself as a mobile attack unit. To fire, it will stand on one leg, deploy it's shock absorber "toes" and undergo the entire firing process by itself. Though it is capable of redeploying from area-to-area, the weapon's independence is limited to it's three magazine storage. When it runs out, the weapon goes inert and awaits pick-up in it's rifle format. Manual reconfiguration can be achieved by pressing the reload button while facing a Falcon. Sufficient gunfire applied to a Falcon will activate it's self-preservation "instinctual software", forceing it to return to rifle format.



(WARNING= Prepare for hyper-descriptiveness!)

   Bulky and back-breaking, the barrel portion of the weapon is diamond- shaped and runs about the length of an Excalibur suit's arm and the girth of an Atlas frames' arm. It is gunmetal grey and appears almost organic, made up of a variety of reactive polymers that give it a lumpy almost rhinoceros-esque "skin pattern" with an undermesh of synthetic muscle fibers. While these seem to organically "sag" a bit between shots, they tighten and adjust during the preshot phase in order to counteract kickback from the weapon's volatile ammunition. Interspersed along the sides of the barrel's diamond tips are clearly artificial ceramo-metallic reenforcing bolts  and struts that act as the synthetic material's "bone" structure, allowing for fiber attachment points and shoring up areas where the fibers are at their weakest. The main body is rectangular and is made up of the same pseudo-organic polymer, with Luxor Forge's and Beekloud's manufacturing stamps "proudly" emblazoned onto the right and left sides. 

   Usually, these stamps are covered up by the pair of prosthetic arms that jut out of either side, stored as close to the body as possible palm first. The left arm faces forward while the right arm reaches back, but both limbs can easily pivot in all directions in order to manipulate the weapon's onboard machinery and even move the weapon about as an independent combat platform. The left arm is responsible for loading the rifle's ammunition (a hyper-condensed hand-sized tungsten shell suspended in a magnetic box to prevent it from touching a side and explodeing spectacularly. The boxes come with a hole in front to allow for launch and a hole in back to allow for exhaust and caseing removal. They commonly come in magnetically-attached pairs and depolarize after leaveing the weapon's right side "box-port" ) into the weapon's magazine well, a box-shaped hole in the middle of the weapon that contains a cage that raises and lowers for maximum ammunition retention. After a small l.a.s.e.r. lightly "cooks" the round  and it blasts out into the barrel at escape velocity-grade speeds, the right arm does it's job and extracts the smoldering case from the chamber via a magnetic straight-pull bolt that sucks the caseing out of the chamber into the weapon's body-to-stock extraction port. There, upon detecting the presence of the caseing, a repulsive magnet activates below and spits the still-smoldering caseing high into the air in a forward arc, where it clatters "harmlessly" (the elemental make up of the entirety of these rounds is very unhealthy for human contact, hence the need for automation) onto the ground. 


    Atop the gun's braton-style toprail sits' it's bizarre but functional sighting system, a short and stocky synthetic armature housing a pair of wide orange lenses arranged in the manner of something between an ooptometrist's eye-test lenses and a set of  recording cameras. Normally, these large vermillion lenses (the weapon's "energy" color) contain iris-like optics that focus and unfocus much like actual irises, allowing for maximum binocular vision when the weapon is released for autonomous combat, whereupon the armature loosens and gains the ability to pivot a full 360 degrees in an organic manner. When the user actually aims down the sights however (be it via remote link or via typical optic observance), the optics will roll sideways into a set of safety cases, allowing for proper sighting without obstruction. Unlike many firearms, the weapon's grip and trigger are, at first glance, strangely unadorned and seemingly unfinished. In reality, these particular items are furnished with a one-shot morphic "mold" of sorts. When a user first grips the grip and fingers the trigger, the material will immediately begin to analyze and adjust to the user's grip strength and flaws, eventually settling upon a "best balance" for this first user over a period of hours.

   While it is capable of minor adjustments over a human lifetime, this memorizing progress is not reversible, meaning that any user after the first would need to pay for a complete hollowing out and refreshment of the old grip, trigger, and internal nerve analog. Finally, the stock is heavy and reinforced with the same polymer and strut-bolt assembly as the barrel, differing in that it is vertically rectangular, has a magnetic strip for ammunition mounting on it's side for autonomous mode, and has far more metallo-ceramic struts lining it to further cut down on and temper felt recoil. When in deployment mode, the butt-stock is capable of pivoting downwards and opening it's end in a 4-petaled pattern, forming a secondary recoil absorber to the alternating prosthetics. 


As an important aside, the weapon's artillery-report can be heard across the map and the earsplitting whistle as it flies towards a target will, quite obviously, attract attention as it moves through the air. The blast discharge from the barrel can leap up to 10 meters from the barrel in a white-hot cinnabar (weapon energy colored) flash that can turn night into day.


"Basic" Description= 

Sometimes, in order to win the hearts and minds of the people, certain discomforting sacrifices must be made. The Corpus Board knows this more then anyone else in the Sol-Origin system. After a recent bout of strikeing military failures systemwide, the wage-slave underclass of the Corpus Conglomerate had begun to rumble with ripples of discontent, lowering workplace productivity in even the most isolated of communities. With many of their old methods (bribes, incentives, and formulaic entertainment) failing to achieve previous results, the Board came to a 6-2 conclusion for a grueling plan that involved a terrifyingly novel idea. . . temporary cooperation. Phase one began with the "suprise" (much to the chagrin of both executives) announcement that Beekcloud would engage in a series of intradepartmental projects with it's industrial rival, Luxor Forge, for the greater good of their civilization as a whole. Through blackmail, hostage takeing, and a forums worth of exchanged favors (behind the scenes naturally), the Board cajoled the two companies into working on a "sparkling advance" that would "capture the hearts and minds of the world at large". This translated into the  the companies' mindsets as "Big, flashy, impractical, and limited edition".


   With no delay, both companies threw as many resources they had available at this mystery project, driven ever forward not by patriotism, but by a desperate desire to immediately begin rocouping losses and shoring up defenses for the inevitable corporate conflagration to come when the project came to an end. Thankfully, with the Board's heavy-handed oversight, the project came to fruition with no corners cut (again, much to the chagrin of both companies, who had both mastered that art form long ago.), turning out eight functioning Falcons before the budget reached the minimum allowable  losses. Eight weapons in hand, the Board parted ways with both companies amicably. . . leaving just as  a stray asteroid struck the constructing facility and killed 99% of it's staff. Despite reports from survivors that material similar in construction to a ship's thrusters was found in the wreckage, both companies remained oddly silent and disturbingly peaceful, receivers of a lovely reminder that any current squabbling would mean death in the current social climate. With proverbial swords in hand, Phase 2 came to the fore, the need for wielders of these weapons to be found, hero's that would make the public's eyes sparkle with admiration. Discarding the possibility of simply equipping bog-standard infantry with them, the Board scoured the media networks in search of what the current most popular portrayal of hero's were in media. The answer that came back from the network M.O.A.s was, at a 43% margin, young women struggling through adversity to reach a better life.


  In that instant, the recruiting process began. Networks were scoured throughout throughout the solar system, first in criminal records, then in private security companies, then finally in the general populace itself. In the end, through lucrative job offers, abductions, and even one attempted murder-sucide defusal, the eight woman were gathered, and their minds and bodies were sculpted into perfect weapons  through targeted surgeries, chemical injections, and applied hypnotic suggestions. When those woman walked out into the stage amid the roar of the cheering crowd and the thunderous proclamation of a new weapon to counter the Kweens, there was no trace of whoever they once were, only that they were heros, come to save the Sol-Origin system.

   By the time each of the 8 was in their respective transport ship with their associated camera crews, morale had boosted considerably Conglomerate-wide as word spread of eight maidens from afar who had come to save the solar system. Products made in their name, sometimes derivatives of techniques or compounds used in their creation, became much sought after in order to be more like the Maidens. The helmet cams and news crews that followed them (in order to enhance recordings with more drama as these women destroyed scout ships and raided mining colonies) only further spurned on the hope of the people that the war was so close to being one now, that there was someone out there fighting just for them. None but the Board saw the reports that a maiden ship had been sacked by pirates and that her corpse was left chained to the bow like a mermaid of yore, none but the board heard the story of how a maiden ship had seemingly vanished from sensory readings on a trip through the belt, and only the Board sat and watched as 6 became 5,  5 became 3, and three became none. The Board breathed a collective sigh of relief that day, for, having studied the women in thought and action, it was not hard to simulate battles that never occurred and victories never attained. Now, they had the proverbial "soma tablet" they had needed to keep their people going, eight maidens, sworn to serve the people, out there fighting for the common man. To this day, the Eight Maidens remain folkheros among the wage-slaves, an ideal, a force for change, a source of hope. . . . . and trickle-down revenue source for key-chain, mug, and cosmetic sale.


(Completed circa 2/4/2017 at 1:39.)

PHEW! Good burn, ''twas a good burn to slug through that. Took some time, but, more from interruption then indecisiveness. Maybe this'll be me and my Sentient story some day?. . . yeah right.




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ACCOMPLISHED!. . . . . unlike my Sentient story.
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   Also, I must apologize for the long pauses between updates lately, work has returned to full swing and the lab is demanding more of my time then the important things like the Pit or pleasant  conversation.

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6 hours ago, BlackDiamondAce said:

@Unus come on m8, join the discord

 I thought I did suh! I looked everywhere on the Discord channel from the announcements page to the "weeb-trash" section and I found neither hide noir hair of any of you!


To my current viewers.

   Apologies on the quite slow progress of putting meat on the Falcon's bones. A bit of job-work and a bitta shrimpy food poisoning has crippled my recent efforts. Will be back at it as soon as I can move well again.



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On 1/30/2017 at 0:10 AM, BlackDiamondAce said:

:P just look up: BDA's concept board of friends

   Alright, that's it! Enough of my mindless meandering! This Friday, around 7:00, I WILL send you a private message, I WILL get the info from you, and I WILL see your group's work. No BUTS!


Viewers of the Pit:


From the ink, graphite, tears, milk, and cheese-stained desk of Unus, bungler of concepts and birther of things unmentionable-

   Apologies for the lack of renovation lately, life has been an angry hornet's nest lately, though it has never been lacking in inspiration. Rest assured, the Falcon will get it's finishing touches and my . . . very unique. . . duel pistols will be on their way in after. Are they Shrikes or are they Harpies? That's up to you folks.



Your grateful and bewildered pseudo-author, Unus.



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  From the cold bed of Unus, February 4th, 2017

 Excellent news my Pit-Kin! Wait, no, that's not right. Audience is better. 


Anyway, good news! The Falcon is complete, as it's accompanying story of the Eight Maidens! Feel free to browse on it, but first, a question.


I am at a crossroads on what I should name my next concept, a set of Corpus duel pistols with a few mechanics that set it apart from others. Currently, I am torn between designating them Shrikes or Harpies. Tell me, oh humble Pit viewership, what shall I dub my new children from these two choices?


Thank you for your time spent here


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