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Forma slots modification

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Would it be possible for us to have a polarity slot that was changeable instead of static?


We're provided 3 load out options for each warframe, companion, and weapon but when we place a forma on a slot, then that polarity is what we're stuck with for each load out.  What I would like to see is that we forma a slot (and still have to relevel) that becomes a changeable polarity slot, so that we can have different polarities, for the same slot, on each of the load outs.

It's my understanding that there's a revamp to the weapon's mod system in the works which will eliminate some of the mods commonly used.  Most of which are occupying polarity slots.  Also, most weapons have between 4-6 formas placed on them.  When and if this change takes place, then we potentially face the dilemma of having to reforma some of these slots again.  And I suspect that veteran players aren't going to be too pleased with having to expand the time and resources to reforma all their weapons because the system was changed.  Allowing the polarity slot to be changed without reformaing it, will eliminate frustration and allow us to build load outs for the different factions/enemies we face.


Providing us with this change will provide us the opportunity to utilize more of the mods provided and ultimately improve the game experience and enjoyment.

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I have another thought.  Remove the polarities all together.  Applying a forma would increase the mod capacity, say by 6 or 8 points per forma.  Frames and other gear that come with polarities would just increase the total amount of capacity.

With either method, it would improve on the current system.

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