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Project Kadesh - [Hybrid Raid/Event Concept]

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Tenno, I implore you, heed my words. Time grows short. 


I bring tidings of eminent destruction. As with the reemergence of Earth's great Moon into our midst, so too have forces of sedition begun to seep into the system from beyond. A Corpus plot, conceived in secrecy, has been set in motion. In their eternal greed, they have set their eyes on this vast, priceless treasure once thought lost.

The Obelisk class ship is no new threat - you yourselves have seen them scattered across the system. Yet, there is another. An Obelisk of insurmountable proportions looms at the fringes of our system. To say I have seen it with my own eyes would prove inaccurate, for it's mass stretches beyond the breadth of mortal sight. Truly, none is its equal.

With the Grineer's fleet of Fomorians decimated, no force exists to challenge it. No force, except one.

As we speak, the ship approaches. Even now, the Grineer have been made aware of the ships existence, and mobilize to confront it. They will stand little chance against its might. However, Grineer resistance should buy us ample time to surmount opposition. That is where you come in. 

You will find there are weak points to be exploited along the ship's massive hull. A team must enter the beast to discover the whereabouts of these weak points,  while another team bombards these points from the exterior of the vessel. Though simple, this plan will require much more than I am able to convey to you now. 

My name is irrelevant, but it is only virtuous I give it in exchange for the coming sacrifice. The time has come to claim your birthright.


With haste,




[to be expanded]

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