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Make Blueprints Purchasable In Arsenal / Warframe Screen


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Hi DE, 

just a simple request, that should not take you more than 30 mins of your time.

Put the blue prints into the Arsenal or War Frame "shop". Instead of just in the Market only.


It serves 2 things.


1) I don't have to go to market and flip through the entire section of Primary, Secondary and Melee weapons to find a blueprint. Currently it is manageable, but in future there would be more weapons and it will get more crowded. That makes no sense.



2) It improves newer player experience or at least stop first timer cynics saying this,  " The damn shop demands i get platinum to buy Frames, screw this sh1t." Before they even found out what the market is and blueprints are decked all the way to the end.



So there.



Edit: If those already exists in the shop. Feel free to call me blind.

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