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Hotfix 18.8.2


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Hotfix 18.8.2



•    Added a Zoom hint in the Sniper scope HUD to aid players on how to magnify the zoom mechanic.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

•    Reduced the Dual Toxocyst’s ‘excited’ fire rate from 500% to the intended 150% in Conclave.
•    Fixed a script error when casting Oberon’s Reckoning in Conclave. 
•    Fixed moving shipping crates pushing players out of the Corpus Ship level tileset in Conclaves.
•    Fixed a hole in the Grineer Settlement tileset map in Conclaves.


•    Machete Wraith is now tradable! 
•    Removed unnecessary Ordis lines prompted in your Liset.
•    Decreased the rumble amount on controllers when continuously firing the Atomos, Gammacor, Glaxion, and Amprex.
•    Changed the damage radius of hull breaches in Corpus tilesets to affect the entire room, not just a small area near the breach. Fixing in another Hotfix.
•    Tweaked hit points on some enemies for better decapitation or dismemberment.
•    Improved login screen loading for less hitches. 
•    Improved loading screen, join in progress, and relay performance for smoother transitions. Please note that to launch these improvements we ask players to run the Cache Optimizer in the launcher:



•    Fixed Life Support drops hovering above the ground.
•    Fixed several rare freezes that could occur on quad-core systems.
•    Fixed Recent Players list always being in random order.
•    Fixed Hyekka’s hitting twice per lunge causing potential one-shot kills. 
•    Fixed viewing incorrect Leap Damage numbers when previewing Melee weapons.
•    Fixed being able to contribute more than what is available in the Clan Dojo Vault. 
•    Fixed hearing the Soma firing sound throughout the level even when fired from another player.
•    Fixed incorrect enemies spawning on faction specific tilesets. 
•    Fixed the Mios and Lacera whip going invisible when meleeing immediately after switching weapons.
•    Fixed the Mios and Lacera whip spazzing around erratically when switching weapons after performing a Quick Melee attack.
•    Fixed Sentinel kills not counting toward the Sacred Vessel progress in the Sands of Inaros quest.
•    Fixed claimable Foundry items appearing as the same color as the Lisets interior.
•    Fixed dark lighting in certain Grineer Galleon tilesets. 
•    Fixed the Menu being obscured while an Operator ability is active.
•    Fixed overlapping UI elements in Interception missions. 
•    Fixed elevator doors displaying as black.
•    Fixed being able to hack panels out of order in the Mastery Rank 5 Test.
•    Fixed Banished enemies being able to hack terminals in Interception missions.
•    Fixed Inaros appearing transparent after reviving.
•    Fixed Maroo’s name not being translated in the Bazaar.
•    Fixed UI elements disappearing if HUD scale is greater than 50%.
•    Fixed Manic’s spawning before the terminal has been hacked in Cephalon Suda Survival missions.
•    Fixed the chat icon displaying as ‘T’ even when bound to another key/button.
•    Fixed the TennoGen Kaiju Chroma helmet being unsymmetrical with certain weapons and stances. 
•    Fixed arrows being misaligned on bow weapons while invisible.
•    Fixed the Kaszas not having its unique combo attacks.
•    Fixed a hole in the map in certain Void tilesets.
•    Fixed Mag’s Bullet Attractor targeting Corrupted Vor’s head making it difficult to defeat him due to his stomach weak spot.
•    Fixed a client /host replication issue on orbs for Moon puzzle rooms.
•    Fixed the Staticor firing in place of a held Mobile Defense Datamass if a host migration occurred.
•    Fixed being aborted from a special requirement mission (Melee only, etc.) during the mission countdown if a player joined who did not meet the requirements. 
•    Fixed a case where every 8th pick up obtained wouldn't produce a HUD message. 
•    Fixed Energy Conversion and Health Conversion mods occasionally skipping a pickup.
•    Fixed various localization issues. 
•    Fixed Inaros’ diorama missing his cloth attachments.
•    Fixed missing death animations on Leech, Mine and Sapping Ospreys.
•    Fixed not receiving a Specter Blueprint after completing a Rescue mission.
•    Fixed Client’s seeing disappearing Simulor orbs. 
•    Fixed Teshin’s Relay lanterns having no flame animation.
•    Fixed Interception capture circles growing/shrinking very roughly for Clients.
•    Fixed a script error when closing a chat tab during a mission.  

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Is the amount of the conclave dailies still supposed to be only 4-5 instead of the normal daily 6 or did I miss something?
The Celestia Syandana also is kinda "hovering" with some Warframes. I had those problems with the Prototype skin and Ash Prime.

Anyway, thanks for the bugfixes! :)

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed the Mios and Lacera whip going invisible when meleeing immediately after switching weapons.

Awesome fixes, DE! <3

1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed a client /host replication issue on orbs for Moon puzzle rooms

Fixed Energy Conversion and Health Conversion mods occasionally skipping a pickup


Still no fix for Staticor (still) occasionally not firing projectiles.

Hope it gets fixed in the next... polished... update!

Edited by Raniu
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Really appreciate the hotfix as always. Was hoping to get a fix on the following:

  • Celestia Syandana's rays are only visible to other players during missions but not on relays.
  • Deluxe Banshee skin is still missing from the market.
  • Staticor still has a chance to not fire at all during missions.
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