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Hotfix 18.10.2 + 18.10.3: Operation Rathuum.


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Hotfix 18.10.2  Operation Rathuum.

Event FAQ

Rathuum 2 (Medium) now gives 10 Judgement Points upon completion.
Rathuum 3 (Hard) now gives 25 Judgement Points upon completion.
Reduced the accuracy of long-range Rathuum unit Executioner Harkonar.
Executioner Reth: Drakgoon damage reduced by 75%, Reth Roller damage reduced by 50%.
Executioner Nok: Damage on his Sobek has been halved, but Status Proc chance has been increased by 10%. Deth Carabus damage reduced to 1% Max Health / tick from 15% Max Health / tick, and a cool down of 6 seconds has been added so they can't immediately attack again once the beam has been broken. Accuracy reduced at longer ranges.There was a bug in the design, the ray was only supposed to last a couple of seconds and then go on cool down. Instead they were just attacking continuously and had no cool down. Status Chance was added to help offset some of the damage lost on the Sobek and Deth Carabus nerfs. He has a chance to apply the Corrosive debuff, which will reduce armour, making his allies deal more damage.
Balanced Rathuum executioner weapons by reducing the enemy Drakgoon's weapon by almost half, and increasing the enemy Sobek's Status Chance by 10%.
Executioner Dok Thul and Executioner Vay Molta: Damage on the Hinds has been halved, and now falls off between 20-30m, down to a minimum amount of damage.
Reduced Rathuum enemy Health and Armor by 50-75%, but boosted Shields.
Executioner Garesh: Grappling Hook removed.
Carabus enemies have been physically scaled up by 50%.
See here for more informtion: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/643410-notice-operation-rathuum-event-faq/?page=3#comment-7198269
Better controlling her movements throughout her Arena to not overlap 'spammy' behaviours.
Rollers won't jump up to the main area.
Increased time between Orbital strikes and target locks.

Fixed Vor's Prize not being completable due to the Mercury Nav Segment missing from the level.
Fixed issues with volume levels of enemies in the Rathuum.
Fixed the new Medi Ray Mod not dropping from Kela de Thaym.
Fixed missing Subtitles in the Kela de Thaym fight.
Fixed various crashes and game freezes.
Fixed a crash related to Denial Bursas.
Fixes for possible prog stoppers in the Kela de Thaym fight.


PSA & Notices:

There is currently a bug with The Jordas Verdict which is making it unplayable. We are working on a fix for approx. Monday deployment.

Hotfix 18.10.3:

Fixed Kela de Thaym's fight breaking if using Nova and Molecular Prime. 

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Thanks for your dedication DE staff. I quite expected you guys to take your weekend like normal people and then come in and do the fixes on Monday. Thanks for throwing your weekend away on work for people that either adore you or hate you...or respect you.

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So we still gotta backtrack and do the 3rd mission 2 times each time we face Kela. 



Awesome. You guys just don't listen to the community anymore, do you? NOBODY wants to go back and do that AND do the endurance mission.

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Still no fix for...

ah forget it. what's the point

also, "He has a chance to apply the Corrosive debuff, which will reduce armour, making his allies deal more damage."

what about the Acid Shells Mod? Currently enemies are only damaged with corrosive, but not procced. Is it intended that we have a version that dosn't apply corrosive procs?

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