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now that this Event is over, my comments on Rathuum.

had many more, but adjustments over the course of the Event made some of the comments irrelevant.


my experiences with Rathuum:

general notes:
Bombard can use Iron Skin looks like - but no visual that it's active, and... Tenno have no way to disable Abilities? so what would be the 'correct' play against that? just shoot it some more.......? because that would be a pretty lame expected strategy.
Enemies running away from me all over the map, making it very tedious and boring. spend most of my time walking around the map doing nothing.
that Ballista has good Abilities for her theme.

ooh, a fast respawn modifier. now Enemies Respawn faster, so i will spend less time doing nothing. yay.

placing Magnetic mines at the distance that when you get near the door, and it opens, you immediately get hit by the trap. or... you could place it a single step further, so that when you get the Arc warning (which you basically only hear as the door opens), the Trap isn't in range yet - so that the Telegraph actually telegraphs. instead of telling you "you've been hit by Magnetic Status have a good day".
basically Magnetic Mines need a larger telegraph alerting Range. so that you aren't already standing on top of it by the time the game plays the sound cue.

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DE; you feature 30 minutes of fan art on each Thursday stream, and I'm as big of an admirer of good fan art as the next person. But maybe, just maybe you could dedicate a single forum thread to the outcome of events, since you only hold them once every 2-12 months, I don't think that's too much to ask for the people who actually play your game.

You did it in the past, why not now? 

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I participated in a few arenas, enjoyed the new game mode, an in general liked the event itself.

I do however have a complaint with its after effects. Now that it is permanent, the normal game progression (Sedna -> Uranus, Chroma quest etc.) is effectively blocked for newer players. I can handle the other content at Sedna, but will not survive the level 40 or 60 arenas. That leaves the level 20 arena, which has to be done 100 times, just to get access to Kela. There are a few threads covering this in the mission forum. By all means keep the rathuum content, but please make it optional for normal game progression.

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