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port forwarding?


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i have UPnP enabled.. for some reason if we both join from the lobby my friend teleports around the room every few minutes, sometimes he wont at all and runs, shoots and melees usually on the spot, from exactly where i spawned next to him - all the enemys stand stationary, if you shoot them blood comes out and noise, but zero animation.

very often it will then teleport my friend around the level, like some sort of extreme packet loss

the only way to remedy this is to kill the process, quickly rejoin on my friend mid-game and the latency is fine, playable and responsive

it is only when we join as a group does this problem occur, thus we avoid it now and stack on 1 person mid session

i have half a dozen UI and gameplay bugs to report, i was wondering in what manner did you want me to collect the evidence, can i take screenshots and upload them to a private source? if so could you stipulate what source is convenient so i could provide detailed reproduction reports etc...

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