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Update 18.11.0 & 18.11.1


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Update 18.11.0 




The following Augments are available as Syndicate Offerings: 
Ash : Fatal Teleport: Teleport Augment - Teleport will perform a finisher on the target, dealing 200% extra damage. 50% of energy cost is refunded on a kill.
Banshee : Resonating Quake: Sound Quake Augment - Increase damage by 100, range by 1m and energy cost by 1, for every second this ability is active. 
Oberon : Phoenix Renewal: Renewal Augment - Taking fatal damage while under the effects of Renewal will instead heal you or allies to 50% health. This effect triggers only once for each ally every 90s.
Chroma : Everlasting Ward: Elemental Ward Augment - Allies that leave the radius will retain the effect for 100% of the remaining duration. 

•    Added a minor burst FX to the Rift Strike mod.

Conclave Fixes

•    Fixed bullet jumping in rapid succession instantly killing players in Conclaves. 


•    Increased the speed of Oberon’s Renewal projectiles over-time to almost double. Before it moved at a speed of 15 meters per second. It now has a top speed of 30m/s and an acceleration of 5m/s/s.
•    Trimmed Renewal's animation to be slightly faster. 
•    Improved Rhino Prime’s Iron Skin to appear more metallic.
•    Slightly optimized the HUD for better performance. 
•    Optimized level-load times for clients.
•    Optimized frame-rate while loading or streaming data (particularly for dual-core or dual+hyperthreaded CPUs).
•    Tweaked the Sweeper Prime’s audio to make it feel more ‘Prime’. 
•    Increased the max health of all Kela De Thaym’s Executioners. 
•    Improved the lighting in numerous Archwing tilesets.
•    Changed the Roller Sentry Codex diorama to be in an open firing position.
•    Improved the lighting in The Jordas Verdict. 


•    Fixed slow-loading Clients not being able to accept the next mission picked by their squad. This resulted in having to start the mission countdown timer to get the mission started.
•    Fixed Hosts getting incorrect prompts when returning from a mission and activating the navigation panel. 
•    Fixed the Synoid Syandana clipping through the backs of certain Warframes. 
•    Fixed receiving a script error when sacrificing to a Syndicate who fully despises you. 
•    Fixed seeing a white bar when typing in the chat window.
•    Fixed missing UI indicators for degrading armor and Antiserum counter in the 1st stage of The Jordas Verdict. 
•    Fixed a missing tintable area on the Ki’Teer Kubrow Armor. 
•    Fixed certain enemies being able to continue their attack while downed or staggered. 
•    Fixed being visible while Ivara’s Prowl is active with an Arcane Trickery installed. 
•    Fixed the Pakal shoulder attachment not appearing on Banshee.
•    Fixed assassinating Jordas Golem possibly resulting in a mission failed.
•    Fixed the Mutalist Quanta store icon being too small. 
•    Fixed Panthera’s alt fire consuming less ammo when equipped with a fire rate increase mod. (Speed Trigger, etc.)
•    Fixed a map hole in Phobos that let players fall out of the tileset.
•    Fixed Itzal’s Fighter Escorts counting as squadmates in stage 1 of The Jordas Verdict, leaving other players stuck outside not able to progress. 
•    Fixed Infested enemies trying to pass through locked doors.
•    Fixed melee combo timer not counting down during an ultimate ability that transforms a weapon. (Hysteria, Exalted Blade, etc.)
•    Fixed the Incubator light color being default blue.
•    Fixed squadmates appearing in a bleedout state after a Host migration in Kela De Thaym’s Arena.
•    Fixed Bursa’s not eventually dying after being hacked in Corpus Extermination missions.
•    Fixed Channeling not activating after running out of Energy if ‘Toggle Channel’ is on.
•    Fixed an incorrect texture in stage 1 of The Jordas Verdict.


HOTFIX 18.11.1


  • Fixed previous mission being automatically selected after returning to your ship when in solo mode (in some cases this allowed people to run keys they didn't have and were confused when their loot was confiscated by the authorities)
  • Fixed Operator faces and hairstyles displaying incorrect titles. 
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Yay. Some Oberon buff!!!

Nuh. Still no Volt/Mag reworks >_<

Thanks for the update tho, keep up the good work, DE <3




Also, Red Text saying "Bansee":


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Coolio, Thanks Megan!

*sends internet hug*

•    Tweaked the Sweeper Prime’s audio to make it feel more ‘Prime’. 

BTW, this post above me...
Is awesome! xD

Here's the stats and Crafting Requirements on the Stradavar:

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