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[Bug Report: Deception/enviroment]


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Good day,

I found a bug in game mode deception:
Bug type: Enviroment, gameplay

As I was playing (sedna - rusalka) alone and was carrying the briefcase i found myself pinned between corpus and grineer(in the room near the objective that has 2 doors but has nothing essential in it.). And lost my shade and had no shield I jumped on crates in the corner and as i did the whole match i dropped the case to shoot my main gun (since I am leveling it) and in the process the briefcase dropped in between the pillar and the boxxes and basicly It became unreachable.

drawing of the area/case: http://i43.tinypic.com/kb2jd.png

I hope this does get worked on as i recon this could happen on more then just this area.



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