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Idea for quest and next prime warframe reveal

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I thought of a hoax quest that DE could pull... on next prime time or whatever

when the next primed warframe is revealed don't reveal the warframe itself.

Make a quest

Make players farm 3 parts from void as part of the quest

make it extra hard

never mention the name of the warframe on the parts, but mention they are kinda grineerish

have the player go to many important characters regarding this quest, such as baro to identify it, simaris to look in his data for any references to it etc...

at the end, you bring it to Darvo to try to sell it off or something

he might ask you for a favor

you look for more prime parts (scrap and stuff)

When you return, you can't find the parts and Darvo is confused as to where they went


Clem enters the room wearing it

Clem prime confirmed

(what it changes is every clem of yours can change visually between normal and prime (if DE generous, make the other item be twin grakatas prime from the scrap and stuff from darvo's favor)


This would be a nice way and time to expand the void a little bit

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